Soul Evolution: Part 3, Religion and the Creator, with A.C. comments

This is the third reflection on the soul evolution.  It’s very long, winding, circular, and full of speculation.  It’s my own attempt based on my own limited knowledge and limited level of intuition to understand and synthesize the work of the Creator.  Let me start this long reflection with a quote that captures some of what I feel.  It describes my own personal opinion on my relationship with religions in general but the Catholic Church, in particular. I don’t agree with the definitiveness of author’s position that the Church, alone, helps me understand holiness.  Holiness is everywhere, and perhaps, precisely everywhere would be a better definition of how I understand Church.

“How much I must criticize you, my church, and yet how much I love you!

You have made me suffer more than anyone and yet I owe more to you than to anyone. I should like to see you destroyed and yet I need your presence. You have given me much scandal and yet you alone have made me understand holiness.

Never in this world have I seen anything more compromised, more false, yet never have I touched anything more pure, more generous or more beautiful. Countless times I have felt like slamming the door of my soul in your face – and yet, every night, I have prayed that I might die in your sure arms!

No, I cannot be free of you, for I am one with you, even if not completely you. Then to where would I go? To build another church? But I could not build one without the same defects, for they are my defects. And again, if I were to build another church, it would be my church, not Christ’s church. No, I am old enough, I know better.”— Carlos Carretto, “I Sought and I Found.”

What place do religions have in the evolution of the individual soul and the collective soul of humanity? From my perspective, as a practicing Christian Roman Catholic, I admit it is very mixed.  There is a way in which the Church can provide a sacred container for a soul to mold itself, grow, and eventually fly.  The Church can also be a place of stagnation and even oppression of souls.   I can only speak from my tradition as this is what I know.  I offer reflection about it not as learned person or an expert, either.  I am someone who loves the Church and I see it as family: one large, very old family.  I see the saints and sinners who have gone before me as brothers and sisters.  I cherish the wisdom and the expressions of love that have borne from this institution.  I continue to be inspired by many of its saints and also those who I know still living who exemplify Christ’s love in embodied form.  I used to be a Catholic apologist, in fact.  In college, I started a Catholic apologtics group where I would prepare a lesson on how to defend the faith from those Christians who attacked the “Holy Catholic Church, our Mother.”  Towards the end of my teaching that class, and before I went to Nicaragua as a lay missioner with the Capuchin Franciscans, I began to feel a very real dryness and a kind of sad feeling regarding what I was doing.  I began to see that I was approaching the whole thing from a viewpoint of combat where there was a winner and loser.  I see now that it was almost entirely ego driven.  Still, I thank God that I went through those experinces.  As Richard Rohr and others say, it is good to start out conservative for this gives us a strong container and an ego identity.  We have to know who we are before we can give ourselves away later.  BUT it is NOT a  good place to stay and quite dangerous to end in this state.  In fact, it is not only dangerous for the individual soul but I would argue that an ideology held so tightly (esp religious) can be easily manipulated by demonic and negative ET forces.  Religion at that point becomes the bane of existence because is not critiqued from within since “all is done in the name of Jesus,” and dissenting voices are snuffed out. The Church at its lowest levels became a circular and closed system.  How may wars have been fought “in the name of Jesus.”  This perversion can only be seen as a deliberate thwarting of the Jesus’ message of love, inclusivity, peace, forgiveness.  For the Catholic, I will say this: within our Church, we will find the brightest of lights and access to the very heart of God.  AND we will also find the very soul of the devil, the darkest of darks, right next to the light.  If you doubt this, pray for open eyes and start investigating.  Let fear not dissuade you.  If you love the Church, be open to seeing the shadow sides, too.  Then look inside yourself (myself) and see there, the light and dark.  The Church is a person, our Mother, if you wish, and she is a macro example of who we are in the micro level.  If we can see our own shadow then we will not be scared to see the shadow in her.  Those who lived unexamined lives will not have the capacity to truly see the Church  or any other religion in an honest light.

A.C. :Always good to be aware of one’s Shadow. 

