Walking With Christians Towards the Law of One: A Guide

In recent months I have been approached by a few sisters and brothers who were raised in the Christian faith of various denominations and have become curious about the Law of One.  This article is a series of suggestions for Christians and former Christians (but all are welcome!) who have encountered the Law of One material and are wondering how to approach it, enter it, and assimilate it. I can only offer what I know and to the degree that I know, which, I admit from the start, is limited and distorted.  Yet, what I offer, I give from my heart in love and if anything I write is helpful, then I am grateful.  Please disregard or shelve for now anything that does not resonate with you or you find outright false.  It may be that my own inadequate understanding should be disregarded but it also may be that if an area causes you consternation then you may have discovered the edge of your own reality bubble. This edge is an opportunity for future growth.

My humble invitation is for you to hold what is written in a kind of tension that eventually melts into a satisfying synthesis.  My role, my vocation, is to be a companion with you, walking with you, giving to you freely what I have been freely given by my own guides.  Some of these guides are incarnate humans here and some dwell on the inner planes.

Let me say this, if you are Christian and have arrived in your own spiritual evolution enough to have encountered the Law of One, then you can trust your journey as being authentic. You are ready, and perhaps have been hungry, for  a more cosmic understanding than what your belief system gives you.  You may find as I have found  that you do not need to throw out your Christian baby with the dirty bathwater.  You and I need only to cleanse our lens of viewing so that we see more clearly, more deeply, more expansively, and more inclusively.  If the fruit of your journey ahead of you in the synthesizing of the two metaphysics (mystical Christianity and the Law of One) leads you to more joy and above all more love, then please trust this.  This joy and love can be fruits despite any anxiety and places of struggle that come with metanoia (expanding of heart/mind–a new seeing).

As you read this and other posts in the Christ and Law of One blog and want to dialog about any of it, please feel free to contact me at christandlawofone@zoho.com.  We walk together, and in fact, are One in the Body of Christ, united by the Holy Spirit.  Let us enter this life-giving material of the Law of One in joy, not needing to replace our Christian faith but, as you will see, deeply enhancing it.

Develop a Meditative Practice:

First and foremost…and if you do nothing else…please develop a practice of meditative technique.  The Law of One, or any metaphysics for that matter, will just stay in the head and not be transformational if there is no intentional practice to deepen our conscious awareness. There is no really good way to deepen it unless you put the time into doing a practice and it really doesn’t matter what you do. But let not my words be the only ones on this matter, consider what Ra says:

The foundation or prerequisite of [holistic seeing] is a predilection towards what may be called meditation, contemplation, or prayer. With this attitude, these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree of mind, thus enabling and ennobling the body and touching the spirit (10.14).

The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence (5.2)

I will share with you what I do, for what it is worth.  I have practiced for years a technique called Centering Prayer.  I spend a minimum of twenty minutes a day in silence where I continually surrender to the Larger Self through letting go of every thought and feeling that comes my way.  For me, I have never experienced anything that gives me as much access to the kinds of depths than Centering Prayer.  I feel at one with everything, but more than that–at times I experience being a part of the actual flow of God in God’s perpetual presence of being and in God’s endless “outward” creating.  To put it in Christian terms… I feel that I am radically (radius=roots) participating in the Divine Trinity–the very flow of God.  For resources on Centering Prayer, I invite you to check these out:

Levels of Awareness:

Another primary point before delving into different Christian tenants is to understand that different people will see the same thing from different levels of awareness.  Beginning in the 1960’s Clare Grave and later, Don Beck, gathered data from hundreds of people and began to understand a kind of spiral dynamic of consciousness at work. Spiral Dynamics was borne and it has been highly informative especially for teachers and counselors to help these caregivers meet people where they are at.  Spiral dynamics tracks individual and collective levels of conscious awareness.



SD, tier 1
Tier 1: Each level transcends the one below it AND is hostile to all other memes other than its own.  The Ethos is: Transcend and Exclude. Any level above it is considered heretical, dangerous, aloof, even delusional.



SD tier 2
Tier 2: Holistic thinking begins. Levels are acknowledged and the ethos is “Transcend and Include.”  Tier 2 views the memes below as necessary for overall growth and can adopt a lower-level ethos at will in order to meet the other where they are at.



