Psychological and Spiritual Health After Disclosure: An Introduction

This article is a first pass at an important discussion for caregivers who feel called to help people as they awaken.  The discussion revolves around understanding how different people within varying levels of conscious awareness will react when disclosure of alien life and crimes against humanity hits.  No doubt that with disclosure, the world will enter a period of crisis on different levels.

We know that in times of crisis, people emotionally and spiritually fall back into what they know. They land on the bottom floor of the particular level of conscious awareness that they currently embody.  While all people are equal in their essential being—we are all aspects of the Infinite Creator—there are indeed different levels of conscious awareness.  The Perennial Tradition has known this for thousands of years but only recently has this phenomenon entered the Western mind’s scientific paradigm.

In the 1960’s, psychologists Clare Graves and Don Beck began to see how people experienced reality from different vantage points that seemed to be layered, like a kind of spiral, that ranged from total dualistic thinking to total nondual seeing and living.  Spiral Dynamics was born and has remained an extremely helpful tool to give us a sense of the ways reality is perceived by different people.  To give you a few examples of how this can be helpful in discussing the post-disclosure society, let us introduce the basic structure of Spiral Dynamics.




There are two tiers in Spiral Dynamics. We all begin at the earliest levels of the first tier during our childhood. We are at  Beige during our infancy and Purple during our early elementary school age with its magical seeing. Some societies or groupings of people exist entirely within one or two levels with fringe components forging ahead or lagging behind the bell curve.  About ten percent of humanity today operate in the Purple Levels. The first-tier levels do not think psychologically enough to even realize that there are levels of conscious awareness. Anyone or any group below them on the spiral is considered antiquated and undeveloped.  Anyone higher is seen as heretical, dangerous, or aloof.  The dualistic mind reigns here.  Individuals on any level may have non-dual spiritual experiences where momentary oneness is sensed, but when the person returns to their modus operandi, they land back into their lower level of conscious awareness.  It is not until the second tier that people begin to see and experience increasingly non-dual gnosis, perceiving hierarchies within more transcendent holarchies (holoarchies holds that every entity is a holon—that is, an entity unto itself and simultaneously a part of an entity larger than itself).  Two main characteristics of the first tier include: 1) the different levels do not know that there are levels of consciousness and they are in a particular bandwidth of gnosis; 2) because of this, they transcend and exclude the lower levels, though they don’t know that they have transcended anything.  They just know they don’t particularly like how others think who are in fact operating from either lower levels or higher levels. The second tier begins to see and experience increasingly non-dual gnosis, and as mentioned above, they are able to see holistically. They transcend and include, and second-tier people intuit that there are indeed levels to conscious awareness and that everything belongs in its own way.


SD, tier 1
The First Tier: Dualistic; Transcend and Exclude


The first tier is where 95-99%% of current humanity find their conscious awareness.  The Red Level would be prevalent amongst drug cartels, gangs, prison life, and warlords.  Theirs is totally dualistic mindset where control is wielded by power, prestige, and possessions.  They do not possess global or holistic wisdom though they feel that they do. They can be loyal to powerful ideas and incorporated within a positive macro-movement. The question for leaders after disclosure will be how to harness and channel this energy which would be roughly the equivalent of the red and orange chakras on Humanity’s Body.  About twenty percent of the population are Reds.

The Blue Level is a comfortable place for those who are in it.  You now belong to a group, a people, and you are reassured by your belief systems that you are chosen and are in all ways, correct.  The vast majority of religious adherents enjoy this conscious awareness today.  Cosmic Disclosure will be hardest amongst these people because they are unaware, like all Levels in the first tier, that they indeed move and have their being within a contained reality bubble.  With disclosure, that bubble will burst. About forty percent of the population are Blues.

This is very important to note—on one’s best day… when one feels most centered and expansive, Spiral Dynamics tells us that one begins to only faintly grasp the conscious awareness of one and half levels above.  It floats like wispy clouds above our thoughts and we can sort of make out what thinking at this ceiling might be like.  Though we may intuit its presence, we have no access to it as a lived reality—not yet—not for a long period of time of learning how to listen clearly to the catalysts that deep loving and confounding suffering offer us. In truth, as many wise spiritual teachers share, great love and great suffering are they only change agents strong enough to break through our egoic defense systems and bring us in a more expanded level of seeing.  Interestingly, the way “up” to higher seeing is actually a movement “down and in” into our inner lives, especially in the darker places where we fear to tread. As you can see, spiritual work is really strong and hard work.  Many do not have the courage to see the games we play to keep our belief blinders about reality and ourselves firmly in place.

As we move beyond the traditional Blue religious mindset, the Orange Level develops next. It begins at the edge of different Blue groups who begin to work together for mutual benefit.  About thirty percent of humanity are Oranges and they hold fifty percent of the power. The appeal to working together for mutual benefit is the motivating force.  Capitalism, the Enlightenment, and the founding of America are sharp examples of Orange movements.  Disclosure will not be as existentially threatening to Orange thinking as it will be for Blues but it will create uncertainties that can be disastrous for mainstream economic systems.  What will different energy industries do if technology is introduced that give humanity free energy, for example?

It is interesting to note that the Red, Blue, and Orange Levels roughly correspond to the energy of the first three chakras of the human person.  One could say that if humanity were a single collective Body, then its first chakra triad would be found within the conscious awareness of these Levels.

Cosmic blockage
Negative thinkers have designed our system as a closed circuit keeping humanity recycling and reenergizing the first chakra triad. Orange thinkers who access the heart chakra more and more can break into the Green level of conscious awareness. This is the last level of the first tier.

