The Holy Trinity and the Law of One

Today is Holy Trinity Sunday in the Catholic Church liturgical year.  In no way could this very short and overly simplified entre treat this weighty subject well.  However, when Christians talk about the Trinity, most of us don’t have a clue where to begin, it’s “just a mystery.” But it happens to be the central mystery of the faith, so we better try to understand it a least somewhat.  In actuality, I believe the doctrine of the Trinity is not so hard to grasp when it is understood from a practical standpoint.  The Law of One never talks about the Trinity in an explicit manner (neither does the Bible, BTW),  but it also provides good insight into a practical metaphysics that can be applied to our understanding of the topic at hand.  The Law of One speaks of the creator before creation as being Intelligent Infinity and Intelligent Energy.  So before there was anything “finite” created, that is, before the material universe was made manifest, there was the Absolute Beingness (versus Relative Beingness).  Absolute Being became aware of itself  and discerned a concept called finitude. Through thought, Infinite Intelligence (Infinite Potential Energy) used Infinite Energy (Infinite Kinetic Energy) to create multitude or as the Buddhists say, “the ten thousand things.”  This became Relative Beingness.  This creation becomes portions of the creator like holons of a holograph.  The essence of Relative Beingness (creation, manifestion) is that of the Creator’s; how could it not be that way?  An example would be your own body.  Your hand is you, your head carries the same essence of you, so you are the essence of which all of your body parts share. What unites multitude together is spirit which is, as mentioned above, the essence of the Creator.  Nothing is separate from the Creator and all is the Creator and is in the Creator.  All movement and being happens inside Creation which is the manifestation of the Creator.  Separation from the Creator is impossible since all is Creation, which is the Creator manifesting itself infinitely.

Now to the Trinity.  The Creator is the “Father.”  The whole of Creation is the “Son.”  And the essence of the Son that maintains unity in the Father is the “Holy Spirit.”  Want to see the Son?  Look at your hand.  Look at the desk. Look at the tree.  Witness the angels and densities of creation and the stars in the sky. That’s the “Son.”  This is known as the Cosmic Christ. This is the “Word made flesh.”  There is no separation between you and God.  There is only the perception of separation in the movie of 3rd Density life. The point of soul evolution through the densities is to slowly regain the awareness that we are not separate from the Creator but rather make up parts of the Creator.  What we then offer to the Creator is the Creator’s own experience of itself; and  when we do this intentionally, that is, to offer back to the Creator what the Creator has given, then this gives us immense joy.  What falls away is the perception that we are separate and the individualized portion of the Creator (RA calls us the sub-sub Logos) grows through time and experience towards reunification with the Creator.  But what is reunified?  Nothing more than awareness itself for there was never any separation there to begin with. What in us, then, allows for this perception of separation to drop slowly?  That would be the Holy Spirit, the unifying force within all of Relative Beingness (aka Creation).

How do we live a Trinitarian life, then?  First is to see all of the world, from the mundane to the sublime, as sacred, for that is what it is.  There is no veil between the sacred and profane. All is sacred.  Second, to allow the godself in you to see and recognize the godself in the other. If you prefer, use the term, “Christ.”  The Christ in me sees and loves the Christ in you.  Then with our actions, including prayers, make them an offering of thanks to the Creator.  We give back to the Creator what the Creator has given to us.  By doing this, we complete the circle, the flow, of the Spirit. This giving back to the Creator does not change God’s mind about us.  The act of giving back simply allows us to feel more connected to God.  This feeling more connected leads to greater awareness of unity that we have with God. Then eventually we realize that all we do and who we are is God doing God.  We are then participants within the Trinitarian life of God (Creator).  This theosis occurs when Relative Beingness finally realizes that it is also Absolute Beingness and the fruit of this realization is exquisite ecstasy.

2 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity and the Law of One

    1. Great question. My best guess (and that is all it is) is that the process of love exchanged between Creator and Creation is a kind of flow. The flow itself is the Holy Spirit. Taken as a whole, the giving of love, the receiving of love, and the return of love, is the dance. God would be a verb and a noun; that being is doing and doing is being. Another view might be that when Relative Beingness offers itself back to the Absolute Beingness, unity is then recognized more fully by the former (although it was always thus). The very desire of the created to offer itself back to source is the Holy Spirit at work and the medium of the offer itself is the Holy Spirit, too.


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