Christianity In the Law of One Material, Part 2: Who was Christ?


The topic of Christ can be daunting in trying to explain one’s understanding of it.  I am so aware of great attempts by other people that I wondered if I had anything to say.  It turns out, I did.  In this essay, I pick up from where I left off on my essay of the Trinitarian implications in the Law of One Material.  Here, I try to flush out two similar ideas from two different sources: From the New Testament and from the Law of One Material, we see that God is all things and also in all things. Saint Paul in Colossians asserts that Christ is all in all (3:11).  Saint John begins his Gospel with, “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Ra, the source of the Law of One Material, dictated similar notions in various places:


1.1 The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has only one important statement. That statement, my friends, as you know, is “All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.”

3.8 In this way, that which is required is accomplished due to the cooperation of the infinite understanding of the Creator indwelling in the living rock. This is, of course, the mechanism by which many things are accomplished which are not subject to your present means of physical analysis of action at a distance.

10.14 …The universe is one being. When a [person] views another [person], see the Creator.

…Gaze within a mirror. See the Creator.

…Gaze at the creation which lies about [a person]. See the Creator.

34.19 Ra: I am Ra. All is well. We leave you, my friends, in the love and the light of the One which is All in All. I leave you in an ever-lasting peace. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.


My contention is that both sources are pointing to the same truth.  I am not attempting to be a Christian apologist here by showing that the Law of One can be folded just so and be made to fit neatly within the Christian religion. Rather, I am attempting to help Christians make sense of how many intuitions of their own religion can be seen as congruent with the larger cosmic presentation in the Law of One, and perhaps even gain a clearer understanding of cosmic and metaphysical reality by delving into both sources.  If Truth is Truth, then we shouldn’t fear if it is revealed in unexpected places!

Here’s a quick note about my use of “progression,” “before,” “after,” “up,” “down,” etc. when writing about the Infinite Creator. Of course, the Infinite Creator exists in the Eternal Now and using words that indicate time or location do not come close to describing the truth of reality.  They are only helpful for our minds which are used to understanding the passage of time, evolution of growth, and location.  It’s a perennial problem because how can one describe God as both Being and Becoming at the same time?  But, alas… we try.

Review of the Trinitarian Implications in the Law of One Material.

This essay will focus on the subject of Christ.  In my essay on the Trinitarian implication in the Law of One Material, I conflated Ra’s word, “Finity,” for the Christian word, “Christ” owing to the early church’s understanding of the Word (Logos) was the Cosmic Christ, or the first idea in the Mind of God.

A few additional points from that essay are worthy of summation. According to the Law of One Material there seemed to be an evolution or a kind of divine progression within the Infinite Creator.  First Infinity was all there was without any differentiation. This was not the “Father” because that it is a relational term and since there was no differentiation yet, we can say that there was only Infinity, without the lights on.

Then Infinite became aware.  With awareness can Infinite Intelligence which Ra calls, Intelligent Infinity.  Intelligent Infinity realized It had infinite will and thus was the first primal distortion of the Infinity begat: awareness results in will–>The Law of Free Will. This is the “Father” in potential form, but “He,” as yet, had not begotten the relational component of “Himself,” the “Son” or Primal Logos. 

Ra then says that the Intelligent Infinity began to focus Itself into individual portions in what they term, Infinite Energy or Intelligent Energy.  Other synonyms that Ra uses for Intelligent Energy at this highest level is “Logos,” “Love,” “Creator.”  Intelligent Energy is the second primal distortion of Infinity, which is the Law of Love. From a Trinitarian perspective, we now have the “Father” in Intelligent Infinity who begat the “Son,” or Logos/Love.  Through the Logos, all things were made since Intelligent Energy (Logos, Love, Son) at the highest level is the staging area to put into kinetic action the pure potentiality of the Father, Intelligent Infinity.  Intelligent Energy, as Logos, has Its own omniscience and omnipotence and is one with, yet begotten from, Intelligent Infinity (The Father). This is the first level at which the Godhead becomes truly conceivable to us humans. It is the first level in which there is subject and object. We require this kind of dichotomy in order to have “thought” or “concept” mentally. This is why the Greek term “Logos” has often been described as embodying the idea of “intelligibility”. 