Most of the mainline religions were borne within Blue meme thinking and many find the main adherents and leadership still firmly operating from there.  The Catholic Church, for example, was an entirely Blue-meme institution until the 1960’s with Vatican II when it finally began a dialog with the modern world which had moved into the Orange.  Much of the Islamic world, Orthodox Judaism, and the Amish would be more prominent examples of Blue-meme thinking.

Why introduce Spiral Dynamics? Because it is a great tool to begin understanding the ethos of the Law of One. This material which came through in a unique manner is most likely from a level of consciousness well beyond even the Coral meme.  However, one does not need to possess such a high level of seeing and knowing in order to appreciate and learn from it; and one does not have to so readily dismiss any incomprehensibles since we admit that teachings from  higher memes may be still beyond our understanding at a particular point along the spiritual journey.  As German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, advised us, “Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.”

Now, to move on to the Christian tenants, we will be discussing them below from the second-tier’s vantage point.  If Christianity is to be relevant in the future, it must move there and if you are reading this, then perhaps you are valuable instruments in helping Christianity to go deeper, wider, more expansive, and more transcendent.  That is quite a vocation.

For a great resource on Spiral Dynamics:


The Body of Christ:

Saul of Taurus was the strong arm tasked by Jewish authorities  to get rid of this new and dangerous sect of Judaism that followed Jesus of Nazareth’s teachings and life.  His direction in life abruptly changed in a paradigm shifting way  (Acts 9, 1-5):

Meanwhile, Saul was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples. He went to the high priest and asked him for letters to the synagogues in Damascus, so that if he found any there who belonged to the Way, whether men or women, he might take them as prisoners to Jerusalem. As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?”

“Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked.

I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” he replied.

This encounter sent Saul reeling because of the paradox he couldn’t overcome with his mind.  How could Jesus say that he is  the persecuted ones?  It took Saul, later named, Paul, three years of contemplation on just this one incomprehensible to begin entering into the reality of the Body of Christ.

First-tier thinking of the Body of Christ follows something like this: There was no Body of Christ before Jesus and only after his resurrection and ascension  did people begin to be able to make up this Body by intentionally choosing to believe in Jesus.  There was a joining that had to happen and thus we see a phenomenon of the Blue meme at work: an us versus them mentality.

Now, here is a little “ink-blot” test for us, dear reader.  If we feel angry at what might seem to us as an exclusionary spirit and if we are quick to pass judgement on people who are still of that ethos today, then we may very well be ourselves operating from the first tier in our thinking, at least to some degree.  Recall that first-tier ethos holds that all memes below it are considered backward and worthy of being ignored, changed, or even eliminated.

In truth, at that time in the collective conscious awareness, humanity, at least in the West, knew nothing about any memes higher than Blue.  This was their world paradigm and developing an “us vs. them” mentality was necessary at that time in order for the movement to grow.  There needed to be a “this is us and that is not us,” mindset especially given that this fresh, new life-style stood in direct contradiction to the Roman Empire’s value system.  Though not perfect, this fledgling way of life valued love, equality, and caring for the marginalized in utterly new ways that did not exist in like manner before.

These early Christians desired to imitate Jesus in loving and serving one another; to–as Paul says it–put on the mind of Christ like a kind of energetic clothing that penetrates us and changes us to more loving people.  In short, by plugging into this new shared belief system, one began to feel a new kind of loving meta-organism emerging made up of cells–different parts–of one body.  It’s a beautiful concept and radically new at that time.

Today, however, humanity in the “developed” countries has moved beyond the Blue meme and is more or less nestled into the Orange and Green memes.  People in the latter meme are especially keen on pointing out the shadow sides of the Blue meme’s thinking which still is very active in organized religion.  Green begins to ask an important question, “You mean to tell me that the Body of Christ didn’t exist before Jesus and that I have to join your church in order to a member of this body?” The Blue and Orange will say, “Um… yep. That’s how it works. It says so right here in the Bible.”  A Green familiar with the New Testament will ask, “Ok… how do you understand John 1:1-3, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made…? If the Body of Christ only was made available after Jesus’ died, then how do you make sense of John clearly saying that the Body of Christ existed before Jesus appeared 2000 years ago?” This often stumps a Blue or Orange meme since the more expansive seeing of the Green lay outside of their conscious awareness.

