The Great Dance: Finding Balance in the Truther/Awakened Community

In the Truther/Awakened community there is a lot of buzz on social media about the presence of external forces such incoming energy changes, entity attachments, etheric or physical implants, genetic engineering, social programming, religious belief systems, and many other things that keep us trapped.  To add to the mix, different esoteric sources including insiders give us differing accounts of the history of humanity and the purpose of its creation.  Though there isn’t a cohesive narrative, the mainline theme of the much of the esoteric history asserts that humanity is a victim of self-serving agendas made by powerful and clever advanced ETs.  With all of this piled on top of humanity, the chains around the neck that get jerked around by external forces seem overwhelming.  Where is the hope, we might wonder?

Luckily, there is also an uptick of the one great perennial message that has been delivered at the mystical levels of all religions, authentic spiritual movements, and sacred texts.  More and more, we see on social media in the Truther/Awakening community that the power to change oneself and the world lies WITHIN our being—right inside the energetics of the heart.  I offer here in this article that while the presence of all of those external factors might be true to varying degrees, the solution to the victimization is to claim the power of our consciousness on the individual and collective levels.  In fact, as we will see, an enlightened view of those external factors eventually leads us to actually be grateful for the catalyst that the chains give us because the journey in breaking from them is the same journey that leads to the expansive seeing and being.  It’s through the individual and collective shadows do we climb to the heights where the light shines brightly. But in the climb, itself, we experience the normal emotions of anger, confusion, anxiety, confliction, and conviction.  We do not and cannot just jump from the onslaught of emotional attack to enlightenment without doing some serious shadowboxing.

I’m sure you are aware that there are some teachers who pay scant attention to any shadow, whether collective or inside themselves, which seems to indicate to me that they mostly likely haven’t done their own work. On the other hand, there are some in the Truther/Awakened community who spend too much time concentrating on the collective shadow, pointing out all the reasons why we should be afraid of powerful elites. These teachers and informers similarly often do not look at their own shadow within.  These neglects can actually energize any collective and individual fear within the shadow—and it can be another way people project their own shadow elsewhere instead of looking within. In the name of exposing the collective shadow, they run away from their own and this is very dangerous.  Teachers who only focus on the light to denial of the shadow and teachers who mostly transmit negativity both cannot lead others into a lasting transformation. So buyer beware!

How do we start the journey of reclaiming our own power?  It may be helpful to re-introduce the conventional and important psychological teaching of the dynamic External Locus of Control and the Internal Locus of Control model.  Putting words to natural phenomenon is often helpful to give us a context or a common language that then lets us see it more objectively.  When we can name things, then we can become freer to see our way out of entrapment. The word, “locus,” means “place” in Latin.  The idea is to observe from what place does one’s own sense of control over the life come. Most people are on a continuum between external and internal locus of control. What I find interesting in the Truther/Awakening community is the mixed messages we get: a confusing barrage of information that shout out copious evidences of how we are victims on one hand (external locus of control) and the many affirmations that remind us that we are our own saviors, on the other hand (internal locus of control). For this reason, I’ve written this reflection: to try to give some sliver of clarity to the “how” of bridging the external forces with internal empowerment.

External Locus of Control

Simply put, external locus of control means that I operate from a thinking pattern that says other, outside, forces are in control of my life and destiny.  I may never admit this to myself or someone else, but in truth, I feel that I have very little say in how my life turns out.  Have you ever known anyone who seems to always be victimized or at least claiming that others are at fault for their life and destiny?  A person can be highly competent in the outer world and still see themselves as victims.  Because the external locus of control paradigm is so prevalent in our society, it seems normal.

Now, with the possible truths of hidden histories coming to light from the testimonies of whistleblowers, it may seem our destiny is even more couched in the external locus of control corner. How can a third density humanity possibly defend itself from fourth and fifth density beings who are as advanced to us as we are to the lab rat?  Are we not completely at their mercy?  And what about the new changes in the energy from sun, since we are not able to avoid the effects, how are we not victims of our the solar environment?  From implants to genetic farming; from human trafficking to the very systems of government, science, medicine, education, religion, and finance, the vast majority of humanity does not seem to be in control. In fact, it is common to see posts in the social networks of people in the Truther/Awakened community expressing an almost despair of victimhood and deep anger at our collective suffering at the hands of a self-serving elite.  This despair and anger seems natural given the down position of the vast majority. Yet, often little is given on how to assimilate this knowledge with the goal that we don’t transmit negativity, but rather transform it.  We as a collective do not need any more knee-jerk reactions to negative energy.  That just keeps us stuck.