Prophetic Role within Church:

As usual, I am very influenced in my thinking about this subject by Richard Rohr, whom I consider a prophet. He defines a prophet as someone who can stand by intention on the very edge of a tradition (Tradition) and then turn his/her face towards the center and proceed to call out its very evident shadow sides.  The prophet does not leave the tradition and does not desire to be a solo artist, as it were.  He or she stands firm within and loves it because it has given him/ her the boundaries necessary for depth.  A tradition allows a thirsty soul to dig, here, and go deep until the River below the river is located and then the prophet drinks from the Source.  Only then, however, can he or she rightly see how little the actual water of the Source River makes it to the top of the tradition.  So much is diverted away in dogma, unnecessary and culture-bound Tradition, collective ego of the institution, and as we will see, much more.  The prophet acts as the long stretched out feet of slow, moving, dense turtle.  The claws of the turtle labor to pull forward this massive being and when the center, protected by a thick, heavy shell, does not move forward with the claw, the prophet must speak loudly, lovingly, and courageously to the rest of its body to trust in the direction of the claw, for the earth is good and lifegiving in this direction. Prophets are never liked by the center and in the past, most were killed.  This is why Jesus was killed.  Jesus never set out to create a new religion, Christianity.  He only desired to lead the Jewish people to the River below the river, to the Source, because so much water was being wasted.  The same is true for Christianity today, especially in my own denomination, Catholicism.

A Religion is a Person created by sub-sub logoi (us!)

How does this fit into the previous two posts where I considered the chakra system, the Lower Self, and the Higher Self?  Maybe a good way to jump into this is to understand that a religion is a “person” created by it’s participants, and has it’s own set of chakras or energy centers that reflect the level of energy and power that it’s people have given it.  First we need to know the terms “thought form” or “elemental.”  They are the same thing.  An elemental is created by every thought/emotion that a person has every day. Daskalos and others teach that when an elemental is created by emotion first, it is less powerful, but very needy for nourishment.  It returns over and over again to its creator-source (the person) and latches onto the person’s chakra that created it (if its a sexual emotion, then the lower two chakras; if its an angry chakra against someone, the 2nd and 3rd chakras).  Most of these kind of emotions make their home right there on the energy body of the person and act as “bleeders” to get the person to feel and think more and more in the manner that gives the elementals more and more loosh, or energy food.  These lower kinds of elementals are semi-sentient and they do have the will to survive.  It should not be surprising that humans can create this kind of life.  We are gods as Jesus clearly taught.  Daskalos says that the time has come for humanity to learn that we are indeed of the archangel (not angel) level of existence.  What does this mean?  From a Law of One perspective, archangels are sixth density beings which is nothing less than your Higher Self.  These two systems fit hand and hand in many respects because, I am willing to bet, that they both came from the same Source.  Forgive my tangents here, Daskalos said that the Researchers of Truth is an old system of wisdom coming out of the mystery schools of Egypt (and older still, in fact).  Ra was the teacher that taught the Egyptians the wisdom (and the Atlanteans)… so there it is.

Angels are elementals of the archangels, that is, created beings emanating from the thoughts/emotions of higher density beings.  Our mind/body complexes are such elementals from our own Higher Selves, which are archangels.  We are creators and create life as the Creator creates.  As above so below.  There are elementals and then there are elementals…  The strongest kinds, most powerful elementals, that an individual can create are thought/emotions (as opposed to emotions/thoughts).  When a person can, through careful intention and keen concentration, create an elemental (which takes place on the Astral plane as elementals are made of astral material… light energy), then it becomes purposeful and can be sent to effect changes on the material, space-time, plane of existence.  The only thing more powerful than an individual’s thought/emotion elemental is the elemental created by a collective of people.  It is, indeed, the case that gods create their gods. The irony is that the former does not know that whom they may worship and look to for protection is often their very own creation.  Imagine, then, the power, the strength, and the will of an elemental that is 2,000 years old!