Through the Intelligent Infinity (Father) and Intelligent Energy (Son), the third primal distortion is begotten: the Law of Light.  Light is both the form and energy (spirit) of the Son and of the Father. A Trinitarian lens sees this third primal distortion from Infinity as the “Holy Spirit.”  It is Love (2nd Primal Distortion) in kinetic form.  All created things visible and invisible are Intelligent Energy in some form which manifest what is called the “Manyness” of God.  Through the novel concept of finitude, or what Ra calls, “Finity,” the Infinite Creator (Father and the Son) could experience Itself in an infinite variety.  The Holy Spirit, or kinetic Intelligent Energy, exists in both the form and the energy of creation. 

So where does “Christ” fit in?  It seems to me that there just is not a strong delineation between the Holy “Persons” of the Trinity.  All three “Persons” are actually three aspects or dynamics of the same Oneness.  The Father is that part of the “God” that contains infinite potential.  The Son is that part of “God” which desires to create from divine Will-Pleasure.  The Holy Spirit is that part of “God” which creates and indwells in the creation. Both Ra and Christianity maintain that each “part” of the Godhead enjoys Its own sentience and absolute gnosis of oneness.  “Christ” is the Word spoken of by John 1:1 and it seems correct to me to say that Christ is Intelligent Energy in both the Logoic expression (Love, Logos) and the Spirit that ensues as light.  In short, Christ is a code word for everything in form and substance.  To differentiate between form and substance, many use the words “Christ Consciousness” or “Holy Spirit” to speak about the latter.  In other words, Intelligent Energy as Christ is the Logos (Son) and Intelligent Energy as Spirit is that which ushers forth from the Logos and is known as the Holy Spirit. 

In my opinion, Christianity may now be more comfortable in having a relook at a previously suspicious word: pantheism.

Pantheism and Panentheism

Christians have always eyed the notion of pantheism with great suspicion.  They prefer the word, “Panentheism,” which connotes that there is an indwelling presence of God in all things. I don’t disagree with panentheism but I believe that it is time that Christians reevaluate a kind of pantheism that takes into account that all matter is spiritual in its essence.  We know that all matter is energy.  Energy is light, and light is Love of God outpouring from the womb of God as the manifested Universe.  So, it seems that matter is the Infinite Creator, too.  The Pantheists are correct in this regard.  And yet, just to say that all things are God is not enough; for God is in all things, as well. How is God in creation?  This has been the life’s work of many theologians who try to convey this sense that God’s indwelling presence enlivens things and give things a hunger to reunite with God.  I do not expect that my little contributions here will do any justice to great theologians who take on this happy problem of trying to explain the incomprehensible.  Still, I’ll add my own perspective to see if any clarity is achieved.

Absolute Gnosis and Relative Gnosis.

Absolute Gnosis

Absolute gnosis and relative gnosis as two modes of God’s indwelling presence in created things.  The first mode is Divine Absolute Gnosis.  This awareness is the Self-Awareness of the Infinite Creator as Itself.  Absolute gnosis never falls below the threshold of Infinity.  This is the same gnosis that the Infinite Creator experienced “before” begetting creation.  It is also the same awareness that the first Multitude of God enjoyed just as the crown of the infant creation birthed through the womb of God. The highest Angels or Beings that share in Infinite Creator’s infinite oneness do so in absolute gnosis of this oneness.  In other words, “Finity” at the highest levels is quite aware that it is Infinite, thank you very much!  But the great desire of God is to experience Godself in ever new ways.  This is why the novel concept of Finity was so important.  Through the prism of Finity, God could dance and move in the creation as parts of the Divine Beingness explored the possibilities of what limitedness provides. This was the experimentation of the worlds of separation.  They are not truly separate because in truth, nothing can be separated from God since all things are God in some way.  Yet the separated worlds and the beings that inhabit them perceive that they are separate.  On this side of separation, a new emotion begins to arise.  That emotion is longing.  The Godspark inside the being is primordially aware that it is not separate from the Infinite Creator so on some level there is a “selfness” that knows totally unity with God. This Godspark is the Holy Spirit, or Intelligent Energy, indwelling in creation and desires above all else to return to Source.