Nevertheless, the actual facts that are still largely hidden even now are probably much worse than even the most awakened among us know.  The fourth and fifth density negative ET, along with their third density Earth service-to-self minions (including MILAB operators), have the ability to surgically insert themselves in our lives at pivotal points due to their ability to time-travel and “Voice of God” technology, and we can remain none the wiser.  It is probable that some of the synchronicities and spiritual states of bliss that some people experience actually are from negative sources in origin.  We know that Ra, the source of the Law of One, insinuates as much:

It is entirely possible for the untuned channel, as you call that service, to receive both positive and negative communications. If the entity at the base of its confusion is oriented towards service to others, the entity will begin to receive messages of doom. … Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the crusaders who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel (12.15).

Furthermore, since the Truther/Awakened community is usually more open to things like astrology, numerology, card reading, and reading meaning in signs (ie synchronicities), we can subtly fall prey to clever negatives who empower feelings of victimhood in us when we read in our stars, cards, and signs that we are being affected by this configuration or that, and feel that our destiny for the day is out of our control.  Without even realizing it, quite many of us in the Truther/Awakened community operate from an external locus of control as we project our individual or collective power elsewhere, even to the stars.  For example, I’ve seen time and again when someone will post that they are feeling badly or even strongly due to such and such alignment in the stars based upon their own birth chart.  I’m not denying that there is truth to the energetics therein but notice that people project their own emotional state outwardly (in this case, to the stars) without recognizing the great power within them, at that very moment, to seek inner balance, and thus mitigate external influences.  Projecting our power outwardly is exactly what the negatives want and it is a great way for them to keep the entrapment alive and one step ahead of even those who profess to have awakened from the matrix. Ra reminds us that for an energetically balanced person, those phenomenon (astrology, Adept cycle, etc) are “interesting but not critical” (64.13).

We have to be honest.  Many of us in the Truther/Awakened community feel ourselves awake and aware, and this may be true, but we may not be balanced; not in the way Ra describes it: “[A balanced individual is one in which] each energy center is balanced and functioning brightly and fully.” Only a balanced person can stand upon the foundation of the balance of love and wisdom and see most clearly.  If we scapegoat others, if we project our power elsewhere, and if we feel the need to throw out babies with bathwaters, we may not be very balanced–and we may not even know it…which is dangerous.

What do we do, then?  How can we reclaim our individual and collective power?  How do we move from an external to an internal locus of control?  The answers are surprisingly easy, and you already know it intuitively, but the practice that goes into the shift from external to internal is all consuming and requires constant inner work, especially at the beginning. This is why so many of us just give up and choose to sit in resentment or hurt, all the while believing ourselves to be awakened and/or enlightened.

Internal Locus of Control

A person operates from an internal locus of control when they feel that they have the power over the events in their lives.  We know from research that there is a direct correlation between an internal locus of control with higher self-esteem.  Many healers and caregivers whose skills show high efficacy are people who have learned how to embody a more internal locus of control energetics. They give to others what they themselves have personally experienced and thus are poised to be quite helpful to people who are entrapped in victimization.  The key point of an internal locus of control is simple and is summed up thusly: You have the power within you to control your reactions to your environment.  However, finding this center of power and operating from it can be trickier and more subtle than at first glance.  For the positive orientated person (service-to-others), there is a guiding star that can be intuited and felt. This is the heart/mind center, the upper chakra-triad.

The Nous

The nous is a Greek term that describes the heart-mind energy center.  It seems to basically refer to the upper chakra triad: the fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras.  A highly developed nous sees the world from a balance between love and wisdom.  With this kind of balance, one’s intuition is highly honed and able to connect with the metaphysical world fairly fluidly.  Mystics, shamans, and healers often use their nous on conscious or subconscious levels much of the time.  The highest levels of the nous enjoys the gnosis (lived, embodied experience) that we come from union of the One Infinite Creator and that the great returning back to Source is not something that is achieving as much as it is a process of continual awakening.

As spiritual seeing evolves to greater and wider conscious awareness, the nous plays greater and wider roles since the movement forward and the focus inward are the same journey.  This is paramount because how we, as beings who share in the divinity of the Infinite Creator, live and move and have our being right here in embodiment within the illusion of relativity.  And as embodied beings, we dance.