As I see it, the Church, or most religions perhaps, operate from the first, second, and third chakra energy centers, most of the time.  As mentioned before, they become living entities; not by a ray of the Holy Spirit from “above”, but rather because the people themselves, as gods with creative power on the astral levels, imbue the institution with life.  Religions, then, form their own energy centers, the seven chakras, in tandem with those participants who themselves embody a given energy.  For example, (huge speculation on my part here, as always), I can see how Jesus’ actions on earth began to create a new movement, a new way of thinking and being in the world.  It was a lived path, not a heady or theological path.  A nascent “baby” was born in the astral world as more and more people fell in love with this man, his message, and the God who sent him.  A certain spirit caught up people around him and formed almost a vortex of love whose tornadic feet touched the ground and the whose head opened to the 8th Density. Those who got caught up in this love-storm and were able to continually say “yes” to divine will, were allowed a short cut through the densities and could escape karma or the reincarnation process.  Jesus’ path was new and radical.  I can envision that Pentecost Sunday was the 7th chakra opening up like as in a Kundalini experience, where all energy centers in this new body were fully awakened, spinning, and calling people in, up, and through to union with the Creator.  We now have a new Creation, and new Body, a new “person” that is alive and well and formed in the astral plane and manifests vividly in the material plane (3D space/time) when two or more are gathered…

A.C.: I like the Kundalini parallel.

Then what happened after Pentecost Sunday?  The person of Jesus was no longer around in the physical.  The Spirit had to work with it’s people on the ground to “be” the Christ-man.  But the Spirit can only work with what it has.  If people’s own spiritual development is at earlier stages of awakening, then that is the energy that is stimulated.  Free-will is the prime distortion, as Ra states, and the Spirit honors this above all things.  Rohr and others speak of the spiritual journey as a series of three steps forward, and two steps back.  I have found this to be true, too, especially in the purgative stages of spiritual development.  It’s as if we stick our feet into a glorious pool but then are scared of the implications of living a new life, of entering a new room, so we pull our feet out and evaluate, get dirty again, live life our way until we are ready to go deeper to the knee and wash off our old way.  Then we pull out once again and do our thing only to return and wade up to the hip.  Once we learn to breathe underwater, our new life in the Spirit is fully underway and we are a “new creation.”  At some point, we reach such a state of union that we realize that there was never a separation between the life outside the water and the life inside the water.  All was God and we look in the mirror and smile and see the Creator in Creation and we exult in the incarnative process.  We realize that we are awake, now, here, as the Creator in the Creator as creation.  This is when one’s ontological beingness and one’s occupation can also become one; and that is a good definition of vocation.  When one does who one is.

The Church as a gas station

An institution is a natural human occurrence that is built in order to disseminate teachings to the widest group of people.  It seeks to codify and solidify a message so that it can be given to others through generations.  I would argue that institutions are necessary, but they should be seen by those who adher to them and to those who run them that institutions are nothing more (and nothing less) than well-placed starting lines at the beginning and guides during the journey. But the institutions, religions, the Church, are not the journey itself, nor the goal. They will get you started on the spiritual journey and this is supremely good.  They are the fingers pointing at the moon but they are not the moon.  To the extent that they keep one dependent upon them for the spiritual journey, for grace administered, for forgiveness given, for an encounter with the Divine, then they are getting in the way and can even been suppressive.  On the other hand, and I mean this, at the beginning levels of spirituality, we need to have a place and tradition that administers grace, that forgives (ie confession), that offers encounters with the Divine.  Even at the mature levels of spirituality, one can see an action of the institution, like going to Mass, as a place where it is easy to see and experience the divine in the material world, and also to see oneself as a member of a larger communion of people. In great part this is because of the intention of the participants as they come projecting their expectations at the Church to experience God in that place of worship.  This is good.  This is not the whole story, however.  A church service might be best seen as a gas station to be filled up with divinity but then be sent out to be church there; to experience God there; to encounter Christ out there.

