Reflections on Soul Evolution: Part 2, Individual Evolution

We are the Creator in 3D form, existing in what Ra calls, the “yellow body.”  Ours is the yellow body because that is the density that we inhabit within our bodies.  However, if Ra is correct here, the Earth is presently moving from the yellow vibrations of the 3rd D to the green vibrations of the 4thD. Some evidence based on current events (ie suggests that the full quantum leap into 4th Density is underway.  This makes understanding our soul evolution super important now more than ever. Related to current events, people are awakening to a larger perspective than ever before and it may be that quite soon, humanity will learn a great deal of new information that will be at once extremely troubling and liberating.  “Awakened” or “awakening” does not mean the same thing as “evolved” and people within the former can be quite dualistic in their psychological and emotional development.  And as a primer for the next post, I’ll say, along with Richard Rohr, OFM, that religion’s job at its core is one thing and one thing only: to create a space where people detach from their false self and embrace their true self.  If religion is not doing this for people, then its not doing its job.  More on this important topic later.

There may be four nuances of 3D human beings, but I am not sure about whether one of these types exists or not.  Here they are: 1) those that are polarized to the positive at least 51% (heart or green ray activation), 2) those that are polarized to the negative at least 95% (red, orange, yellow, and heart or green ray intentional blockage), 3) the majority of humanity existing on the continuum of the unpolarized (less then the required percentages for harvest), and 4) the preadamics (aka soulless humans or spiritless humans).  The last one, preadamics, is a tough one for me to understand but some writers including Boris Mouravieff (Gnosis series) and Montalk ( believe that there is the type of human that appears human, has a human body, but does not have a soul in the same way.  They say that these people are like a “missing link” in soul evolution between 2D ape and 3D human; that they are a bridge in the path of soul evolution when 2D consciousness became 3D individualized portions of consciousness.  This might or might not be true and I am still allowing some “simmering” to happen inside of me where I live with the tension of the question and eventually some clarity will come. I’ll offer one thought regarding preadamics.  Ra and others tout that 2D lifeforms have an oversoul that exists in 6D.  When an animal dies, it’s primitive soul returns to a melding pot of etheric material (5D material aka astral?) to contribute to the overall desire for that animal oversoul to reproduce and grow towards individualization.  In other words, there is no reincarnation of “that” cat after “that” cat dies.  However, when a 2D animal or plant moves towards individualization through love during an incarnation, the oversoul begins to divide off and grant “that” cat it’s own primitive 6D higher self.  As it goes through successive incarnations, it is given the opportunity to love and look out for other selves more and more.  This goes on until the 6D higher self is fully individuated and activated and can then project itself as a “separate, individuated self” in a 3D world.  Might this also be true of so called preadamics?

Nevertheless, we do know about the polarized and unpolarized.  Ra alludes that many people have not done the necessary inner work throughout their lifetimes and are having a lot of trouble receiving this new green ray energy that the Earth is receiving. Instead of it being a harmonious transition from 3D to 4D (as apparently it was for Ra’s people when they transitioned), it is quite the opposite here.  From a more relative position, it looks as if people are regressing a bit from yellow ray activation to orange ray as they become more and more flooded with the green ray energy.  An example of how this plays out in daily life would be the divisiveness we see in our politics or around ideological points. The negative forces (demonic and ET) help this divisiveness to occur for their own purposes, too.  Yellow ray growth stops when the door to open and constructive dialog is slammed shut and people retrench and harden into their positions.  Institutions, of course, begin to take on the “color” of the people that inhabit them.  Luckily, from a higher perspective, we can take these “regressions” with stride because they aren’t important in the long run as at least 90% of the souls on earth will eventually go to positive 4D planets, including earth itself once it is ready to host 4D positive sub-sub logoi.

How do we progress on the soul evolutionary path?  Many writers and spiritual teachers explain this much better than me.  I’ll just offer a few thoughts here.  A good way to dive into this is to entertain the metaphors of the Higher Self and the Lower Self.  Imagine a large oval with the narrow ends of the oval running up and down.  On either end of the oval is a small circle.  Within the oval are all of the seven chakra energy centers beginning from the root and ending at the top of the head.  The Higher Self is the circle above the oval.  It is the who I really and truly am.  It is my deepest core self, my most essential beingness.  Some qualities of the Higher Self include:  secure, centered, generous, free from attachments, lives in the NOW, humble, non-violent, enjoys joy, peaceful, feelings of being connected, can be alone, but is not lonely, communication style is assertive (not aggressive or passive-aggressive), and mature. At the level of the anchored self, life is viewed non-dually. To have the Higher Self embody the 3D physical vehicle is exceedingly rare (Ken Wilber says he’s never met one!) but if the goal is to have a lifetime well lived, then we need to learn how to live more and more from this state.  One thing is for sure, at the level of the Higher Self, the lower three chakras have become quite cleared and full activation of the upper four chakras is enjoyed. From a Law of One perspective, we would say that the Higher Self is a 6D phenomenon.  It is not the highest self, however.  That is what RA refers to as the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex Totality.  This self is a 7D entity and is the teacher of the Higher Self.  The 7D Self is the Christ Self as it is a composite of all of the chakras in their perfection.  The Christ Self operates with Christ Consciousness and draws all things in the entity forward towards unity with itself and the Creator (the “Father”)  as it, itself, has completed it’s journey and is moving into Oneness.