The Dance Between External and Internal Locus of Control

Dancing between the authority of the external world and the intuitive capacities for love and wisdom inherent in inner work is a very apt way to describe a healthy journey.  We do realize that while we cannot always control our environment and the things done to us, we can always control our inner work. There seems to be as many ways to do inner work as there are teachers teaching it.  Many healers and teachers use esoteric terms and means to help people release entity attachments and I have indeed heard of good results.  However, in my opinion, it is not necessary to name things esoterically for profound release to happen.  In fact, even after disclosure, many, and perhaps most, of humanity may not be comfortable thinking in terms of “Archonic implants,” or “demonic attachments,” etc.  While these things may be esoterically true, people can actually move into detachment from these things by “exoteric” means, too.  The result is the same.  Furthermore, if you do go to a holistic healer to get entity attachments, it is best to solicit one who will teach how to do it yourself.  We don’t want to have yet another authority figure on whom we project our power, especially when we are speaking of raising our own vibrations to higher levels. In short, no one can do your own shadow work.

So here are a few steps that have worked for many people.  Try it out yourself and if it works, please pass it on.  If it doesn’t, please move on to something else that might.  This is taken and redacted from Richard Rohr’s approach to the Welcoming Prayer, found here:

1)     First, identify a hurt or an offense in your life. Remember the feelings you first experienced with this hurt and feel them the way you first felt them. Notice how this shows up in your body. Paying attention to your body’s sensations keeps you from jumping into the mind and its dualistic games of good guy/bad guy, win/lose, either/or.

2)     After you can identify the hurt and feel it in your body, welcome it. Stop fighting it. Stop splitting and blaming. Welcome the grief. Welcome the anger. It’s hard to do, but for some reason, when we name it, feel it, and welcome it, transformation can begin.

3)     Don’t lose presence to the moment. Any kind of analysis will lead you back into attachment to your ego self. The reason a bird sitting on a hot wire is not electrocuted is quite simply because it does not touch the ground to give the electricity a pathway. Hold the creative tension, but don’t ground it by thinking about it, critiquing it, or analyzing it.

4)     When you’re able to welcome your own pain, you will in some way feel the pain of the whole world. This is what it means to be human—and also what it means to be divine. You can hold this immense pain because you too are an aspect of the Infinite Creator whose very being holds all of the pain and thus knows this intimately and immediately. By not hating back, you are transforming negativity rather than transmitting it.

5)     Now hand all of this pain—yours and the world’s—over to the Infinite Creator, of which you are a part. Let it go. Ask for the grace of forgiveness for the person who hurt you, for the event that offended you, for the reality of suffering in each life. Your own desiring to forgive is paramount! The heart/mind energy will begin to activate in a new way and you can rest assured that somehow, in a mysterious way, some of your karma is being rebalanced since “in forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheels…of karma” (Law of One, 17.20). I can’t promise the pain will leave easily or quickly. To forgive is not to forget. But letting go frees up a great amount of soul-energy that liberates a level of life you didn’t know existed. It leads you to your True Self.


All of these above steps are in total keeping with the practice of the Law of One and the power of release is undeniable. I have experienced this personally and I have seen this work with my clients when we do meditations based upon these five steps.  You can see for yourself how empowering they are just in reading them. One thing I do with myself and clients is to work on these step above using inner vision through mediation.  I ask clients to envision what the painbody looks like. Is it a creature of some sort? Is it an amorphous black cloud?  Just allow the image to come to you.  Then in the welcoming of it, I invite the client to visualize white or golden light coming down into the crown of their head and out into the place of pain.  So often at this point, the clients exclaim in surprise that the “Pain Body” begins to release or dissipate or as one client put it recently, “unravel.”  Finally, stating, “I forgive you,” the energy of wholeness and light can be felt building and the person really feels the joy and integrity of embodying the energetics of their Higher Self.  Without judging, we forgive reality, we forgive ourselves, we forgive the painbody, and we forgive the external force that contributed to our pain.  When we do this with deep and robust intention, we can actually feel a shift inside where the energetics of the phenomenon of karma are invoked to a rebalancing.  The lesson is learned, and our only response to both the prior pain which felt like death and now the new arising is deep gratitude.


In this article, I introduced the terms, “Internal and External Locus of Control.”  It is very important in the Truther/Awakened community that we do not fall into operating exclusively from an external locus of control because that always leads to victimization, scapegoating, projecting our shadow elsewhere, and keeps us from moving inward, where the hard work beckons.