The Catholic Eucharist can also be seen with new eyes that is still in keeping with traditional understanding.  The bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Christ, this is true.  But… weren’t they always thus?  Was not the wheat in the fields and the grapes on the vine also just as holy, just as much Christ then?  I would hold that the real power of the Eucharist is to reveal to the Church that the material (bread/wine) and the divine are not separate, but one. See the truth here, in this bread, and then see it in yourself and in your neighbor and in the whole world.  The Consecration of the bread and wine is like shinning an intense spotlight down on the main character during a play so that what is true in the macro/cosmic is brought to a climax, a single point of perception in the micro, so that the congregation can “get it.”  If we can accept that Christ becomes the bread and wine, then we can accept that we become Christ as we eat the Body.  Eventually, it should lead us to see that we actually don’t “become” Christ but “are” Christ already, and so is everything else in creation, so is all of creation.  Just as Jesus is the microcosm or icon of the Cosmic Christ, the reality of the macrocosm, the Eucharist is also the microcosm, or Holon, of the cosmic reality… all is Christ.  Believe it here in this particularity and then believe it and see it everywhere.  There is no profane space, all is sacred space… that is the conclusion of New Covenant taken to its logical ends.

The Lower Self of the Church:

People in the early church, and no different than people today, are largely operating within the first three chakras of development.  At this level, God is an Object, just as we are objects.  This is not bad and in fact, necessary, as mentioned before.  But, as I see it, the Church in general is stuck in its own spiritual development within the first half of life part of the spiritual journey.  Many spiritual writers today speak about the first half and the second half of life in development.  Both are necessary but the goal is eventually to move into the second half of life and there the rules are very different.  The first half of life is about seeing God as the Object.  It is dualistic and the ego desires to know itself and define itself. All good things and necessary, actually.  The second half of life is about giving that identity away and letting go of the ego’s needs; forgiving oneself and all of reality. It is about seeing God as Subject or love itself.  During the first half of life, a “father-figure” God who punishes wrong doers makes sense (dangerous and potentially toxic, notwithstanding). At the second half of life, we begin to accept that we are not punished for our sins but rather by our sins.  It is us who hurts us, in other words.  That’s a good starting place to begin to understand karma and even reincarnation; but now is not the place to begin those reflections.  What are the energy centers for the first half of life?  These are the first three chakras, of course. And since the Church (not the whole of the Church as there are aspects, smaller areas that are up and out of the octave!) is in general still working from within its first half of life lenses, those are the centers that require life sustenance from its creators.  As an intense, old, and massive thoughtform, the Church seeks to be nourished and attracts sub-sub Logoi who will continue to give it the loosh that it requires.   The desires at these lower levels revolve around institutionalizing the message and making a container that becomes the sole provider of the message. (This is not bad, remember.  This is largely necessary to get the whole thing started.)  But it is very dangerous once the messenger becomes confused with the message.  Institutions by their nature are conservative, for they conserve the message and they guard against what they perceive as threats that would dilute the message.  But when institutions, and I am afraid the Church is very guilty on this point, get so fearful that they close off and cease to let new life, new air, new directions of the Spirit in, then they become quite ripe for demonic and/or negative ET manipulation. They spread the message of Churchianity rather than Christianity. The telltale sign, at least for me, for movements within an institution that show signs of manipulation is when what was inclusive become exclusive; what was democratic becomes autocratic, what was equality become meritocracy, what was holoarchical becomes hierarchical (read: circular versus pyramid).  Law and dogma takes the place of Spirit and experience.  When the leaders of the intuition, as Rohr quoting Pope Francis, become “word police,” “inspectors,” or “museum curators,” then we see a closed, stuck in the first half of life, manipulated, Body who is firing on only the first three centers of power, prestige, and possessions. When all of this happens, as I believe has happened to much of the Church, then people are disempowered, dependent upon the system, and lack any ability to discern via their own authority. People project their own inner authority on the institution and its leaders (thus giving it the loosh or energy food it seeks!) and turn a blind eye to the Church’s shadow sides.  With this kind of blind following, entities like negative ET’s can use elements of the Church for their benefit and their agenda.  This is why, and I do believe this, that in the history of the Church, at the very top levels, hidden in the shadows, some black magic and “deals with the devil” have been done. What I am saying here, is that some humans in the long history of the Church who have risen up the ranks of the hierarchy have been Service-to-Self, black sorcerers, in league with Orion factions (ie Dracos) who have used their influence to attempt to slowly steer the glacial-moving turtle of the institution towards the path of the Black Sun, the epitome of polar negative. The vision of those here would be to have the institution oppress, enslave, and control its adherents and to funnel loosh  for the Church’s own food needs as a thoughtform and for those in power, up the (food)chain of command (higher dimensional beings). Should this be that surprising?  Not for those who have the eyes to see it.  The negative forces always attempt  to corrupt the messengers and infiltrate messages of light.  But fear not, both the light and the dark is contained within the Creator.  The dark is the Creator, too!  But the dark only goes so far.  Think of it this way, imagine for a second that the Creator is a human person.  The “dark-side” only goes up to the level of the belly-button while the light-side goes from the bottom all the way to the top of the head.  How much more transcendent is the light-side, so Be Not Afraid!

