Intro to Christianity After Disclosure Essays

Eight in ten people in the world claim to be adherents of a religion with a third of them identifying as Christian. I am from an orthodox Christian denomination and have especially enjoyed its mystical roots. I agree wholeheartedly with Carla Rueckert, the channeler of the Law of One Material, who found that the message of the Law of One was consistent with her mystical Christian understanding.  She had a deep love for Jesus and his mission.  Her relationship with him was steadfast and nourishing throughout her life.  This is true for me, too.

But what will happen to mainline Christians who learn about hidden things that are different than their traditional belief systems?  What if they learn that Jesus was a Wanderer, an ET soul who incarnated here with a specific mission?  What if they find out about the truth of reincarnation and multidimensional cosmic reality that is far, far more expansive than what they have been given to believe?

In the following essays, I hope to do two things: 1) highlight some of the areas that will be (are) problematic for mainline Christians; and 2) offer some guidance for those Christians to expand their belief bubbles using the same terms with which they are familiar but now see them with a cosmic lens.

Disclosure is upon us.  Whether this happens individually and gradually for those who find themselves awakening now or whether there is a (series of) complex disclosures that will act like ice cold water being cast upon the slumbering.  In either case, we can expect both anxiety and ecstasy in the awakening.  Some of us are feeling nudged by the Spirit to be “Bridgers” who are already along the process of awakening and have found homes in both the exoteric and the esoteric.  Bridgers don’t throw out the babies with the bathwater but attempt to more clearly see the facets of the Diamond of Truth within their own tradition and then help others within that tradition to go deep enough to see the Diamond, too.  These traditions include conventional science, religion, spirituality, and culture.  Are you a Bridger, too?

The following is an email response from Jim McCarty, one of the core team members that brought in the Law of One material.  I sent him a link to my first three essays entitled, “Christianity After Disclosure” and he offered this: (shared with permission, bold font done by me)


Thanks so much for sharing your most interesting and enlightening essay on Jesus’s nature and how Christians may react after the Disclosure of how things really work in the spiritual sense. I think that you have blended traditional Christianity and the spiritual journey that seekers of truth in the so-called “New Age” movement follow quite well. In so doing you may alienate some folks in each camp, but I think that is the nature of teaching that gets closer and closer to how things really work in our spiritual evolution. The nature of reality is not only greater than we imagine, but it is greater than we can imagine (to paraphrase Arthur Eddington).

I think that the basic problem that gets most traditional Christians caught in misperception is the concept of God being “out there” or “in heaven” rather than right in the heart of our being, of every soul’s being. This also keeps traditional Christians from seeing that Jesus was a man who followed a clear path to his Father or God and achieved the station or level of “Son” or “Christ”. And He said that we all can do this. This is our spiritual journey. For everyone in every religion. However, the Orion group has been quite successful in implanting the idea of separation of seekers of truth from the Father/God that they seek, so that they could use their elite, and specifically the priests of this elite, to rule all those who were deemed “not elite”. Thus the Sons of Levi were the priests of the Jewish people and together they were to be the rulers of those around them.

The “fall of man” and “original sin” and the “degradation of the flesh” have been concepts that have kept people of all faiths from seeing that the One Infinite Creator lives in all of them, in all of life, in every thing everywhere at all times. This is an impossible concept for most people of any religion to conceive of, but it is the simple nature of a unified creation made by the One Creator. There is nothing else in the creation but the One Creator, so how could the One Creator not be in every part of the creation? The One Creator made all of the creation for the purpose of knowing Itself with more variety and intensity, and It gave free will to each of its creations to decide how to live the gift of life on the journey back into union with the One Creator. So each of us has a unique gift to offer the One Creator as we return through the densities on our path of spiritual evolution.

Concerning Disclosure: I think that will be happening more and more as we progress into the fourth density. Don always said that he would like to be playing a huge organ with the appropriate fanfare when the curtain was drawn that has hidden all these basic truths of creation from us here on Earth.   Some of the quotes that you used from Q’uo sound like the very last channeling that Carla did on April 2, 2011 when the question was to compare Jesus the Christ with Gautama the Buddha.

I greatly enjoyed your essay and I thank you for staying in touch with us. Blessings on your journey of seeking the One Infinite Creator.

In Love & Light, Jim

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