Yet, the Green can’t see beyond their own level of consciousness, either. An example in throwing out a theory developed in an earlier meme would be pantheism, the belief that all things are divine. For the Blue, Orange, and Green pantheism is a heresy because they understand God, or the divine, as possessing a different substance than created things. To say that a tree or a person (other than Jesus) is God would be blasphemous. Instead, they posit a counter term called, panentheism, which states that all things are in God and God is in all things; that is, God and the created universe mutual indwell. While their seeing provides an important nuance in our collective understanding of theology, its limitations are evident from the vantage point of the second tier.

From the second tier, we say, “Yes!” to both pantheism and panentheism: they are simultaneously true.  The Yellow, the ground level of the second tier, begins to intuit this but the “how” of it all is still fuzzy.  Only when we touch upon the Turquoise do things become clearer in this regard and can say with a strong affirmation that Ra, in the Law of One, speaks with a gnosis (lived and experienced knowledge) that is true.  The Law of One states very clearly that:

1.0 The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has only one important statement. That statement, my friends, as you know, is “All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.”

1.7 To have infinity you must identify or define that infinity as unity; otherwise, the term does not have any referent or meaning. In an Infinite Creator there is only unity. You have seen simple examples of unity. You have seen the prism which shows all colors stemming from the sunlight. This is a simplistic example of unity.

In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things. You are not speaking of similar or somewhat like entities or things. You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One.

10.14 Exercise One… The moment contains love.

Exercise Two. The universe is one being. When a [person] views another [person], see the Creator. This is an helpful exercise.

Exercise Three. Gaze within a mirror. See the Creator.

Exercise Four. Gaze at the creation which lies about [you]. See the Creator.


Ra is saying that there is nothing outside of the Infinite Creator and all things are holons, a concept that signifies that an entity can be “simultaneously a whole in its own right and a part of the a larger whole.”  From this higher seeing, we can say that all things are indeed “God,” like the pantheists say, and that there is also a mutual indwelling between an entity and its transcendent “parent,” like the panentheists claim. In other words, you are the Infinite Creator and the Infinite Creator transcends and includes you.  Both are true.

It is evident by now how all of this relates to the Christian tenant of the Body of Christ. All things–the Universe, galaxies, stars, planets, people, molecules, atoms, and photons are all the Body of Logos, the Word mentioned in John 1:1.  Jesus of Nazareth came to Earth at a certain point in time to reveal outwardly what has always been true.  The Body of Christ didn’t appear on the scene after Jesus’ ascension, it was always present–the Body of Christ is the Body of God. It is not necessary to join an organized Christian church to a part of the Body of Christ, you already are a part of the Body. However, joining a church for some people may be a good, next step for them to feel a part of a corpus.  Community and communion (in union with others) IS the Manyness of Infinite Creator.

For further learning:

The Church:

No other idea of Christianity clearly identifies itself as the Blue-meme than how we have understood the word, “Church.”  In English, we say, “I go to church;” I am a member of the church;” “That building over there is the church;” “The people are the church.”  You can see that there are different meanings of “church” in the various ways we use the term.  What might the original idea of “church” be?  Is there a second-tier understanding of church that might be intimated in the Law of One?

A little background research reveals that the translators of “church” may have conflated different words with different meanings and this may account for some of the confusion.  It can mean “kyriakon” which translates “of the Lord;” it can mean “Ekklesia”—the “called out ones.” Only later did the idea of an assembly emerge, and even later than that did the notion of the building come into play.

The original meaning of “church” may have connoted something like: “Those who operate from the energy of love and service bound together under the inspiration of the life of Jesus of Nazareth and empowered by the Spirit of the Logos.”  People who made up the church were those “called out” from the lower vibrational ethos of the Roman Empire.  They assembled together to experience fellowship, worship, and mutual support. The important point here is that “church” was not originally intended to mean an institution, “church” was meant to describe a gathering of like-hearted people who began to intuit themselves as be a part of an organic energy body whose gestalt was greater than the sum of the members.  A new arising was taking place through hearts, ears, and eyes being opened to a higher vibration.  This is what Ra refers to when they say that 51% heart activation is required for harvesting to the fourth density. “Church” was a gathering of people endeavoring to bring forth the fourth.

