The Vatican and Knee-Jerk Reactions: A Dialog in Seeing the Hidden Positive

I wrote the following comment in a FB closed group called “Meet Earth’s Cosmic Neighbors.”  My comment elicited a few comments.  I selected the one below by Crystal Little to post here since I thought her comment was well thought out and hit the mark.  Thanks for reading.


I totally realize that I’ll likely find lots of opposition to the following, but I want to add something to the mix of overall discernment in today’s “Truther” environment. Ninety-nine percent of Truthers hear the words, “The Vatican,” and see the whole thing as evil, black, of the Cabal, etc. So when we hear that Corey Goode speaks about Nordics working with the Vatican, Truthers have a knee-jerk reaction (for understandable reasons) and wonder if Corey is compromised, etc. But what if the Catholic Church is more like an archetype of our own mixed humanity? What if it’s a microcosm of our mixed polarity macrocosm? What if, like the Caduceus symbol, it’s a mixture of the positive and negative in equal measure? Cadueseas

By and large, Truthers only see negative both regarding the Church, itself, and the Vatican, in particular, but what if there is a strong Hidden Positive that no one sees because we are looking for the Hidden Negative? What if Pope Francis and inside allies are actually cleaning house in a big way? I do not deny one minute that black things happen there and that there is a controlling, evil presence that finds it’s head in the heart of the Vatican. But, like a yin-yang, there is in equal measure the positive, white, heart of goodness that shines forth. Perhaps Truthers and those in the Awakened community will be surprised at the amount of light there and that they haven’t been open to seeing it because of their own belief system or reality bubble that just throws the whole Catholic/Vatican thing out with the bathwater. We can grant that the Alliance exists in the US government and in other places, but why can’t we think it wouldn’t be there, too…and that it always has been from the very beginning?



Response from Crystal Little at

Thank-you for sharing your wisdom, Doug! And, for raising some important questions that we should take the time to consider as a community. What seems to unite this MECN group [FB Group, Meet Earth’s Cosmic Neighbors] is a fusion of bringing the “Truth” about what is happening on Earth right now to the surface, unification in the request for human sovereignty and end of the injustices caused by Team Dark’s slavery systems, and participation in the manifestation of the “optimal timeline” during Earth’s vibrational expansion and elevation. To achieve this greater goal (the awakening and unification of humanity on Earth), we should consider how to unify with those who are “awake” outside of Truther communities.

I would say a large percent of those in this group are acutely aware of the influence Team Dark has within the Vatican and Christianity. Because of this, many believe Christianity should be at best ignored, some believe it should be eradicated. What we don’t often think about is the impact of what would happen if Truthers started working with Christians. There are many strands of Christianity that are home to a great deal of ripe and ready allies who have been working on dismantling many of the systems that are responsible for social injustices from Christian perspectives for decades. Yet, due to the anti-Christian rhetoric present in some Truther communities and the anti-E.T. attitudes present in the Christian communities, these groups are not working together…we stand divided. Perhaps if we Truthers worked on releasing the trauma associated with the anti-Christian rhetoric, then we would witness the social justice focused groups of Christianity start to release anti-E.T. attitudes as well.

Your [Doug’s] perspective of there being an equal mixture of both Light and Dark within Christianity is highly accurate. There is a long, rich history of Jewish and Christian mystics, texts, and traditions that support a great deal of the material that has been released in Cosmic Disclosure. As you know, the Law of One (section 24) reveals that the original YHWH was a collective that tried, on several occasions, to seed the collective consciousness of Earth humans with information and guidance that would help elevate consciousness and assist with growth as we approached the present time/space we now occupy. In section 17 (and others) of the Law of One, Ra discusses Jesus of Nazareth and indicates that this entity incarnated to help bring Light to Earth’s human populations. Ra’s commentary on the original YHWH and Jesus of Nazareth indicate that there is certainly just as much Light present in some aspects of Christianity as there is Dark in others. Yes, there is some really disturbing Dark in branches of Christianity. I can only speak from my limited perspective. But, as someone who (in my teens) witnessed members of an extremist evangelical Christian cult smother children until they “died” only to resuscitate the children and tell them they were “born again” and outside adults that their ministry could raise the dead, I can say “yes” there are very Dark things that happen under the banner of Christianity. However, even though I have experienced that side, here I am arguing for Truthers to at least be open to the idea that Light is also present within Christianity’s texts and traditions.

When we (Team Light) reach the point that we realize, on a deep level, that ALL – both Team Light and Dark – are truly ONE, then we (Team Light) will see the “divide and conquer” tactics for what they really are: an opportunity to heal our collective Shadow Self (SS). For, it is the energy from our traumatized collective SS that allows Team Dark’s slavery system to continue to manifest. Once we engage in the work necessary to heal our collective SS, the systems will no longer be able to manifest here. Thank-you for inviting me into this conversation!

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