The Lower Self is not the bad self. There is no bad self, as it were.   As we will see, the Lower Self is necessary and you’ll never not have it.  The goal is to learn how to use the Lower Self from the position of the Higher Self to effect positive change in the world. When we delve into our shadows and discover of the Lower Self, we gain access to the Higher Self. Herein, is the paradox. A great book whose content and very title deal with just this concept (except the terms used are True Self and False Self) is “Falling Upwards,” by Richard Rohr, OFM.  We have to know our shadows to fully gain the light.  Another great system of learning that goes a long way into revealing the Lower Self traps is the Enneagram.  I recommend the Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson as well as Rohr’s own book called, “The Enneagram: Discernment of Spirits.”

What are qualities of the Lower Self? These include: Insecure, Defensive, Easily offended, Attached to behaviors, things, and ways of thinking, Lies, Focus is in the past or in the future, never in the present, Negative energy, Desires to control, Feelings of being disconnected, Profoundly lonely but incapable of admitting it, Communication Style: aggressive or passive aggressive, Egoic Self, Image Self, False Self, Immature.

The Lower Self may be the composite of the lower three chakras and is compelled to survive at all costs against threats it perceives that might annihilate it.  It is my experience that some people spend almost every moment in opposition to something else in their mind.  They don’t know how to just be in their silence but they need to have something to push against in order to define themselves at any given moment. I have been thus way at times, too.  This would be an example of the Lower Self in charge. It’s so fragile and insecure because it actually doesn’t really exist, metaphysically.  Well… it might exist up until late 5D neg or early 6D neg, but this is much speculation on my part.

The famous Trappist monk, Fr. Thomas Keating, writes about what he considers the three energy centers of the false self are our exaggerated needs for security, esteem, and power.  Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, similarly speaks about the three pursuits of the false self are power, prestige, and possessions.  Both Keating and Rohr are hitting on something important here as they describe what the Lower Self demands. There might be an additional way to understand the Lower Self.  It is not only the shadow side but it is the accumulation of all of the negative thought forms that one creates during all of one’s lifetimes.  Its the reservoir of karma that percolates down through our energy systems and collects at the foot of the seven chakras.  In order to be released from karma, in order to encounter our Higher Self, we need to forgive ourselves fully.  But in order to do that, we need to descend into our own “hell” and not judge, not react, not recoil, and not entertain the negative but rather witness it compassionately.  By being a witness in such a way to our Lower Self, we meet it as Christ met the depths of hell when he descended for three days after being put to death.  As he did, we reconcile our lowest parts of our selves with the rest of our beingness and bring to bear the light of love into this darkness.  When we become acutely aware of the Lower Self’s need for security, esteem, and power, we are much freer to choose how to live in a more life-giving way. We don’t have to take the bait of the loud demands of the Lower Self.  When we don’t feed it, it shrinks of power due to entropy.  In fact, I would say that it is possible to transform the energy of the negative thought forms by use of the 6th chakra, the unity of love and wisdom, and begin to utilize this Lower Self as a “gas tank” of energy to do good in the world.  It is energy, after all, and energy can be transformed and used by will and intention.

It is also my contention, and I could be way off here (as always, of course), that the Lower Self is the microcosm for what the Black Sun is in the macrocosm (mentioned in previous posts).  If a person truly is on the negative path and has chosen this path for means of spiritual advancement, then I could see that maybe one’s Lower Self becomes the main self,  driving force, the main “person,” the heart of a negatively polarizing being.  Ra states that what is required to be on the negative soul path is to intentionally block the first, second, third, and forth chakras.  One needs to have such command of the third chakra that they are able to through sheer force of willpower harness the collective energies of the lower three chakras and springboard to pierce intelligent infinity and see to various extents beyond the 3D veil.  Perhaps we could say that if an entity pushes all the way through to late 5D negative they become their Lower Self, in body and soul.  That is, the soul as a thought form created by the higher self, becomes the lair of the negative entity’s own thought forms throughout the eons.  As the Lower Self grows, it “bumps” up against their Higher Self, residing in 6D and a choice must be made.  Their self growth is so great and their thirst for power is so great that at this level an unthinkable option presents itself.  They must acquiesce to the fact all is indeed One and they ARE the other and the other IS them.  This forces them to reverse polarity and become positive.  Thusly they are released from having to pay the piper, the Black Sun, and they enter into a new realm of unity.  Their Lower Self, which was their main metaphysical energetic vehicle for many, many millions of years since their decision to polarize negatively during their 3D incarnative experience, gets reabsorbed into the backdrop of the universe. Maybe it’s a “parting gift” to the Black Sun done with gratitude as they finally are able to see that Everything Belongs, even their own former Dark Lord/Tormentor. In this way, we can also see that all is subject to the One, to Unity, to the Creator, even the “devil.”

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