Therefore, with this mind, I want to posit that this notion of church is a seed form in third density of what will become a full flowering in fourth density Earth in what Ra names as the “social memory complex.”  Ra describes the fourth density as being a “bandwidth” of consciousness where beings can speak telepathically, possess more spiritually dense bodies, and embark individually and collectively on the great fourth density tasks: to form a social memory complex and to continue learning ways of love and understanding.  In the fourth density, people begin to freely access through their nous (heart-minds) what has been called the Akashic Records. It is a kind of energetic “storehouse” where all experiences and knowledge that have incurred by humanity are recorded. In my own limited way of understanding this, I believe the Akashic Records to be a kind of Oversoul of humanity that is simultaneously created by humanity and has its own intelligence. Jung referd to this as the “collective unconcious.” It is a new “third,” a new arising, the natural result that happens when two or more people begin to relate to one another.  The relationship that forms between people is alive and carries the memory of the energy transfers that occurs.  In short, the relationship is a thoughtform, a living entity in its own right, borne from the relating.  Humanity collectively is a kind of single macro-entity whose “over-mind” comprises the collective human experience.  In third density, few people learn how to intentionally enter this over-mind, the Akashic Records. In fourth density, all inhabitants learn how to do this and in this way, experience life in a unified manner.

How this relates to the church concept of third density is that the social memory complex is the fulfillment of the original impulse of church, in its original meaning.  The future “church” of the fourth density, or social memory complex, will not be one whose members must believe certain tenants and practice certain rituals in order to be allowed to fully participate.  There will be no exclusionary, Blue-meme, requirements.  Instead, a person who has already achieved fourth density graduation need only to say, “Yes,” to the invitation to reach out into the larger collective mind/soul.  Ra says that the “original desire is that entities seek and become one” (20.27), and this seeking becomes the first task of the newly harvested fourth density beings.  It is also important to note that in the fourth density, joining this “church” will not be enforced since positive beings respect the law of free will.  Instead, at the beginning of the fourth density, beings gradually realize that unity is not uniformity but rather the phenomena of what happens when diversity is transcended–and included–by love. Love beckons, love unites, and through love, the collective needle is pointed in one direction.  Call it a “church,” call it “social memory complex”, call it the “Akashic Records”—the label for the unification is not important.  What is important is the participating and the enjoying of it.

The Trinity: 

How might Christians understand the most central tenant of the faith in light of the Law of One?  Conventional understanding holds that God is somehow comprised of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Unfortunately for many Christians, the “Father” is seen as “the Man upstairs” and is a kind of Zeus who like Santa Claus, keeps a list of those who are naughty and nice.  When I ask my clients who are students at a conservative Christian university in the Dallas area what there image of God is, the almost universal response is an image of a white male with a long white beard sitting upon a throne.  The “Son” is understood almost universally as Jesus who mediates between humans and the ever temperamental Father.  The Holy Spirit is imagined as a white dove but how It is God is usually beyond the interest of many Christians.  Of course any notion of Trinity laid out in such an ambiguous fashion could hardly be transformational for anyone.  The whole notion perhaps works as symbols for kindergarteners to give some kind of container. But this pedagogy only works if people learn nuances later on so that expansive seeing results that go beyond the simplistic images .  These nuances usually are never taught because even the leadership is often operating from this highly incomplete Trinitarian picture.