We all dance between the internal and external and the seat of how to dance well lies right in the nous.  This is the heart/mind energy center, that place of balance of love and wisdom, together.  From here, you can control much better how you and I react to external events and environments.  Ra, from the Law of One, reminds us that the key to living a balanced life, one that vibrates high and clear, is a lifestyle which practices acceptance, forgiveness, and reclaiming for ourselves that me, you, the entities attached to us, and those negatives who wreak havoc, are all the Infinite Creator.  The brain might know this but it’s the nous that can embody this particular truth.  If you can do this, if you can accept yourself, accept others, forgive yourself, forgive others, stand in your own sovereignty, then you are not only harvestable to the 4th density, but you are more and more a crystalized healer working not from your will but from the will of the Logos—as the Logos.

Addendum: Dialoging with two friends and getting clearer on the subject

The following are redactions from emails from two friends who helped me clarify my points as well as provided for me some nice lessons to learn. If you’ve made it this far in the article– can I invite you to read just a little more? 🙂

Crystal Little at writes:
[Crystal and her friends, K and J, met together and discussed the article]
Crystal: Both K and J raised some valid points about the article. If I did not know you (and your intentions/motivations in saying certain things), I would have had problems with some of the points they raised as well. But, I was able to act as a translator for J and K; I understood what you were saying and could explain. My point is that if people like J and K had read the blog without someone with my perspective there to explain what you were saying, they would probably shut down/stop reading/have not so great emotional reactions.
* The section on nous is perfection!!! Just awesome imho. It’s on point, succinct, and easily digestible. All 3 of us really liked it and spent some time discussing how helpful this info was.
* I think that the article works for a very specific population. People who are academically minded and trained can handle this reading. But, that is a small group. The wider Truther community may find the writing to be too complex and you may lose readers before they really get into the meat of the article. That is what would have happened with my two friends last night had I not asked them to read and comment on the article. They were lost and frustrated by the 3rd paragraph. I have this problem as well…I am a WORDY writer. Everyone laughs because I edit, and re-edit, and re-edit, and do this at least 10 times. What’s funny is that I write it ALL, then I start trimming. I’ll write 20 pages for a 10 page paper and then start editing, moving paragraphs, cutting every unnecessary word. And academic is easy for me…Blogging — that is HARD!!! I have to break it all down, get a test group to read it, then do it again, and again. Blogging to reach a larger group of people is super difficult for those of us who “live” in a scholarly world.
* The paragraph that really “triggered” both of them was The Dance Between External and Internal Locus of Control. They got pretty fired up and I let them get it all out, so to speak, before I responded.
K did a lot of work with Out of Darkness and mental health awareness. We have friends that suffer from depression and other mental illnesses. She felt as if this paragraph was throwing a negative light on energy workers who facilitated implant removals (something she knows I do, and KH. does). Actually, she was wary about this being a subtle personal jab at me (people in their 20’s call it “throwing shade”). I laughed and said, “no, he’s not. I’ll explain after you finish” because I didn’t want to influence her, or Jo’s, initial reaction. She then said that she had witnessed the “before” and “after” of this type of energy work with people and that she took this paragraph as you saying that people should just go do it themselves. K compared this to telling one of our friends who suffers from depression that they didn’t need to go see a psychiatrist, they should just learn how to heal themselves.
J had a very similar reaction to this energy worker discussion as well. She argued for LOO by saying that the whole point of LOO was to remind us that we are All One. So, when someone performs any type of energy work for an “other,” they are really preforming it for their self.
My response was to first ask them to check their biases. They know I specialize in that type of energy work and they were defensive because they felt like what you said was directed at me; but, I don’t believe it was. I believe you are addressing a bigger problem. But, I am not the only person out there who does implant/attachment removals; and, others may feel like K and J did about other energy workers. Here’s how I explained it. I reminded them that I have clients who get REAL clingy. It’s like they get addicted to the energy and use sessions with me to avoid doing their own shadow work (as you said, I LOVE this phrasing). They expect me to just fix everything for them. When this even looks like it might start to happen, I have a talk with the person and will not do a session for them for a set amount of time (6-12 mos). I give them the tools they show interest in for self growth via shadow work. I explained that, by what you said in this paragraph, I was actually one of the types of energy workers that you supported! Then I asked them to think about something from a wider perspective. What about the energy clouds/waves starting to come in in full strength? What about the mass meditations we have been participating in? Who is losing their power here? Who will not be able to hold frequency here within the next few months or years? Team Dark…and when they go, all those implant systems go with them! The sooner we no longer NEED to do implant removals, the BETTER!!! The majority of the population doesn’t ever need to know about implant/attachment removal because they are going to have enough to deal with! And, by they time they would get to the point they could handle that info, the implants will be gone.
* K and J both understood the internal and external locus discussion. They said, yes, you said that the two should be balanced; but, they left feeling like internal, from your perspective, was superior to external. So, they both felt that there was some sub-level contradiction there. I feel like I may understand why this happened (you are trying to shift consciousness).
I hope I did not offend you or hurt your feelings in any way!