Relative Gnosis

There is also relative gnosis.  In this essay, I define relative gnosis as an evolving metric of awareness.  It exists on a continuum.  A rock has a basic consciousness of its “rockness” but it has no consciousness that it is part of the Infinite Creator.  On the flip side, the highest archangel’s consciousness is totally non-dual and knows Itself as completely one with God.  At that level, a being’s relative gnosis is congruent with absolute gnosis. Relative gnosis is the Gnosis of Oneness that submerges into the ocean of the Relative and “descends” to the most dualistic, material, realm of self-awareness. From there, over countless eons, relative gnosis progresses back “up,” and returns to Source, to the total non-dual, to absolute gnosis of being.  Relative gnosis is the measure of a being’s soul evolution.  More on this later.

God’s Cosmic Chakras: Densities in the Octave

We now return to the Cosmic Christ, or “Finity,” which is God manifesting Godself. The Infinite Creator spends Eternity creating ever new and glorious holons, or “fractal” versions of Itself.  This is the Many-ness of God.  While everything is God’s Body, a hierarchical order of Spirit (Light) emerges from chaos and creates a cosmic infrastructure for the evolution of consciousness for these holons of God to move from the worlds of separation to the worlds unity and finally back to Source.   The Law of One material gives us a term, “density”, that is useful in understanding the infrastructure.


16.51Questioner: Could you define the word density as we have been using it to give us a little greater idea of the concept of this term when used by you?

Ra: I am Ra. The term density is a, what you would call, mathematical one. The closest analogy is that of music, whereby after seven notes on your western type of scale, if you will, the eighth note begins a new octave. Within your great octave of existence which we share with you, there are seven octaves or densities. Within each density there are seven sub-densities. Within each sub-density, seven sub-sub-densities, and so on infinitely.


Metaphysical writer, Montalk, defines the different densities in a very helpful way. For his full article on densities and other material, see here:


What is a density?

It denotes a certain degree of sentience. Just as biology divides physical life into six kingdoms, so can we divide conscious life into at least seven densities. Why seven? Because that is the minimum number of classifications needed to account for the plurality of physical and nonphysical lifeforms we know about. There may be more, but there are no less.

We know that minerals are less sentient than plants, plants less sentient than animals, and average animals less sentient than average humans. So already we see there is a gradient from lower to higher sentience. Experience further shows there exist otherworldly lifeforms such as ghosts, aliens, demons, and angels who have capabilities we lack. Clearly the spectrum goes beyond the human sphere. We can therefore extrapolate this spectrum upwards until the ultimate singularity of sentience is reached, which would by definition be the infinite Creator. Hence, between elementary matter and the infinite Creator resides a spectrum of life that can be divided into at least seven primary levels as follows:

  • First Density (1D) is the lowest, corresponding to subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals, where conscious development is rudimentary and limited to simple awareness at best. Because consciousness, freewill, and nondeterminism go hand in hand, the unpredictable behavior of quantum systems (such as atoms and subatomic particles jittering nondeterministically) is due to their possessing (or being immersed in) an infinitesimal but nonzero level of consciousness, a kind of blind primordial awareness.
  • Second Density (2D) encompasses plant and animal life, where consciousness first experiences striving, will, passion, drive, pain, or pleasure. Examples of the lowest 2D lifeforms include plants, bacteria and fungi, whose consciousness is rudimentary. The higher 2D lifeforms begin experiencing the first inklings of freewill and self-awareness.
  • Third Density (3D) includes humans and other unpolished beings like us. 3D beings possess the seed of self-awareness and freewill. With these, they begin exploring their own individuality and its relation to others, and consequently they begin choosing whether to hone their individuality by helping others or by exploiting them. This process comes with a myriad of experiences and lessons accumulated over many lifetimes that hammers together their core of individuality and exalts it. As the choice of polarity solidifies and the limitations and illusions of life in 3D are overcome, a threshold is eventually reached where one has more consciousness and metaphysical energy than can be contained by the 3D realm of experience, and so one transcends to the next level.
  • Fourth Density (4D) includes beings that have partially transcended the limitations of space-time. They straddle the boundary between physicality and the higher nonphysical realms. Both 4D beings and their environments are part physical, part ethereal. For them, physicality is plastic and responsive to thought. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily. They exist behind the dimensional curtain and can project into our physical reality at will. Some are positive, others more negative. The spiritual goal of 4D existence is to achieve understanding of consciousness and mastery of mind over matter, to evolve as a cohesive society, and to fully live out one’s choice of spiritual polarity with intensifying love and dedication. Fledgling 4D entities and societies tend to lack wisdom and perspective compared to the more seasoned ones.
  • Fifth Density (5D) is a completely nonphysical state of existence. It functions both as a stopover zone (the “afterlife”) for departed 2D/3D/4D souls and as a native realm for 5D beings who have evolved to that density after transcending 4D. The natives of 5D seem focused on accumulating the highest wisdom and total perfection of their individuality. This is the first density that is entirely nonphysical.
  • Sixth Density (6D) is also completely nonphysical or ethereal, occupied by individual entities who have attained perfection as far as personal evolution is concerned, who then join with other perfected individuals to evolve together as a soul group unit. They exist as energy beings in a realm completely outside space-time. They are outside the “Matrix” so to speak.
  • Seventh Density(7D) is “unity with the Creator” and the total dissolution of individual existence, though not through annihilation of consciousness but achievement of infinite expansion of consciousness that permeates all life and all existence.

There are no sharp boundaries between the densities; they blend relatively smoothly like the seven colors of the light spectrum. Thus we have animals like bonobos or dolphins who might as well be 3D beings; human occult masters who have understanding and abilities that rival those of aliens; and aliens of such divinity and nonphysicality that they might as well be considered angelic light-beings.


Along these lines, densities can be seen as God’s Cosmic Chakras.  Each Divine Chakra is no less or no more important than another, for all are equal in their essence; all make up God’s Body.  As the prism of Finity splits the white light of the Logos (Intelligent Energy, the “Son”) into seven colors, all is a manifestation of the One.  Yet, each density zone plays an integral part in God’s expression of Itself and gives the Infinite Creator glory (self-experience).

Densities one, two, and three, comprise the “worlds of separation” where a veil of “forgetfulness” of unity is drawn. In reality there is no separation, but the perception that everything is separate from itself is strong here.  And this is purposeful because the design of the veil is to provide a catalyst for soul evolution wherein a soul comes to a point where it  chooses a specific polarity or a kind of metaphysical energetic charge that becomes the propelling dynamic to move forward towards the awareness of Oneness.

In densities four, five, and six, the veil is lifted and beings progress in ever expanding levels of consciousness that include Love, Wisdom, and Unity, respectively.  The seventh density is the gateway density where the learning has completed and beings are readied for complete union with the Infinite Creator.  The eighth density is complete and perfect enlightenment where the total omniscience of God is enjoyed and shared. Consciousness has become awareness now pregnant with the lived experience of having danced in the hues of creation. The eighth density is also the first density in the next octave.  The progression upwards and outwards through octaves never ends.

Concluding Remarks on Cosmic Chakras

The densities discussed above are the Love of God expressed through different configurations of light which are molded by the Mind of God.  Light is the Cosmic Christ ever bursting forth from the Immanent Trinity, or the  Godhead. Densities are the “outer shell” of the Cosmic Christ that pave the way for the “inner” Christ to move through so that holons of God can experience all of the different worlds within Creation.  What is the inner Christ?  The soul.

Soul Evolution

The soul is a sub-sub holon of the Infinite Creator that experiences the worlds of separation. How does a soul evolve?  When does a soul take shape within creation?  Many schools of thought tell stories of souls’ evolution.  The following is my reflection influenced by the Law of One and the Christian mystic, Stylianos Atteshlis, known as Daskalos or Teacher.