The original notion of the Trinity formulated in the 300’s AD was much closer to the what the Law of One teaches. The Cappadocian theologians intuited the Trinity as a “circle-dance” of three dynamics of the divine who are of one essence, love.  They interpenetrate each other in love.  The Law of One implicitly states that there is a triune nature to reality.  First there is the void or plenum, undifferentiated Infinity.  Then Infinity becomes aware and is called by Ra, “Intelligent Infinity.”  Intelligent Infinity would be an equivalent to the “Father.”  Intelligent Infinity then begets a kind of self-contraction called Intelligent Energy whose essence is Love. Ra calls this self-differentiation, Logos–or Word.  Christians have called the Logos, the “Son.” Here in the inner life of the Infinite Creator we have a kind of divine Subject and Object who are one in essence, Love, yet each posses their own sentience.  This paradox is impossible for the rational mind to wrap itself around so we must allow the mystery to break open our dualistic reaction and allow a new seeing to break in.  The following is how we get to the “Three,” and remember—this all takes place in an eternal present. Intelligent Infinity (“Father”) and Intelligent Energy (“Son”) begin creating in order to experience the divine infinite life in an infinite variety that eternally proceeds, unfolds in the plenum of the One Being.  That which is created and that which animates the creation is the same force: the Holy Spirit.  Ra does not describe a third label that could be directly applied to “holy spirit” but they do specify that Intelligent Energy has a potential side and a kinetic side.  I would posit that this is exactly what Christians mean when they say that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son: the same essence that they both share, which is Love, is then expressed in and through creation. This new force–that which creates and animates–has its own sentience and wisdom.

To sum up, in the Law of One, we have the One, which then moves into a Two. Since no Two is exists without the relationship that binds them, there is a Three.  Therefore the One (Plenum) morphs into a Three (circle dance of being) as a result of the Infinite becoming aware of Itself.  From the Three we get creation, or the “ten-thousand things” as the Chinese saying goes.

Scott Mandelker, PhD, a Law of One scholar extraordinaire,  offers about the best description of the Trinity I’ve heard beginning at around 38 minutes.

Another good reference is Richard Rohr’s new book, The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation.  Information can be found here: http://thedivinedance.org/


From the first tier of Spiral Dynamics, the Christian agrees with conventional belief that Jesus is the unique Son of God. He was the incarnation of the Logos, the “Son,” mentioned above, into third density Earth.  At the beginning of the second tier, Yellow begins to recapture early-church gnosis that Jesus was a great archetype for humanity who modeled the human journey.  He was a way-shower for humanity in claiming its own Christhood.  In the next higher meme, Turquoise is able to see more clearly that Jesus didn’t have to be unique Son of God as conventional theology holds.  Jesus was a Starseed, a Wanderer, whose “yes” to incarnate on Earth and embody the high energetics of the Logos was his great sacrifice.  One of the biggest challenges for the mainline Christian belief system is to hold in tension two truths at the same time: 1) Jesus was an ET soul who incarnated as a human being with a unique vocation and 2) that through Jesus’s continual self-surrender to the love and energy of the Logos, he stopped channeling the Logos and became the Logos for longs periods of time. In this way, Jesus was indeed, both human and divine as conventional Christianity claims, albeit with a nuance not appreciated therein. On this point, as an interesting side note, whenever Jesus is depicted in iconography as holding two fingers up, he is not giving a peace sign as some may think. He is indicating his dual nature, and our dual nature: we are fully human and fully divine and in fact, these two natures are only apparently separate. The reality is that there is only divinity that learns how to experience human life. Jesus is a living icon to show us precisely this truth, this mystery.

Let’s recap a little of the Trinity mentioned above. Intelligent Infinity is the “Father.”  The “Father” begat Intelligent Energy (Logos, Love), through a kind of focusing. The Logos is the “Son.” The Holy Spirit is Intelligent Energy in the form and essence of Creation and proceeds from the “Father” and the “Son.”

The Logos’ plan all along was to reveal a heart driven path up and out of 3rd density at the beginning of the last minor cycle through a living, en-vivo, image or icon so that we (humanity) could see this image, fall in love with this person, and follow this person.  That entity was Jesus who had been karmically involved with humanity in earlier incarnations (according to Edgar Casey) and having graduated form 4th density (now vibrating at the highest levels of Love) could welcome and channel the Logos/Love so completely that as we mentioned before, Jesus became the Logos, the Christ.  In this way, I can hold in my mind that Jesus was a Wanderer who preincarnationally affirmed a “yes” to the invitation to be a “stand-in” or icon or living face of the Logos, Itself.