Doug, the author: Offend me?  Heck no. I’m very grateful to you– and again, wow! Inspired by your ability to stand in the tension.
First of all, thanks for taking the time to even write this and to have this discussion with your friends.
Secondly, I didn’t have you in mind–AT ALL.  I had myself in mind and both in my sometimes erroneous ways in helping people and also in my experience of people who have gone to healers (including myself) and have not gotten better–that there is no transformation.
To their point on the Dance.  I don’t think I said it very well, to be honest.  It’s hard to get at this stuff… and my life is just so busy.  I have to get up at 5am just to do my centering prayer, and that’s when I write–afterwards. Or I write while taking the kids to karate or piano.  The point is I find time but it can be segmented slots of time.
I know that I am wordy in most of my stuff.  To be honest, the material just comes out as it is. I seldom feel that I write it.  I feel that I am an instrument of a transcendent beingness that is writing it–usually I’d say that it was my Higher Self.  Also, I have been told that it is academic.  Now this may be weird but I’m actually writing mostly so that I get clear on stuff.  My blog (not so much with Cosmic Composure, so your wordy critique resonates there) is actually a place for me to come to synthesis about these things since when I started it, I did not have anyone to talk to.  It’s been SO helpful for me because I have been able to take the well-thought out themes via writing it out and grappling with complex materials, and then give it back to whomever in whatever level they need it.  First I have to be as clear and robust as I can–thus the blog. The people that I send my articles to are people who would resonate (like you) to the info because they are familiar with the terms.  I’m also writing with the future in mind.  At least in my blog… I sometimes think that after disclosure, I may play a part in reaching out to academics and professionals who, themselves, will need to bust out of reality bubbles but can only do so if they perceive depth and nuance in their language.  Most will not be open to reading channelings from some ET  who says via X channeler that one must embrace the light and soon the Archons will leave our Alien-constructed moon which has been a broadcast station to bring in mind control and DNA activating technology—etc.  So, I write in the vein of Richard Rohr and Cynthia Bourgeault because it’s people like them who will first take a look at “bridging material” like mine that has a background in theology. I know I won’t help the masses with my writing, but I may be able to help those who may help the masses.  Also I may do some videos in the future where I can put things in simpler forms.
As to their point– I, myself, have taken anti-depression medication for 18 years.  I’ve tried to go off of it 4 times– eating a veggie diet, doing a lot of meditation– and nothing really assuages the decent.  And I do this for a living [mental health counselor]!  But when I take my low level of anti-depressants, I climb out of the total muck of depression, and hover just above it.  I actually have come to love and be grateful for my dysthymic condition because it keeps me radically empathic and always “just right there” at the edge of the abyss and solidity to meet the Other.  Yet, when I’m depressed, I am not functioning well for my family, for myself, and for my clients.  So, going to doctors, psychiatrists, etc, is something I do, too!  I’d be a hypocrite to say otherwise.
Yet, and here is my point, most people it seems to me rely too much on healers, self-help books, etc.  Maybe just one more thing would do it, they think.  This is esp true of 6’s (Enneagram) of which many teachers say comprises 50% of the world’s population.  Projecting power onto others.
Now here is something– I, too, do entity removals via shamanism or white magic.  It’s grounded in my own intuition and supported by sources I trust which describe the same or similar techniques.  I’ve seen it work wonders! And I’ve seen it NOT lead to transformation.  AC mentioned to me a few years ago to make sure that I teach them how to do it themselves.  So, I do.  And this has made a difference.  The Bible has this same phenomenon mentioned when Jesus says that if you exorcise one demon and don’t guard your house (do a lot of inner work at all times, perhaps including esoteric psychic protection, etc) then that demon (negative thoughtform) will come back with 7 stronger ones and invade.  Boy have I experienced this, and I’ve seen this.  So, we have teach transformation to people which includes their own ability to heal themselves.