All creation, no matter at which stage of evolution it finds itself, contains in some fashion the same triune nature of the Godhead. Furthermore, God-as-the-Many shares the same passion as God-as-the-One for self-exploration.  The same pattern of self-emptying (kenosis) into the incarnated state repeats itself eternally as each individuated portion of the Cosmic Christ existing at the level of the eighth density chooses forms in which to participate in the dance.  Daskalos taught that two basic archetypes or Ideas exist that shape the incarnation of an individuated portion of the Cosmic Christ.  One archetype is the “Human Idea” and another is the “Archangelic Idea.”  He made it clear that humans share the same dignity and honor as the archangel and in the worlds of the heavens, choosing to become human is considered quite a special and esteemed undertaking.  When an individuated portion of the Cosmic Christ desires to experience creation as a human, It passes through the human archetype and begins a series of projections that pass through the different densities. On the way “down,” an individuated portion of the Cosmic Christ creates holons of Itself at certain points that will function as teachers or guides for the evolving soul on its journey.  The holon is what Ra called the “Mind-Body-Spirit Complex Totality.”  The Law of One states:


36.1 Questioner: In previous communications you have spoken of the mind/body/spirit complex totality. Would you please give us a definition of the mind/body/spirit complex totality?

Ra: I am Ra. There is a dimension in which time does not have sway. In this dimension, the mind/body/spirit in its eternal dance of the present may be seen in totality, and before the mind/body/spirit complex which then becomes a part of the social memory complex is willingly absorbed into the allness of the One Creator, the entity knows itself in its totality.

This mind/body/spirit complex totality functions as, shall we say, a resource for what you perhaps would call the Higher Self. The Higher Self, in turn, is a resource for examining the distillations of third-density experience and programming further experience. This is also true of densities four, five, and six with the mind/body/spirit complex totality coming into consciousness in the course of seventh density.

36.2 Questioner: Then would the mind/body/spirit complex totality be responsible for programming changes in catalyst during, say, a third-density experience of the mind/body/spirit complex so that the proper catalyst would be added, shall we say, as conditions for that complex changed during third-density experience? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The Higher Self, as you call it, that is, that self which exists with full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of the entity, aids the entity in achieving healing of the experiences which have not been learned properly and assists as you have indicated in further life experience programming, as you may call it.

The mind/body/spirit complex totality is that which may be called upon by the Higher Self aspect just as the mind/body/spirit complex calls upon the Higher Self. In the one case you have a structured situation within the space/time continuum with the Higher Self having available to it the totality of experiences which have been collected by an entity and a very firm grasp of the lessons to be learned in this density.

The mind/body/spirit complex totality is as the shifting sands and is in some part a collection of parallel developments of the same entity. This information is made available to the Higher Self aspect. This aspect may then use these projected probability/possibility vortices in order to better aid in what you would call future life programming.


To sum up Ra’s comments and restate them, one might say that the Mind-Body-Spirit Complex Totality exists in union with the Infinite Creator in the eternal now and possesses all of the possible experiences of itself in the lower densities including those of all of the parallel worlds.  It is the teacher and guide to the Higher Self which is a mid-sixth density self which in turn guides and teaches the fifth, fourth, and third densities versions of itself.  The ray of the Holy Monad which passed through the human archetype finally finds its “floor” when a late second density entity (animal or plant) begins self-individuation via mutual love it shared for itself and ones around it.

Like the Infinite Creator before “becoming” aware, the second density entity’s own inner spiritual dynamics exist in potentiation as the individual soul has yet to be formed.  As love authors selfhood in the entity, its soul begins to form in the same triune manner that mirrors the triadic nature of the Godhead. And the triune nature of the soul is what Ra calls a “Mind-Body-Spirit Complex.”  So what is the soul, again?

The soul is a triune holon or fractal of its Source, the Holy Monad, which takes shape within the worlds of separation. It is the God-Self projected into the densities of Finity where under the veil of forgetfulness, it experiences all new levels of existence afforded by the perception of being separate.  It is appropriate here to remind the reader of the progression of the Godhead from a undifferentiated unity to a trinity.