Therefore, unlike mainstream Christianity, I don’t hold that Jesus was uniquely the Logos (because WE ALL are, too), yet his was a special incarnation that ushered a new kind of gnosis of the Law of One that is grounded in embodiment here in this illusion and embraces the Infinite Creator in the very soil.  After Jesus’s physical death, the Logos (2nd Distortion, Love) could interact with humanity in and through the image of Jesus (not the entity).  St. Paul, I believe, was in contact with the Logos who took on the face of Jesus after the death of this entity.

The great lessons that the Logos revealed to humanity through Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension include the following:

Logo’s Lessons via Jesus Law of One Correlation
The heart of the Logos is loving and merciful, and any wrathful and petty messages and images of God were imparted by a counterfeit negative being who appealed to the lower Red-Blue meme zeitgeist of humanity at that time. 90.21 this Logos has a bias towards kindness.

99.10 Logos of your peoples has a bias.

34.19 All is well. We leave you, my friends, in the love and the light of the One which is All in All. I leave you in an ever-lasting peace. Go forth, therefore, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.

52.11 Unity, love, light, and joy; this is the heart of evolution of the spirit.

16.19 This was an intensive, shall we say, battleground between positively oriented forces of Confederation origin and negatively oriented sources. The one called [Moses] was open to impression and received the Law of One in its most simple form. However, the information became negatively oriented due to his people’s pressure to do specific physical things in the third-density planes. This left the entity open for the type of information and philosophy of a self-service nature.

60.17 This Ark was designed to constitute the place wherefrom the priests, as you call those distorted towards the desire to serve their brothers, could draw their power and feel the presence of the One Creator. However, it is to be noted that this entire arrangement was designed, not by the one known to the Confederation as Yahweh, but rather was designed by negative entities preferring this method of creating an elite called the Sons of Levi.

There is no difference between God and creation. All is one.  

52.11 Let us remember that we are all one. This is the great learning/teaching. In this unity lies love. This is a great learn/teaching. In this unity lies light. This is the fundamental teaching of all planes of existence in materialization.


Love is expressed in creation through the continual renewal of energy. “Dying” and “Rising” is the very pattern of all creation. Christians call this the Pascal Mystery. A perfect symbol of this for the Christian has been the Crucifixion. Note well that this symbol is also a fleshed-out version of an older symbol: the ankh or crux ansata . 93.24 We may indicate that the crux ansata is a part of the concept complexes of the archetypical mind, the circle indicating the magic of the spirit, the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. Thus the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.


Relationality as an approach to spiritual evolution is a key to opening the heart chakra; which is important because…


15.14 The understanding, experiencing, accepting, and merging of self with self and with [other people], and finally with the Creator, is the path to the heart of self.

15.12 The center of heart is the center from which third-density beings may springboard, shall we say, towards infinite intelligence [the “Father”].

17.20 In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.

18.12 Forgiveness of other-self is forgiveness of self. An understanding of this insists upon full forgiveness upon the conscious level of self and other-self, for they are one. A full forgiveness is thus impossible without the inclusion of self.


…A planetary shift into fourth density was around the corner and God revealed in the person of Jesus an en vivo, live-action view of what this new density would be like.  Jesus, in effect, learned how to be a fully realized fourth density being in the third density. What he did, we can do. 17.18 …what was it that Jesus did that enabled him to be such a good healer…? Those who heal may be of any density which has the consciousness of the spirit. This includes third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh. The third density can be one in which healing takes place just as the others. However, there is more illusory material to understand, to balance, to accept, and to move forward from. The gate to intelligent infinity can only be opened when an understanding of the instreamings of intelligent energy are opened unto the healer. These are the so-called Natural Laws of your local space/time continuum and its web of electromagnetic sources or nexi of instreaming energy. Know then, first, the mind and the body. Then as the spirit is integrated and synthesized, those are harmonized into a mind/body/spirit complex which can move among the dimensions and which can open the gateway to intelligent infinity, thus healing self by light and sharing that light with others. True healing is simply the radiance of the self causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur which initiates the recognition of self, by self, of the self-healing properties of the self….17.19 [Jesus] learned the ability by a natural kind of remembering at a very young age