What are some examples of how the Church as been lead astray?  I am no Church historian.  I will only attempt a reflection from intuition.  I think pretty quickly after Pentecost happened while the message of Jesus was being dissemintated to different areas, power struggles and normal human egos started to fire up. Everyone was trying to assimilate their experience of the Jesus Event in the only ways they could, given their own spiritual development, both personally and culturally. Think of an explosion from the Jesus Event.  The “waves” of this Event move outward in 360 degrees, in every direction, and hits everyone in the It’s path.  What emerges Christianity in the West is only a small piece of the whole pie but the main problem is that early on a Master Story began to emerge and cohere, formed in great part by politics, cultural biases, ignorance, fear,  in-fighting, and eventually domination.  And to the victor, comes the “right” to tell the story.  The other understandings of the Jesus Event were not extinguished, however.  They submerged into other traditions and even into secret knowledge that later became esoteric teachings of Christ.  One current author who elucidates in this area is Cynthia Bourgeault especially with her book, “Mary Magdalene.”  The Master Story that has succeeded is not evil, far from it.  As we will see later (I promise), the Spirit of God has always been involved and light clearly illuminates from the Master Story, too.  It’s just that it’s not the full picture and when it is used to condemn what it considers unorthodox, it easily becomes a tool for wise negative forces that use subtle guidance to combat the light and to serve their agenda. So examples?  The cooption of Christianity by Constantine made the religion an imperial dynasty where the powers of the world could control the institution and it’s message.  At that point, much of Christianity lost it’s ability to offer an alternative lifestyle and a prophetic message to the world.  Jesus became “King,” and the centralization of religious authority in the Church around Rome (Vatican) ensured that they became the voice of the King.  How opposite the vision that the humble Jesus had!  Were negative forces behind the move by Constantine to make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire?  I don’t know, but I would guess in the affirmative.  It would make sense to me and if we learn that this is true from future disclosures, I won’t be surprised.  Perhaps the most devastating  theological bias that happened in the history of Christianity is the theology of atonement.  Of this, I have little doubt that negative forces were involved and how effective it has been!  In almost every Christian denomination in the world one will find this theology to be completely pervasive.

What is atonement theology? The idea was first written about by a man name St. Anslem of Canterbury who was a brilliant theologian and philosopher of his time. He may have been tapping into what was the more common zeitgeist of the time.  I’m not an expert in what contributions that he had on theology, and I’m sure that much of it was quite positive.  He was a man of his times and his understanding of God was likewise coming from his own paradigm of thinking (as is true for all of us!).  Basically, Man had sinned so greatly against the Father God, that a sacrifice had to be made to placate His just fury.  A blood sacrifice was demanded and thus Jesus Christ became the holy scapegoat to be offered up to the wrathful deity. God as Father became a figure of might, power, anger, revenge, and pettiness.  Man became infinitely small, sinful, hopelessly lost, and condemned to eternal torment.  Jesus became the Savior that rejoined humanity with God by a horrible death.  God became an object of fear.  But, to my mind, a god who fits this description sounds like a Service to Self kind of deity. This might be a good description of the Sentient Black Sun, the central Energy nexus of the negative polarity in the corrupted demiurge.  I don’t think that St. Anslem was an agent of negativity and consciously tried to insert this kind of idea of God. I do postulate negative forces capitalized on the opportunity to proclaim this kind of God and the fact that it became and still is a central interpretation of the purpose of Jesus within orthodox Christian beliefs shows how the message was contorted to mean the opposite of what was intended. This clearly was not the God who was the Abba to Jesus.  His God’s mercy rained down on the just and unjust.  In fact, Jesus’ as the Christ-man, revealed to the world that the very heart of God, the Creator, was love, forgiveness, humility, and desire to be known.  As Rohr rightly states, Jesus’ death was not necessary to change God’s mind about us but to change our mind about God. Against all odds, we turned the message around and made God a Bad Guy to be feared! I’d say that if we learn through disclosure and exposure to hidden truths about how and when the Church has been infiltrated and manipulated by negative forces, Church history will need to include this information.