After Infinity “became” aware, the Godhead developed an intra-specialization that resulted in Intelligent Infinity and Intelligent Energy. Like two halves of a divine brain, this di-polar dynamic can be called the Mind of God, as it were. After realizing that because God was Absolute Beingness, God realized that God also possessed total Free Will.  This law allowed the Infinite Creator to brainstorm a new concept, Finity, or Christ. This First Idea in the Mind of God, allowed for a soft “Subject/Object” dynamic within the Godhead.  A mutual embracing ensues between the Mind of God and Christ, and together, a second divine Law is begotten: Love.  The Godhead is still One but that Oneness is an eternal relationship between three who dance forever in communion.  Community, then, is the template for all of Reality.

Like the Infinite Creator from which it emanates, the soul contains a di-polar Mind whose two halves form a reservoir of intelligence on one end and potential energy on the other.  Together, this di-polarity creates what Ra calls the “Deep Mind” of the Soul which then creates its own version of “Finity.” The soul’s “finity” which will become the physical vehicle (the body), and the body’s “chauffer,” the “present day personality.”  The soul, then, as holon of the Infinite Creator, is a trinity made up of the 1) Deep Mind of the Soul, 2) the incarnational vehicle, and 3) the relationship that forms between them. Therefore, recall Ra’s triadic term, Mind-Body-Spirit Complex.  The “Mind” part of the soul’s trinity is the Mind of the Soul. The “Body” part is the Mind’s begotten “Finity.” The “Spirit” part is the relationship of mutual love that forms between the soul’s Mind and Body.  Taken together, the Mind-Body-Spirit Complex is a holon that fits the pattern perfectly of the triune Godhead. And while God and the Soul share the SAME essential nature, there is an important distinction between them.

That difference is consciousness of Oneness.  Remember that “consciousness” is the sliding metric which begins in duality and ever expands towards its telos, the awareness of total oneness with the Infinite Creator.  So rather than the essence of the Creator and the essence of the Creature being distinct, as orthodox Christianity would have it, the level of consciousness of unity is what is distinctive. In other words, a newly formed Mind of the Soul, by design, does not perceive Infinity yet. It has access to Intelligent Infinity, or the Mind of God, through what is called the nous. Intelligent Infinity is always available but because of the veil placed in third density, a pathway to Intelligent Infinity must be forged through repeated incarnations, guidance from higher beings (including one’s own Higher Self), right choice-making, and above all, persistent spiritual seeking.  This is all by design by the Infinite Creator to self-explore the worlds of separation which make up an exciting nuance of Finity or the Cosmic Christ.  These worlds are created as Finity truly arrives at its final destination: Limitlessness and the Infinite disguising themselves as Limitedness and the Finite.  I agree with Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr in saying that God hides in the material world. Separation is an illusion but it feels and acts and functions as totally real.  What is the purpose of this “hiding?”  To manifest Love.  Again, the holon of the Infinite Creator is at play “down” here, too; how could it be otherwise? Just as the Mind of God and It’s begotten Idea, Finity/Christ, gazed into each other and mutually embraced to form an ecstatic union of Three, the Mind of God (Infinite Creator) waits patiently for the soul to realize that it, too, is one with God, and always has been. In other words, new trinities are realized constantly as Souls “awaken” to their inherent oneness with the Creator and then intentionally embrace this oneness. This embrace can even happen while still living in the worlds of separation, in the third density.

The path of consciousness that begins with a perception of total duality and ends with non-duality is the path of Christ indwelling as the soul which seeks, longingly and sometimes urgently, for reconnection back to its Source.  Religion, as its best, provides a container to help the soul evolve towards unity on this side of the veil.  How this path of consciousness moves forwards and upwards back to source is described wonderfully in the Law of One Material, but alas, its scope is too large for this essay.

Concluding Remarks on the Soul’s Evolution

In summary, the soul is a projection of a Holy Monad, an individualized Logoic Being who comprises part of the Many-ness of the Infinite Creator and exists in the eighth octave (or higher) enjoying total realized Oneness with God.  The Holy Monad desires to self-explore within the parts of the Body of God that perceives separation, a novel concept for an Infinite Awareness. It then passes through the archetype of the human and a ray of the Holy Monad is then projected through the densities, or Chakras of God,  which provides the infrastructure for soul evolution.  It arrives at the third density, a particularly wondrous Cosmic Chakra, to begin it’s journey back to full awareness of its union with Source. The ray morphs into a triune quanta, or soul, that consists of a Mind, Body, and Spirit.  This mini-Trinity then dances through it’s own progression towards total (re)unification with its Holy Monad but now replete with experience and true gnosis of Itself that could only be gained through having passed through the worlds of separation and intentionally choosing to give back that which was first given: Love.


