Christ as a Force Field

I had been feeling a certain level of anxiety since Sunday.  There are reasons for this, but it could be summed up by saying that what is happening “out there” with the Sphere Alliance, SSP, Dracos, etc, I understand as really taking place and I am tapping into the brewing battles of energy.  This is not comfortable for me and I see that my ability as an empath is growing as I continue my own awakening.  I also understand that the dance in the spiritual life is the dance between an experience of the One and the Two which is always Three.  What does this mean?  While being in Union with God, the Creator, I experience and feel that Oneness. At the same time, in my own experience of living from Absolute Reality, I find it hard to encounter Relative Reality unless I then allow myself to re-enter the frequencies of multiplicity or the I-Thou relationship.  As a Christian, I am in love with the person of Jesus.  I gaze upon him and his life and I become re-energized. Intelligent infinity (Ra’s term) is pure potential energy of the Creator and is experienced as a void and a fullness at the same time. This delving into the Nothingness/Everything is an all encompassing head/heart engagement. But for me, I find it hard to remain in the heart when I delve into the void AND have to encounter daily life or even cosmic battles. The fleeting experience of oneness with Absolute Reality (in the void/fullness) moves to the head space and becomes sort of a trace memory of experience.  Then when faced with the Relative reality of my life, I can often feel alone or isolated and frustrated.  This then leads to anxiety and I quickly find myself resonating uncomfortably with lower frequencies that include fear, judgment, anger, impatience. This is when I feel a longing to “reunite” in awareness with the higher or even highest frequencies of the Creator via the I-Thou relationship.  It’s as if the intelligent energy gets stirred up and creative and life-giving when there is object and subject. I desire relationship with a Person, too, not just a surrender into an Energy.

This morning, after Centering Prayer, I decided to continue praying but allowed awareness to do what it wanted instead of the continuing the disciplined art of remaining in the void (Centering Prayer).  I started to meditate on the person of Jesus and his own relationship with Abba.  I then became aware that there was a very large sphere of white light/energy forming just in front of my body, chest high.  I understood this to be a force field of Christ consciousness.  I then entered into the force field and felt a surge of clean energy coursing through my body; something like jumping into a pool of cool water after working outside in the heat for hours (and it’s been hot here in Texas!).  From this place of strength and lightness of being, I envisioned the Earth and also engulfed it in the same force field.  I then brought up an image of Corey and others on the front lines and placed them within the force field of Christ.  Lastly, I also surrounded the Draco beings and other negative ETs and human forces with light of this force field and placed the powerful elemental of a light-cross within the body of the Royal Draco.  From this inclusive point of view, I saw and felt that all transcends and includes the lower frequencies of duality, including those that make up loosh for the negatives. All and Everything Belongs.  From within this force field, which is wholeness and active oneing of two, I can play whatever role in dualistic reality of whatever degree.  For me, it less about an “us versus them” or “good forces versus bad forces” mentality but surround both forces (admitting that there is a positive and negative polarities) with the highest form of Christ Consciousness so that each can respond according to their path and vocation.  As A.C. mentioned to me in an email, the more powerful an encounter of the positive towards the negative, the more rapidly the negative, through conflict and defeat, can surrender to the STO path.  This is the path that all must eventually move into because it is the path of the Creator.  All are of the light.

In Law of One terms, I would say this:  The battle that is taking place is 4D stuff which has great effects on our still-3D world.  4D is of even greater polarity than 3D, so the battling of the light and dark forces is actually what helps them move into their respective 5D harvest.  From a 6D perspective, the union of dark and light, wisdom and love, is realized.  This doesn’t mean that the 6D remains aloof.  Rather, as I see it, my job right now is to descend with Christ into the depths of the hell realms (as He did after his death, before the Resurrection) and meet the darkness with integrity, love, witnessing wholeness, and offering a path back to reunification.  I blanch not at darkness and fear but bless it with light. This is my invitation to do what it will do and needs to do to go and grow on its own path.  If the darkness chooses retreat and greater separation, this is its choice and it is thusly harried upon more quickly towards the inevitable union that awaits.

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