A.C.: This propensity in humankind probably parallels one of Kohlberg’s moral development stages. Add to that how the dark side would want this arrangement for loosh production, I’m sure they encouraged this kind of thinking. 

The Higher Self of the Church

But this is not the whole story, thankfully.  The Creator works within the “system,” too.   Wherever there is darkness, there is always light waiting to be seen for those with the eyes to see it.  In fact, I would argue that if indeed there has been black magic and intentional dealings with the dark forces done is the shadows of the Vatican, it is because this same institution has been the “mother” that has birthed much light and freedom and positivity throughout the ages.  A great light shines, the shadow follows, and that’s okay. Despite all that I wrote above, I still hold that Church is important and necessary. The orthodox or canonical Christian Scriptures were not just political and faith documents of a certain time for a certain people.  In them, the real spirit of Jesus can be met, experienced, and loved.  The Holy Spirit never disappoints and in the words of the Scripture, the whole journey of the spiritual life can, in fact, be encountered. A.C.: The afterlife spirits tell Howard Storm the same thing in his near-death experience. If one takes a step back and sees the whole of the Bible, one finds the three steps forward, two steps back pattern throughout.  God in the beginning of Genesis is Creator who makes his creation out of love.  Later we see a god who is vengeful and exclusive, smiting enemies, and condoning slavery and domination.  But by the time we get to the end of the Christian Scriptures,  God is all mercy, love, forgiveness, and humility. We end with the three steps forward.  Interestingly, when Ra was asked what portions of the Old and New Testaments illustrate the Law of One, Ra said, about 50% for both.  I would argue that it is more like 60% as even Ra couldn’t see the gentle, hidden dance of fear (2 steps back) and love (three steps forward). Ra is a guide but Ra only possesses the wisdom and love balance of Ra’s own lived experience (admittedly very loving and wise!). One should note that Ra’s own spiritual evolution on Venus was highly harmonic through all of the densities and therefore they didn’t understand the nuances and needs of such a complicated planet-school as is Earth!  Their own struggle in their service to Earth has served as a valuable catalyst for their own growth in love and wisdom as they march towards 7thD.  They never claimed omniscience and it is clear that they often cannot penetrate the subtlety and necessary nuances that exist within the expression of the Law of One here on Earth.

A.C.: Good insight

One might argue that the Bible taken as a whole is a macro archetype of an individual’s spiritual journey.  The spiritual life of a person is also one that follows this pattern, three steps forward and two steps back.  I don’t at all dismiss the canonical Gospels and the letters of Paul nor the rest of the New Testament like some writers (who claim that only the “gnostic” Gospels are valid). It’s just that the picture of Jesus is not complete and the Master Story, the victor’s story, is not the only portrayal.  Perhaps in the future we will have a fuller understanding of this master teacher; maybe we will learn more about the “losers’ stories” in the wake of the battles of orthodoxy. Maybe “orthodoxy” will enlarge to much greater extent. It is to be noted here that even Jesus was selective in his usage of the Scriptures of his day, the Hebrew Scriptures.  If we follow Jesus’ own tendency to teach from passages or stories from Scripture that elucidate a loving and just God, then we might well be quoting the “three steps forward” passages of the Bible and intentionally not emphasizing the “two steps back” parts.

The Church’s Higher Self is none other than pure Christ Consciousness begotten by the Logos. Any breakthrough moments of glory when the Church has gotten it right have occurred because of Christ transcending the Church’s limitations and shadows.

Where is Jesus today?