63.9 Now, at present we have, in third-density incarnation on this plane, those third-density  entities of the planet Earth who have been here for some number of incarnations who will graduate in the three-way split, either positive polarity remaining for fourth-density experience on this plane, the negative polarity harvestable going to another planet, and the rest unharvestable third density going to another third-density planet. In addition to these entities, I am assuming that we have here already some entities harvestable from other third-density planets who have come here and incarnated in third-density form to make the transition with this planet into fourth density, plus Wanderers. Is this correct? Ra: I am Ra. This is correct except we may note a small point. The positively oriented harvested entities will remain in this planetary influence [Earth] but not upon this plane [3rd density]

62.29 You must see the Earth, as you call it, as being seven Earths. There is red, orange, yellow, and there will soon be a completed green color vibratory locus for fourth-density entities which they will call Earth.


Salvation and Atonement:

I end this cursory exploration for curious Christians regarding the Law of One with two interlocking foundational pieces for mainline Christianity.  How can we understand salvation and Jesus’ work of atonement in light of the Law of One?  To give you the conclusion upfront in a pithy statement, let me quote my own spiritual mentor and friend, Richard Rohr: Jesus did not come to earth to change the mind of God about humanity; it did not need changing. Jesus came to change humanity’s mind about God.

Our first task is to untangle the mainline orthodox Christian notion of atonement and salvation to begin with in what is known as substitutionary atonement theory.

This is the most successful and most damaging theology of the mainline Christian narrative and it hinges around the idea that Jesus needed to come into the world in order to save it from a wrathful god. This idea may have its roots in the Roman takeover of the early Christian church in the early fourth century when the Roman Emperor Constantine made Christianity the state religion. My guess is that things were already afoot well before the corporate takeover but to try to prove this lies beyond my goal in this blog. What is obvious is that forever afterwards, Christianity was identified with the strong and powerful instead of the poor and marginalized.

For the first thousand years of Christianity, the common belief was the Jesus had to pay humanity’s debt to the devil in order for God to get His people back. Later in the twelfth century, Anselm of Canterbury developed a sophisticated theology that revealed a narrative wherein God had to send his Son into the world to pay a debt owed to God since humanity could not pay it. What we see in this version of atonement theory is that Jesus becomes the great sacrifice offered up to a god who demanded a bloody transaction in order for the relationship between this god and his creation to be right again. In all practicality, this version of god is modeled upon Zeus who is always at the ready to throw lighting bolts at those who don’t live up to his demands.

After Jesus is killed and offered up for sacrifice to a now appeased god, he rises from the dead and ascends into heaven thus unlocking the gates to eternal life for us. Indeed, the mainline Christian understanding is that before Jesus opened the gates of heaven, there was no salvation from a hellish afterlife. Jesus made all of this possible.

Moreover, Jesus took over the role of divine judge from the Father and we picture him on a throne in heaven casting out judgments and condemning most of humanity to eternal punishment unless one professes belief in him and his salvific work. The goal, then, is to spend one’s life forever thanking Jesus for dying for our sins and rising so that we unfortunate and unworthy souls could enjoy eternal bliss. What is demanded is belief but no real life transformation into a larger way of seeing and being in the world. In this belief system only the few with the right beliefs and church membership are saved while the vast majority are doomed. Does this sound like a service-to-self mindset? It should. There are kinder versions of the substitutionary atonement theory but they all offer a similar set up albeit with more nuance. No wonder why so many people are leaving their childhood faith which cannot offer much consolation nor dialog with a world that has discovered quantum physics and the extreme vastness of space.

Another big problem with the mainline atonement theory about Jesus’ role in humanity is that it is Earth specific. I remember years ago I was speaking to a young, very conservative, Catholic seminarian. He said that logically there could not be any intelligent life on other planets because this would bring into question Jesus’ salvific work for humanity. How? Mired in the atonement theory, he explained that Jesus’ death and resurrection were required to pay the debt of sin that humanity had amassed and thus were linked specifically to Earth. Logically, the salvific work of Jesus would not, could not, cover another planet’s karma since Jesus, as God, redeemed humanity and then returned to Heaven from whence He came. Once Jesus “was up there,” he wouldn’t come back down and do the whole thing again for another planet. Why? Because Jesus’ sacrifice was a “one and done” deal.