May I suggest here that the “powers that have been,” operate from vantage points much higher and more holistic than these first-Tier levels.  They methodically and very intentionally have crafted a society that perpetually keeps the mass of humanity in what amounts to a closed circuit of the first three chakras.  The whole system is set up so that the higher you climb and the more successful you are, the more entrapped you are in the closed circuit—and you don’t even know it.  They create a very attractive myth that happiness is found in ever increasing personal and collective consumerism, even in the spiritual world.  Yet this consumerism has been repackaged to appear as the correct path, the way to fulfillment.  As a counter to this notion, one need only to glimpse at the Perennial Tradition, the core spiritual teachings found at the root of all spiritual intuitions. It says that subtraction rather than addition, is the way to detachment; that less is more.

One reason why it is important to point this out is that disclosure that includes alien life, advanced science and technology, real cosmic histories that are at variance with the mainline stories, will be such a shock to people operating within these Levels of conscious awareness that they will either drop back to the floor of their respective levels to try to make sense of the weighty revelations, or they will begin to launch forward to the next level of conscious awareness.  The launching forward will be possible especially for those who know how to weather the uncomfortable liminal space of not knowing.  For those who are already Orange and moving towards Green, this launching forward may well happen for them.  For those who are already at Green, they, with care and guidance, can break through to the next tier of conscious awareness.  Before we get to that more holistic bandwidth, let us explore the Green.

About ten percent of the population are Greens. The Green Level is where pluralism and relative truths are honored.  Many at this level look to the Orange, the level below them, as too idealistic, hippy, new age, time-wasters, and naïve.  Yet the truth is that Green sees what Orange does not.  They see that the world is an intersecting and interdependent conglomerate of groups that include cultures, societies, multi-national corporations, states, religions, etc.  Their major questions are not “what is in it for me,” which is Orange thinking, but more and more, “What responsibility do we have to the marginalized and to the Earth?” Where the Orange capitalist is primarily concerned with profit without regard to environmental costs and workers’ rights, the Green capitalist begins to sense the need to be stewards of the Earth in responsible ways.  Disclosure for the Greens will not come as such a shock and perhaps many if not most of them have already intuited a more cosmic reality in the deep recesses of their subconscious.  Yet, they can be easily duped by higher-seeing “powers that have been” because, in truth, Greens are often naïve.  Moreover, many Greens have thrown out any authoritative voices that include religions or self-proclaimed universal truths.  Atheists and agnostics are mostly found within the Green Level.  For them, disclosure that introduces a cosmic structure with its natural laws and hierarchies may be very traumatic because they have created their own belief system which denies that there are transcendent realities outside what they perceive through their senses. Many, reacting against Orange and Blue below, are allergic to the idea of hierarchy and they will not understand that what looks to them like a hierarchy is really the face of a larger holarchy wherein each entity is simultaneously a being in and of itself and a part of a larger whole.  Paradoxes like holarchies are extremely hard for the first-tiered person to handle with their mind.  Yet, the Greens stand a good chance of learning how to hold the tension longer so that paradoxes begin to melt away as they move towards the Yellow Level, the first rung on the second tier.

The Green Level is roughly equivalent to the heart chakra of the human individual and collective Body.  It is my belief that cosmic disclosure, especially if it is full disclosure, will act as a loud opportunity for humanity to enter into the heart space, the gateway to the higher centers where resides the ability to piece all of it together in coherence. Upon disclosure, people may first take two steps back and retreat to the old rooms of familiarity to look for answers.  Yet, with loving and wise guidance, they will move en masse three steps forward onto new higher threshold of collective conscious awareness.

SD tier 2
The Second Tier: Integral Thinking; Transcend and Include

The second tier in Spiral Dynamics is a quantum shift into a bandwidth of conscious awareness that can see holistically.  For the first time, people have reached high enough where they can see that there are, indeed, levels, and that they all belong.  Yellows begin to see a larger picture and intuit holarchies.  Disclosure of aliens will not be a shock.  Revealed secrets of cosmic history also can be assimilated much more easily.

One important note is that the “powers that have been” operate at least two Levels higher than Yellow.  The highest levels that have wielded manipulative power on Earth, which include fourth and fifth density service-to-self ET’s, not only understand holistic realities, but know how to control all of the other Levels below them.  The Yellow and Turquoise Levels, as developed as they are, maybe well be manipulated by extremely crafty and knowledgeable negative Coral planners. The Cabal Corals will attempt to spin out a partial disclosure narrative that will totally make sense to all of the lower levels.  The great thing that they will withhold from the lower levels is the metaphysical existence of polarity.  Even in the literature that I read which seems to me to come from Yellow and Turquoise thinking, I don’t find any account for the intertwined left-hand and right-hand paths that are both parts of the whole like in the Law of One material.

It is my contention that what is known as the Alliance who faces off with the Cabal are both operating from the Coral Levels at their very highest decision-making leadership.  The Cabal, at this point, seems to be trying to spin a partial disclosure that will appeal to Yellows and the Turquoise by giving them piecemeal disclosure that satisfies these groups ability to see far and wide.  In fact, they will try to manipulate these lower second-Tier people to be teachers and facilitators to help all of the other lower levels in the first tier to buy into the spin.

Our project, Cosmic Composure: Uniting Holistic Services for a Post-Disclosure Society, hopes to be able to dialog with all points along the two-tier system and meet people where they function.  We are not only committed to helping people in a world rocked by disclosure but we are consistently doing our own inner work to make sure we are embodying our True Selves as much as possible.  In this way, we, like many, many who have incarnated now and have awakened early, can be healthy way-showers, “Bridgers”, who span the gap between yesterday and a cosmic tomorrow.



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