Forgiveness after Disclosure

Will all the mystics please stand up (spiritual tradition not important)! We will need you very soon to help people move to higher levels of spiritual development.   Within months, we may have some pretty serious disclosures about what has been going on behind the scenes at the hidden, highest levels.  This information has the potential to rock the world’s population and act as the most effective macro catalyst possible.  This catalyst could bring us to the very edge of global transformation which would usher in a new era for humanity, the beginnings of the 4th density.  On the other hand, this type of information could also stimulate the unbridaled eneregies of anger, fear, and desire for revenge.  If these types of frequencies are allowed to be channeled in unhealthy ways, then the new era of humanity will be postponed until the global heart chakra opens enough to allow humanity to see the Other as ourselves.

I would contend that our greatest decision, in the history of humanity, might very well be approaching…and soon.  This decision is none other than, “How do we deal with this information?”

A Thomistic axiom seems quite appropriate here, “Quod enim recipitur in aliquo recipitur in eo secundum modum recipientis (whatever is received is received according to the mode [or mind] of the receiver).” Those who live in the world and or teach spirituality are quite familiar with this phenomenon.  One can say something spiritual, perhaps even non-dual, and the hearer will understand what is said only to the degree that that person has developed spiritually.  If the masses who receive the information from Disclosure still operate from more dualistic levels and understand justice as punitive, an eye for an eye, a head for a head, then that is the level (or chakra, if you like) that will be stimulated into action.  If, on the other hand, people can receive and assimilate the information from a deeper place of discernment and wisdom, then a kind of restorative justice would be expressed.  I would argue that restorative justice, no matter how hard to do, will be the most efficacious way to usher ourselves globally into the Era that beckons us, the 4th density, positive. 

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