As the reader can see, any disclosure of extraterrestrials will blow this narrow belief system apart leaving many mainline Christians, including their leaders, reeling in massive confusion.

At-One-Ment: An Alternative Orthodoxy

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, is one of the leading voices in the spiritual landscape today who is reminding us that there are other Christian narratives besides the mainline one that offer an alternative understanding of the Jesus Event in history. Indeed, across Christian denominations one finds the Spirit moving and unifying people who are being attracted to contemplative practice, simple living, and service to the marginalized. One example of this is the emergent church movement. The following is from the Wikepedia site:


“Proponents believe the movement transcends such “modernist” labels of “conservative” and “liberal,” calling the movement a “conversation” to emphasize its developing and decentralized nature, its vast range of standpoints, and its commitment to dialogue. Participants seek to live their faith in what they believe to be a “postmodern” society. What those involved in the conversation mostly agree on is their disillusionment with the organized and institutional church and their support for the deconstruction of modern Christian worship, modern evangelism, and the nature of modern Christian community. Gibbs and Bolger[23] interviewed a number of people involved in leading emerging churches and from this research have identified some core values in the emerging church, including desires to imitate the life of Jesus; transform secular society; emphasize communal living; welcome outsiders; be generous and creative; and lead without control. Ian Mobsby suggests… this movement is over and against some forms of conservative evangelicalism and other reformed ecclesiologies since the enlightenment that have neglected the Trinity, which has caused problems with certainty, judgementalism and fundamentalism and the increasing gap between the Church and contemporary culture.[29]


An alternative orthodox re-emphasizes the Trinity and brings this central Christian doctrine back into dialog with science and culture. The great problem with atonement theory is that it in effect pulled Jesus out of the Trinity and recapitulated a top-down, hierarchical theocracy with Jesus as the King and humanity his grateful servants. The Trinity understood as the flow of love between three forces of the Infinite Creator, is tailor made to address a cosmic reality. People of other religions, and many post-Christians, are rightly distrustful of mainline Christianity’s overplaying the Jesus’ card since it resulted in an imperial religion that often seems exclusive and small.

It is quite likely that Jesus never intended to found a whole new religion because he was attempting to reform his own religion, Judaism, by emphasizing teachings from his own scriptures that portrayed God as inclusive, loving, and merciful. He saw God as love and he clearly had an intimate relationship with whom he referred to as his Abba, or daddy. An alternative orthodoxy, then, can be summed up with Rohr’s interpretation of Rene Girard’s work, “Jesus did not come to change the mind of God about humanity. It didn’t need changing. Instead, Jesus came to change humanity’s mind about God.” God, as the Infinite Creator, has always been loving, merciful, inclusive. Any interpretations of God as being wrathful and elitist reveal not God’s character but rather that of the humans positioned in power who fostered the life-limiting narratives. Jesus did not come to atone for our sins and pay an outstanding debt but rather he was invited by the Infinite Creator to a mission that revealed to humanity it was always one with God and any understanding of separation between God and humanity and between humanity, itself, is an illusion. This is lived-statement of at-one-ment. And this is the core teaching of the Law of One: all is one.  And this is salvation: to know and enjoy the truth that all is one.


In this reflection, I have attempted to provide a guide for Christians who are curious about the Law of One.  I hope that this work has sparked in you a desire to learn more for yourself by delving into the material on your own or with a study group.  May you be blessed on your journey.  In a paraphrase of Ra’s concluding benedictions, I say:

Go forth in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Rejoice, therefore, in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.


Here are three study groups on Facebook that have been helpful for me: Law of One: Ra Material Study Group, Law of One Wanderers, and Meet Earth’s Cosmic Neighbors.

This is a great video by a wonderful Law of One Teacher: Aaron Maret






Community Site & Forum / https://bring4th.org/

Scott Mandelker Law of One Talks / https://goo.gl/bpEqcG

David Wilcock / http://divinecosmos.com/



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