This is extreme guessing, so hold on!  Let’s say for argument sake that Ra is correct and knows where the being that was Jesus is located today.  Ra said that the soul that was Jesus is now operating from the 5thD.  What?!  How can this be since he was the Son of God?  Was not Jesus God?

My own take at this point in my metaphysical journey is that Jesus was God…. just as you and I are God, the Creator.  We needed to see the co-existence of the divine with the material in one man and then we would be able to see the same thing in ourselves.  A.C.: This is Paul’s second Adam (archetype) thinking.  We are to not only “see” the same things in ourselves. We are to identify with the archetype and “be” the same in ourselves. Ra says that the entity that came to be known as Jesus came from the end of the 4thD.  He volunteered to be the  message of love from the Creator to the world.  The Creator (Galactic Logos, God) used the person of Jesus as an instrument of Christ Consciousness so that a greater work could be accomplished through the whole of Jesus’ life, including his death, harrowing of the hell realms, resurrection, ascension, and sending/releasing of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  This is true redemptive work and indeed, if we want to the use here the word, “atonement,” we could.  Jesus’ work as the Christ-man realigned humans with the Creator in what can be seen as acts of “at-one-ment!”  Esoterically, we might say that the first three chakras of the Creator needed a transformer box to stabilize their frenzied, powerful, over-stimulated energies.  Jesus was that transformer box that did not merely transmit the energies but transformed them back into a cohesive whole and realigned them with the overall chakra system of the Creator through forgiveness.  If you like, the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras of the Logos in one upward stroke of the hand (as Christ-man), lovingly groomed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd blocked chakras and redirected the flow of energy to rejoin the whole whereas previously it had gotten stuck in its own circular and closed circuit.  The Logos needed to incarnate an instrument in Earth’s 3D existence and Jesus was it.  Jesus became the microcosm of Christ Consciousness brought together in one person so that we could get it, follow it, and fall in love with a person and his radically new message.  Once the heart chakra gets activated by falling in love with the person of Jesus, then we gain access to the upper chakras and increasingly more and more non-dual stages and states of being. We know we are following in the curtails of the Christ-man when we, too, can say as Jesus did, “I and the Father are One!”

A.C. : The falling in love metaphor is very apt. Good job. This is better done with a living, breathing person than with a Buddhist void image. 

But if Jesus, the entity, is now in 5D, how can we experience him as a person now?  How can we have a relationship with him now?  And what about his appearances to others over the centuries? Wasn’t that him?  My take on that is that the relationship we experience with Jesus is not with the individual soul of the man but rather with a holy elemental as the icon of Christ Consciousness.  Let’s see…. It has been true for me that when I go to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament in a Catholic Church, my heart feels a burning sensation of joy, love, union, recognition, and sometimes ecstasy.  I encounter Jesus as a person and receive his frequency if my heart is attuned to picking it up.  An open heart receives the vibes, as it were.  But, perhaps, it is not actually the man, Jesus, that I pick up…. maybe it is the Cosmic Christ, or Christ Consciousness, brought together in a focused form that resonates so loudly and sweetly.  A.C.: I once had a dream about a step down transformer that was needed to bring the energies of giant electric lines to my house. We need step down transformers to manage the energy of the Cosmic God coming to our little psychic houses. It is Christ that I encounter, the very heart of the Logos, the  very center of the singularity that is the Logos, but not the individualized soul of what was the man, Jesus (although in way, him too, since all is one, right?).  It might be true that the figure of Jesus does indeed exist as a living, vital, and extremely powerful elemental on the astral plane that is at-one-ment with the Cosmic Christ.  In other words, the Cosmic Christ, though present always and everywhere, is still accessed in distilled, microcosmic, form as the image of Jesus, the man. On the astral, Jesus as living elemental and Christ are one Being. Perhaps this is why refuting the demonic and negative forces “in the name of Jesus” is so effective.  By calling on Jesus’ name, we access the full power of the Christ.

But what is Jesus, the person, doing now? On this, I don’t have a clue.  There are many theories on the Internet.  It’s not important to me, spiritually, so I leave it alone.  Others can use discernment….

A.C. : The author of Hebrews says he ever lives to make intercession on our behalf. 

