Reflections on Soul Evolution: Part 1, Cosmic Chakras

I don’t know very much about chakras and only possess a basic knowledge. But I think an exploration of chakra development as one progresses in soul evolution is important. Many writers, both secular and religious, speak about levels of awareness (consciousness) development. Some systems have 7 levels, some 9, some 10… it doesn’t really matter for all of the words and concepts are just metaphors trying to grasp at some continuum that we perceive to be at play in the evolution of one’s soul back to union with the Creator. The number of levels is not what’s important.

I like the idea of correlating a system of development with the seven chakras. Now, some systems hold that there are seven chakras, some say nine, some say 12, some say many more. Probably there are many, some major, some minor, and many students of the chakras know much, much more than me. I’ll stick with seven because that is what Ra teaches in the Law of One. I also have some personal experience with identifying my own chakras, or energy centers on my body, and know what it’s like to energize them or access them for esoteric work in the astral realm. Ra states that the chakras on the body correspond to energy levels or frequencies within the Logos. As below, so above and as above, so below. Also, Daskalos, the great Cypriot mystic and healer, mentioned the chakras in his teachings of which I have had some exposure. The Researchers of Truth (Daskalos’ legacy) are a good resource for people who want to learn more about esoteric christianity, including his treatments of the chakra systems.

The way I envision the chakras is something like how a radio receives certain frequencies that pertain to that “radio station” and bring these frequencies to a focal point that begins to resemble spinning disks. Daskalos and other teachers hold that the chakras tie all of the bodies together, from the material up through the various energy bodies of each person. Where do these frequencies come from? Where is the radio station that generates the frequencies? Ultimately, I would say that it is the Logos, itself. More particularly it is our own sub-Logos, the sun. Ra states that the Logos is the manifestation of intelligent infinity and intelligent energy of the Creator. The Creator lays out primal laws or distortions of unity that include free will, love, and light. Put these together with the use of intelligent infinity and intelligent energy and what emerges are Galactic Logoi. These Logoi sculpt creation within the primary distortions while in perfect unity with the Creator. They play with pure while light and make spectrums of light with each strata having different energy and vibration. In other words, white light, which is the product of love using intelligent energy, passes through a prism that differentiates the one light into a blend of seven rays. What is this prism? This could be the demiurge or soul of the Logos. The soul of the Logos as well as our own souls are thought forms created by higher self. Our higher selves reside in late 6D and the higher self of the Logos is the Creator Itself. The prism of the Logos then plays with the light to manifest protons with certain spins and relationships with other protons. These lead to the formation of other basic building blocks of the manifest world and materiality is thus brought into being. All of creation, both visible and invisible, is nothing more (and nothing less) than play of light at various degrees of intensity and vibration borne by love. The play of the one  white light into the seven rays or strata is called an octave.

Within each Logos, reside billions of sub-Logoi as suns. These are 8D beings that work within the Galactic Logos and play further with light using the particular “interpretation” or laws set down by the latter in regards to intelligent infinity and intelligent energy.  Each sun, therefore, contains within its “body” or sol system an octave of light rays: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo blue, and violet.  These rays are manifestations of intelligent infinity and intelligent energy and constitute seven levels or densities of consciousness beginning with the most dualistic and ending with the totally non-dual. The densities of the Logos are the “chakras” of the Logos or the energy frequencies that layer the cosmos. Each density interpenetrates the density above and below while also possessing a specific quantum of its own that one breaks through when awareness transcends and includes its previous level of understanding.  A plant discovers growth and self replication while a mineral’s consciousness may remain at a frozen state and unaware that it, too, is alive.  An animal possesses the consciousness qualities of the plant but also transcends them by knowing itself as an entity that can move around an environment and even manipulate the environment for its survival purposes like a beaver building a dam. Densities are delegations of freedom from the most restricted to complete liberation.  All densities, however, are equal in their dignity because God’s self-manifestation is equal in each level.  There is no condensation of divine love or power from the highest to the lowest where the latter would be bereft of the full Incarnation.  No.  God or the Creator is all and in all and there is nothing outside of God.  This is why Ra can state that in each grain of sand you find the Creator in Its totality; there can be nothing that exists separately.

The different chakras of God experience different realities and are concerned with different things.  The first two densities (red and orange rays of energies) are primarily concerned with the enlivening of materiality.  It’s a slow awakening for materiality as it moves through the process of claiming its inherent aliveness.  The third chakra, or density,  of the Creator is that self-manifestation of the material that not only becomes consciously aware of itself as creation but it also chooses a polarity that will charge it forward towards the higher chakras.  This is the spring board that is needed to reach the next level and the “spring” in that board is a metaphysical positive or negative charge. The positive path moves towards unity and wholeness in the fourth density and makes its purpose to love and be loved in ever growing ways.  The negative path moves towards disunity, separation, and makes its purpose to control and dominate.  This path is the material world in love with it’s own power of selfhood.  The big problem with the negative path in this chakra of God is that power cannot be drawn from “above” but rather from other “separate” manifestations in its own density or the three below it. It must do this or one of two things will happen: 1) it will loose polarity, and 2) it will become extinguished due to the forces of entropy.  The fifth ray is the density of wisdom.  In both the positive and negative tracks, clear seeing increases wisdom.  Creation learns to separate consciousness and material at will.  Physical bodies exist but they are not necessary. 5D negative’s seeing is not clear in terms of understanding the unity in all of creation but it would be clear in its use of power and domination over underlings.  The negative entity that contacted the channelers of RA was of 5thD. RA stated that this entity perceived the channeling as a pure light and therefore felt threatened and tried to stop it from happening.  5D positives see the creation as unified whole and are delighted to learn the balancing of wisdom with the love they already possess. They are at one with their social memory complex and are seeing how wisdom undergirds everything in creation.  Wisdom is the metaphysical infrastructure of the universe. By the time creation achieves the unity in the 6th density, there is no more polarity, only wholeness. The main drive of creation at this point, says Ra, is the desire to serve other parts of creation to evolve and awaken.  The 7th density or chakra of the Creator is a composite of all of the rays as all of the lessons of living life from separation to unity have been completed.  Creation at this level is at the end stage of the full reconciling of itself into Creator.  The final density is the completion of this octave and the beginning of a new octave. Unity is perfect with the Creator yet individuality is somehow also preserved. This is the Biblical, “Alpha and Omega,” or as St. Augustine of Hippo said, “In the end, it will only be Christ loving Himself.”

In conclusion, this was a brief reflection on the chakras of the Creator which are also called densities. If we can understand that the universe is a holograph and we are holons within it, then we can better understand how our individual chakras correlate to soul evolution as a microcosm within the sub-logos’ own self-becoming. Also later, we’ll see how institutions and religions reflect corporate growth of the individuals as well as the cosmos.  These will be discussed in the next posts.

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