New Temples: the body

One of the strongest movements in my reflecting as been how some of the Christian doctrine, seen from another view, can correspond to some channeled messages.  I sit and mull and mull and sometimes insights percolate up. It’s speculation, of course, but perhaps informed speculation.  The RA material (Law of One) talks about the making of the pyramids and their original intention in the healing of the physical and ethic bodies.  According to RA, they were built along certain powerful meridians of the earth and in alignment with solar configurations whereby energy would be harnessed and applied by a skilled energy worker upon the body of the patient.  RA then states that these pyramids no longer are in alignment and cannot be used for this purpose.

As Pentecost Sunday is approaching, I am wondering about a couple of things.   First, it is quite possible that the descending of the Holy Spirit was a new thing that had not existed before, a sort of new Big Bang. This new force and energetic release opened up the potential that the human body could become a new healing temple in the way that the pyramids had been. Proper star alignment was no longer necessary as much as right relationship with oneself (Higher Self located in 6D)and with God, the Creator. I’m wondering if Jesus’ appearance on Earth was the first movement towards the 4D transition and/or in preparing the people for the later advent of the beginning of the transition.

Second, I have read a bit about humans who do not possess the capacity for the spirit to enliven the soul.  Some call these organic portals, others call them pre-adamics (pre Adam).  It’s as if these humans can only operate with the first three chakras and the heart chakra is unable to be “lit up” as it were because they are missing some sort of evolutionary energetic receptor.  They learn to mimic “spirited humans” but in fact in incapable of true transformation or higher chakra (read esoteric) work because they just don’t have spirit, soul intersection.  Their soul doesn’t exist after death of the physical body because there is nothing eternal (ie Spirit) in them.  Their energy that made up the etheric bodies and the soul thoughtform returns to a pool whereby guardians (gardeners) stir the pot, as it were, and other non-spirited humans are incarnated.  This has been a new concept for me and I am still processing it.  Still, I can offer my idea at this point.  I don’t agree with it.  Perhaps there were preadamic and spirited humans before Pentecost.  But it is possible that this New Thing that happened at the conclusion of the Jesus Event allows for each human to possess the capacity to open their chakras and receive spirit.  I shall write and reflect more about this second point in a later posting, perhaps.

Richard Rohr, OFM, has a great piece on St. Paul today (see below) in describing that we, people with their bodies, are the Temples of God.

Universal Dignity in a Debauched Empire

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Paul offers a theological and solid foundation for human dignity and human flourishing that is inherent, universal, and indestructible by any evaluation (race, religion, gender, nationality, class, education, social position, etc.). He brings a deep new sense of the inherent dignity of every human person. This is unheard of in history up to then–and unrealized even now! Remember that the Acts account of Pentecost goes out of its way to emphasize that people from all over the world heard the Galileans speaking in the pilgrims’ individual languages after the descent of heavenly fire and wind (Acts 2:5). At least 17 nations or groups are listed and “about three thousand persons” were baptized and received the Holy Spirit that day. The message is clear: The Spirit of God is clearly and completely democratic and unmerited.One of the reasons Paul’s teachings had so much influence in Asia Minor was that he restored human dignity at a time when perhaps four out of five people were slaves, women were considered the property of men, temple prostitution was a form of worship, and oppression and wholesale injustice toward the poor and the outsider were the universal norm. Into this corrupt and corrupting empire Paul shouts, “One and the same Spirit was given to us all to drink!” (1 Corinthians 12:13). Paul levels the playing field: “You, all of you, are sons and daughters of God, now clothed in Christ, where there is no distinction between male or female, Greek or Jew, slave or free, but all of you are one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:26-28). This is quite amazing, considering the culture at the time! In his estimation, the old world was forever gone and a new world was born. This was impossible and frightening to some people, but utterly attractive and hopeful to the 99% who had no dignity in that society. Recent sociological studies say this humanly explains Paul’s amazing success in a relatively short time. Who does not want to be told they are worthy and good?

No longer was the human body a cheap thing, degraded by slavery and abuse. Paul is saying, “You are the very temple of God.” This affirmation of dignity began to turn the whole Roman Empire around. When you read Paul’s teaching on sexuality (2 Corinthians 6:14-18), it really isn’t the moralistic message many of us were given. Paul is just saying that your body has dignity, so respect it! Because of this understanding, a woman could claim her own dignity and refuse to give her body away to every man who wanted it. A man could start respecting and being responsible with his body. This is a positive and dignifying message, not a finger-shaking, moralistic one. It gives the ego appropriate and much needed boundaries. Unfortunately, this morphed into guilt-based barriers and prohibitions, which happens in most religions, it seems to me.

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