Now as far as I can tell from my personal experience– an exoteric approach is just as effective and easier for the conventional person to get.  Ra hints at this all of the place.  They speak of surrender, of the love being the greatest protection, of healthy relationships being safeguards, of honesty and authenticity as being profoundly strong barriers to negs, and of balance.  Notice that in their long instructions on how to balance, they mostly use very exoteric terms and they rarely if ever speak of entity attachments. That’s because, I think, that entities will detach if one’s vibrations are raised.  And inner transformation where balance is better achieved (since they are the same journey) just detaches those pesky attachments anyways.  It’s the byproduct of good inner work.
So the real thing I think we need to teach people most especially is how to balance love and wisdom in their life–I have found this to be super true in my own life and with people who are very, very esoteric but keep having extremely unbalanced emotional lives.  They have spent lots of energy and money on healers who remove all of these attachments–but nothing changes for them except maybe one day of some joy and perspective.  But when those very, very esoteric people do inner work and self-discovery, then they start to have less and less need to have people remove the attachments.
Who will lead them to transformation?  Many healers, I have personally found–and I hope I am not being unkind–may be quite gifted in their craft but themselves are not all that balanced in love/wisdom and have not done a lot of inner work, either.  Again, Ra describes this, too.
Only transformed people transform people.  So, I can do without the esoteric stuff if my engagement with myself and others leads to transforming towards more balance.
And I know of no better way to do this than live what is called in Christianity, a surrendered life.  It’s not a disempowered life at all, in fact it radically (roots) empowering because I surrender (not my sovereignty) but my False Self’s needs, to a transcendent reality that is both bigger than me and includes me.  Maybe this is my HS, maybe a higher source, like the Logos.  I’m not that interested in needing to know the exact beingness to whom I am surrendering as long as I know (gnosis) that it is of the highest vibration and that it is ALSO me, too.  One can intuit this.  For many, it’s Jesus–and I think that was the plan of the Logos, actually– to use his face to be the icon of Logoic essence (ie, Jesus’ vocation in making straight the path).
In the end, I have found much more transformed people in the exoteric world (mystics such as our faves, including all of your people who you love to read that touch your soul) than most Truthers.  Haven’t you?  Maybe the Truthers are more accurate as to the exact natures of bondage (this entity or that entity attaching this or that thing) but knowledge doesn’t usually lead to transformation and if people are not transformed first or have some experience of being held by “God” or whomever, then Truther knowledge may just lead to high fear, anger, and hopelessness–thus the rampant scapegoating that I see.  And thus the negs have had their way since fear keeps people trapped.  Then they can introduce pseudo teachings that never go deep–do not lead to transformation– but keep people dependent.  Clever, right? Again, knowledge doesn’t usually lead to transformation but experience of divinity both in us and around us that is all part of a unified fabric of being–that leads to transformation!
So, again, I speak from my own perspective–which is limited, I know.  We can only guide to the degree that we ourselves have gone.  I do know this, though.  I know that I don’t know– and what I don’t know is a whole lot.  So, I do want to learn more and more. And what I learn, I measure the teaching’s efficacy in how it guides towards transformation.. Since this is my metric– this is what will bring people to the 4th density, I think. We are into stages, not states. What do you think?
AC, a retired psychiatrist, shares an important nuance:

Here’s my take on this from working with Satanic ritual abuse. Unless a soul is very broken/fragmented, entity attachments do not seem to be much of a problem. Whenever I’ve gone looking for them using hypnotic and Christian discernment tools, they do not usually arise with the run of the mill Bipolar patient or adult children of alcoholics, and routine family dysfunctions, etc. These are damaged people but not dissociatively fragmented like DID’s from ritual abuse. It’s the DID folks or severely traumatized at young ages via sexual abuse and rituals that get the entity attachments. Family history of negative occultism may leave one vulnerable as well. I would include among occult practices that leave one vulnerable as being participation in abusive governmental programs that arose from Nazi occultism. So entity attachments will be a big deal for people coming out of those. Abuse of hypnosis is an avenue to unwanted entities.

I don’t know this for sure, but highly hypnotic people (like Mediatrix souls) who do a lot of occult/magical work but who lack grounding in a loving faith tradition might be susceptible to them as well.

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