Interesting synchronicity with Sphere Beings

sphere 1 sphere 2

I have been following some of the info regarding alleged Sphere Beings that have come into our solar system of late.  I don’t desire to go into detail here about them but one can find all the info at: and David Wilcock’s site: divine cosmos.

This past Sunday, I asked my God (including Creator, guides, higher self, STO entities, etc), in the name of Jesus and in Christ consciousness, to give me a sign if there really is something going on like what is being reported.  In that prayer, I stated that I needed to hear “sphere” or see a sphere in the next couple of days.  [As a side note, I ask for these kinds of signs very rarely and only when my spirit is moved to do so.  The last time I asked for this sign was when I wanted to know what my past life was.  That night I had a violent dream where I heard someone yell out, “Ana Maria Quiñonez!” and then I heard and felt bullets riddle the body of this woman.  I saw the scene as a third person but it was known to me that I was the one being shot.  I do not know if this was in MX or Spain, but it was during a revolution of sorts and Ana Maria was being gunned down by the powers that be as she was involved in the revolution.  The shots woke me up from a dead sleep and a lightening bolt shock went through my body and out my right toe.  I immediately wrote this name on a piece of paper and went back to sleep, the time was 3 am or so.  A month later I asked God, on a Sunday, to give me a sign if this was really me in the past life.  That morning at Mass, I did something that I never do.  For some reason I asked my wife to switch places with me in the pew.  There was so reason to do so and it was inconvenient for her as we had to move switch between the three kids in the middle.  Still, I insisted.  I sat down and next to me was an Hispanic woman.  She had a black dress on and I noticed writing on her right leg.  Going down her leg beginning at the knee was the word, “Quiñonez.”  I had never seen that woman before or since, nor have I ever seen a person who had words tattooed down one’s leg in this fashion.  The point is, I saw this as very convincing and an answer.]

So… just before I learned about the Sphere Beings, I had begun to see “3.14” or “314” or “3:14” everywhere.  I stored it in the back of my mind to watch out for a meaning.  Then in my heart temple on the astral plane, I saw a new entity inside the temple that was colored in indigo blue with red and violet mixed around the head.   Then I learned about the Sphere Beings who include, among other beings, a blue avian species whose colors are indigo blue and violet.  I then felt that the “314’s” that I was seeing somehow related to these new sphere’s (3.14 as being pie).  In my prayer to God regarding validation of the Sphere Beings, I made the statement that “314’s” wouldn’t do, that I needed to hear the word “sphere” or see one, as I mentioned before.  That was Sunday.  On Monday, I began to see “314’s” more than ever but I smiled and said that I needed more. I took the kids for their group piano class and I stayed with my daughter in the kids room as she was crying (she never cries like this and I never have to stay with her).  Just then, two other kids in the group walked in to hang out as their older sibs were in session.  What they were carrying made my heart pound.  The two of them had toy spheres that opened up and little toy beings were inside. One of the spheres was actually blue with a little red.  I took a picture.  Later, as I was thinking about this synchronicity, I wondered if I could just see one more sign (three is a good number).  I felt a stirring to look up and right in front of me was a car that had one of those balls on the top of its antennae.  I also took a picture.  I looked around at all of the other cars and there weren’t any others with this little sphere on them (so it was unique at this intersection with more than a hundred cars at the stop lights).

For what it’s worth, I still hold this info with a tension.  In the long run, I know that it doesn’t matter because the real work is right in front of me, in the NOW, as I serve Christ in others. To love others as Jesus loved us, this is the command. My one main desire to continue to live from my unity with God, in Christ, and to bless everything. If the whole thing is in my head, I’ll be okay with this too, and this is the tension I am living with.  I repeat, the only thing that matters is how I embrace this life, this now, with the lessons, and the service opportunities that come with it.

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