St. Augustine said that in the end, the one Christ will be loving Himself.  Richard Rohr, OFM, building upon this Augustin axiom writes:


To more fully understand the concept of “the Christ,” we must be ready to receive a mystery that is just too good to be true. God is saving everything and everybody until, as Paul says, “Christ will be all in all” (1 Corinthians 15:28). Or, as St. Augustine put it, “In the end there will only be Christ, loving himself.” Now this may sound like a shocking statement at first, but we are talking on a mystical and cosmological level about where history is going. Most of us did fairly well with the passion and death of the individual Jesus, but any comprehensive theology of what we mean by the Risen Christ has not really been developed…Christ is the code word for all of creation, all of humanity, what God has “anointed” (Christened) with love.


Relating this back to this essay, we can say with John: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”  This Word, aka Logos, aka Cosmic Christ, was the first Idea of the Infinite Creator.  At first this concept was contained within the Godhead and allowed for the development of a soft subject/object dynamic.  Then from the Womb of God, Christ birthed forth as Light and thus manifestation or the Many-ness of  God was begotten.  Logos, or the Cosmic Christ, taken to it’s logical conclusion or complete fulfilment forms the different degrees of light-density where perception of inherent unity with God is experienced in decreasing amounts.  Finally, the “feet” or the “lowest” strata of existence froms in a way where light is the least dense resulting in materiality being at its densest. It is paramount to reiterate that materiality is not a condensation away from divinity but rather divinity realized in its fullness.  From here, Christ as Omega begins it’s “upward” movement towards awareness of oneness or total and complete enlightenment.  Along the way, materiality, through the work of Holy Monads, evolves enough to house a special kind of intentional indwelling presence of Christ.  This is the soul.  The soul, then, moves upwards and forwards through soul evolution by learning the meta-lesson of what Christians call the Pascal Mystery.

If the Trinity describes what God IS, and Love describes what God DOES, then the Pascal Mystery describes HOW God does Love.  Briefly stated, the Pascal Mystery is the reality that all energy is transformed into greater more efficient configurations of energy through the cycle of loss and renewal or “death” and “resurrection.”  Ultimately all perceived loss or death serves growth and transformation so that in the end, only renewed life remains. Through millions of “deaths”, the soul grows in consciousness until it and other souls form a larger body of unity called by Ra as the “social memory complex.”  Beings, or souls, then grow and evolve both individually and as a united group towards the Omega point where this portion of creation, or Cosmic Christ, can return with one voice, that Word which began it all.  Alpha Christ as the Word, begotten from the womb of the Infinite Creator, journeyed down and back resulting in something like a Divine Cosmic Folding where Omega Christ, replete with the lived experience of creation, meets Alpha Christ’s gaze and then merges into a Oneness in a divine embrace.

The Alpha-Omegic Embrace  happens each time an individual soul experiences a permanent state of theosis.  On a more macro scale, the Embrace occurs when a social-memory complex as a whole moves into the eighth octave.  Then on an even larger scale, a galactic Logos enjoys the Alpha-Omegic embrace when all of Its Many-ness speak back the Word with one voice.  Then, when all of the Universe embraces in such a unitive manner can we say that the One Christ is Loving Itself.

And here’s the kicker…. as the Universe completes its own Pascal Mystery, this is only infinitely small portion of the Grand Infinite Creator whose body could be called the “Multiverse.”  And the “Multiverse” is but a sub-particle of the Larger Body of the Great Grand Infinite Creator… and this goes on for all eternity… and this all takes place in the Eternal Now!

To sum up my entire reflection, I offer this little ditty:

With Saint Paul, we joyfully proclaim, that Christ is all in all. 

I join Thomas Aquinas, when he said, “All I have written is straw!”



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