Heb 7:25* Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.
That’s like the image of the wondrous gypsy machine in The Greater Trumps by Williams that I sent you from my book. I’m sure he is big and multi-conscioused enough to be doing other things as well. 

…I do have a gut feeling that negatives, as they infiltrate everything, have sometimes coopted the name, “Jesus”, and used it to distort the full meaning of his life, death, resurrection, ascension, etc.  Other beings, less advanced but still positive, may have attempted to use the name of Jesus in channeling in order to “help” humanity accept a positive message more readily. A Course In Miracles might be an example of this. Jesus claims to be the author of this channeled work and learning how to forgive is its central message. This is good. Was it really the man, Jesus, that sourced the material?  I don’t know.  I would say that of upmost importance (for me!) is the prep work and state of intention and being of the human instrument of the channeling process. This must be examined to help in the overall discernment process of how pure and undistorted a message is.  In the case of ACIM, the channeler wrote down or dictated what she “heard” in her mind.  I don’t think any intentional protection or filters were placed to ward off negative or less pure sources before each channeling session.  In contrast, consider the great amount of prep work and protection L/L Research (the team of three that channeled Ra) endeavored before each session.  Ra stated that they were speaking from a very narrow band which to my mind means that it was extremely pure.  I also hold that the message of Ra was extremely undistorted nor accessed by negatives nor coopted by negatives during the four years that the channeling happened.  The 5D negative entity that tried to stop or distort the communication couldn’t cut into the stream and begin to give its own disinfo.  It went after the individual people to stop the contact, instead.

Also, from my point of view at this point in my development, I distrust any channeled work that claims that Jesus was not killed for his message, descended, resurrected, and ascended.  Why?  Because that was the real Cosmic Work being done through the person of Jesus…

A.C.: A valid source must be able to say “Jesus came in the flesh” per the Bible and the discernment chapter in my book. 

…This was the Logos affecting reality in a very real way by opening up a straight path up and out of the octave by activating the heart chakras of the people.  Not only that, but through the person of Jesus the Logos did “reconcile” all things to “himself” by allowing Love, in the person of Jesus, to face, embrace, and draw every aspect of Creation back to the Source.  As mentioned in other posts, Jesus as Christ, “descends,” or breaks through the closed circuit of power of the first three Cosmic Chakras that the negative forces had created from the original wholeness and realigns it back into the energetic Body of the Logos.   In sum, take away Jesus’ death narrative and you deny the Cosmic Reconciling that occurred.  This message of unification would certainly be one that the negatives would not want to get out.  The game for them was up when the Incarnation occurred but by infiltrating the story of the Jesus Event, they could prolong their existence and continue to act out their agenda longer.

Do we even need a Church anymore?

Can’t we just have a post-Christian world already and move on from this antiquated concept of religion and Church? Yes, I think that we do need Church now and it is necessary.  It needs to be radically revisioned and I would hold that Church as we know it will not exist in the future. What is explicitly “Christian” will be understood to be the simple restatement of what is at the heart of all mystical religions.  Namely, that the Creator is Unity in Multiplicity and the path towards total union with the Creator is to surrender into the Now of what is with forgiveness and love.   What will exist in its stead is indeed “church” but one that fulfills the original idea of the institution…

A.C.: I’m reading a book by Phillis Tickle called The Great Emergence that is very perceptive about this movement in Christianity that is doing that revisioning. You’d enjoy it.

…I propose that Church of the far future is nothing more and nothing less than the melding of the 4th density’s social memory complex into a totality.  This is what happens at the climax of the 4th Density, according to Ra, the consciousness of the entire population melds into one consciousness; into one Being, as it were.  “Church” is necessary until this happens.  But see, Church will primarily not even be located on the physical plane anymore, it will be accessed in the time/space realm, through “prayer,” through “meditation,” through “onening” with all others in love.  When all beings “join this Church” that is, when all, in love, intentionally join their consciousness into one conscious, then THAT is the Second Coming of Christ.  So, to sum, the Church in the far future is Earth’s 4th Density’s social-memory-complex come to full fruition. Then Church is that society’s social-memory-complex of unity that binds all the individuals in love and carries them through to full communal union with the Creator in the 8thD.

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