Something New is Happening Here

The teachings and life of master teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, presented something new to the world, in the world, that had not been seen before: an entirely new way to become the “whole human” or enlightened.  Moreover, the path of enlightenment so well taught in the East corkscrews into something new whereby enlightenment is not just for individuals but it’s corporate as well.  Most people still don’t know quite what to make out about this new happening, but with the Jesus Event, a new Big Bang, as it were, a new way to theosis is explained and then lived by this master teacher.  What is this new way?  In short, kenosis, the path of emptying.  But it’s not just kenosis alone, it’s kenosis with a particular communal flavor.  It’s kenosis at the service of the whole, the corporate, the large macro body.  In the path of kenosis, one dies to oneself continually so that the larger self, the true self is inhabited and one lives in union with God.  It’s a constant and sacred Yes to the Larger Self which necessitates many sacred No’s to the smaller self.  In the path of communal kenosis, one can voluntarily take on another’s karma in the name of service to other in the form of substituted love. The other then is touched and transformed (lesson learned) by the unmerited charity of the gesture.  As Richard Rohr says, people are transformed by two experiences: Great Love and Great Suffering.  Normally it is the latter that is strong enough to break through the ego and open one up to great awareness, but the Great Love does exist and it was supremely exemplified by Jesus’ voluntary death on a cross.

What was the Creator doing in the works and the teachings of Jesus?  Many things, I’m sure, and depending on one’s level of consciousness, one can find multiple meanings to them.  One thing that I am reflecting upon now is that in the fullness of time, the Creator’s own inner work resulted in the beginning of the journey towards coming together of the opposites, the dark and light.  However, not to anthropomorphize the Creator here, I say that the Creator allowed free will to sub-sub logoi that in time created the Macro Thoughtform of Separation.  This is the corrupted demiurge which became empowered by the collective energy of beings who live the survival of the fittest theme to its extreme fullest, the path of Service to Self.  Over time, this energy coalesced and became sentient due to continual energy it fed upon from those willing to give it.  It became the dark sun, the veil personified, Satan, the epicenter of darkness. It was and is perfect entropy and the perfection of separation and dualism.  I think of it as the Black Hole that sucks life force in return for power over the first three chakras of the Creator, en se.  Power is granted and given to the followers of this path but the trick is that power is only granted so that those who have it give off more energy to feed the entropy at the center.  Again, the path of STS is prey and predator.  Ultimately, all on this path are prey because there is one ultimate Predator, this Black Hole, this Black Sun.  Is this evil itself? Yes! But is Evil God’s mirror image? No!  For, who controls the first three chakras but the higher centers?  On the fully developed human, the lower serves the higher centers.  The higher centers do not hate the lower centers but rein them in, incorporate them into the greater whole.  Likewise, in the fullness of time, the Creator moved towards reconciling the parts of Itself.  All has happened in perfect accordance and in perfect balance according to the Creator’s own desire to fully experience Itself in and through it’s own smaller fractalized portions of itself.  The path to reconciliation of wholeness is realized when a human becomes fully whole and this path has many flavors in history.  But it is still the only path of the individual.  Jesus, who became the Christ, was not only working on his own journey towards wholeness but also tasked with the mission of reuniting the Creator’s own inner dualism into one grand unified whole.  In this way, after Jesus’ death, he descended into the depths of the illusion of separation to the very heart of Black Sun.  The Gospel of Mary Magdalene describes how the 7 powers of darkness confronted his soul as he made his ascent back towards the living.  What did he do there?  If we follow this Gospel and Jesus’ own teachings, we see that he simply witnessed the pain of the separate ones.  There was no judgment or condemnation and in fact he played out on this non physical plane of existence what he had just done with Pontius Pilate, a couple days before.  He did not cling to anything and did not fight back. Instead of transmitting the negative energy, which is the only game in town in these realms, he transformed it. By transforming it, he began a path of realignment so that the grand universal path of separation could finally become reconciled to the Original Image or the original demiurge.  Darkness would not come to the light so the light had to come to the darkness.  This way, all things are then transformed into the light and this is done at the pace of each entity’s capacity and will to take in the light and then transmit this positive energy outwards. Does the Creator, who is the White Sun, eat the energy of love? Yes.  For energy is the food source of the universe.  God eats God.  However, unlike the Black Sun whose perfect entropy sucks energy off of its prey and demands more, the White Sun, takes and then gives back in folds.  Abundance is it’s fruit.  Love begets more love and the cups overflow.

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