How “Get Off Your Knees!” and “Pray For Help” Are Both Correct: Wisdom In the Age of Disclosure

In recent interviews whistle-blower Corey Goode asserts that humanity needs to get off their knees and start being the saviors that we are waiting for.  At the same time, he also says that we can ask for assistance from higher, positive, beings and that this is a good thing.  Was he contradicting himself?

Get Off Your Knees

In the Truthers/Awakened Community, we hear the following message loud and clear: “We are our own saviors,” and “Get Off Your Knees!”  As people who are awakening out of the Orion-made matrix, we often feel an urgency to help humanity awaken now because we see the negative’s black magic at work: keeping people focused on worshiping “gods” outside of them rather than seeking their own inner divinity.

David Icke wrote a book called, “Human Race, Get Off Your Knees,” and makes the claim that we must look within ourselves and find the power to save humanity.  As mentioned above, Corey Goode suggests this, too. A common viral meme amongst the Truther/Awakened Community is, “We are our own saviors.”  Goode says that the Sphere Beings, especially the Blue Avians, desire for humanity to stop projecting their power elsewhere and begin to manifest our own optimal timeline; one in which we awaken to our own inherent dignity and divinity.  The bottom line, he says, is that we are the saviors we have been waiting for and that our ascension is in our hands. 

Pray For Help

At the same time, we also hear from Corey Goode and other people in the Truther/Awakened Community that there are positive beings and angelics waiting for our call for help.   They stand ready but can only assist to the degree that our collective free will decrees it.  Positive beings hold as sacred the free will of an individual and the collective humanity.  Furthermore, the Law of One explains that, indeed, humanity’s call for help resounds loudly throughout the cosmos and positive beings clearly hear the SOS. See the following quotes from Ra, the source of the Law of One:


1.0   We have been called to your group.

7.1 Questioner: You mentioned that you were a member of the Confederation of Planets. What avenues of service, or types of service, are available to members of the Confederation? Would you describe some of them? Ra: I am Ra. … The service available for our offering to those who call us is equivalent to the square of the distortion/need of that calling divided by, or integrated with, the basic Law of One in its distortion indicating the free will of those who are not aware of the unity of creation.

7.4 Questioner:… If ten, only ten, entities on earth required your services how would you compute their call using this square rule? Ra: The result is difficult to transmit. It is one thousand and twelve [1,012], approximately. The entities who call are sometimes not totally unified in their calling and, thus, the squaring is slightly less.

7.6 Questioner: About how many entities at present [1981] are calling from planet Earth for your services? Ra: I am called personally by three hundred fifty-two thousand [352,000]. The Confederation, in its entire spectrum of entity-complexes, is called by six hundred thirty-two millions [632,000,000] of your mind/body/spirit complexes. These numbers have been simplified.

7.7 Questioner: Can you tell me what the result of the application of the Law of Squares is to those figures? Ra: The number is approximately meaningless in the finite sense as there are many, many digits. It, however, constitutes a great calling which we of all creation feel and hear as if our own entities were distorted towards a great and overwhelming sorrow. It demands our service.


We can see from Ra’s comments that a call is heard!  In fact, from a Law of One perspective, the whole of creation is One Body.  Just like your own body, if there is a cut on your skin, the cells in the immediate vicinity alert the higher, transcendent power center (the brain), who then sends an army of different specialists to deal with the problem.  Healing the wound is a team effort which came together because of a call of distress. See here how beautifully Ra indicates this truth at the cosmic level:

14.18 The One Being of the creation is like unto a body, if you will accept this third-density analogy. Would we ignore a pain in the leg? A bruise upon the skin? A cut which is festering? No. There is no ignoring a call. We, the entities of sorrow, choose as our service the attempt to heal the sorrow which we are calling analogous to the pains of a physical body complex distortion.

Both Are Correct: Wisdom in the Age of Disclosure

Do the two messages of “getting off our knees” and “calling for help” contradict each other? No.  They complement one another and it is takes wisdom to find the proper perspective.

As a mental health counselor, I learned long ago that I could present really good options and goals for a client to move them towards a better life.  I was moved by their plight and pain and wanted them to be in a better place.  The client could totally agree with my guidance and be excited to put the path I laid out for them to good use.  However, during the next session, I would find that nothing changed.  There was no transformation.  There was no real progress.  I realized that whatever wisdom I had given previously to them stayed at their head level and never moved them to embodying the change.  They stayed stuck because they had not owned the change.  The new path was not theirs, but mine. I was not being a very good counselor at all.

However, if I reframed the whole dynamic by telling the client that I’m in the passenger seat in their car and that they are the driver, then I saw more progress.  I found that if I elicited their goals and listened for “change talk” from them, then I could help them hone their own path with greater clarity.  By doing this, I helped them move from an external locus of control to an internal locus of control where they felt empowered to change their life towards their definition of a new life-giving reality.  From this place of empowerment, they were internally freer to ask for my help, my opinions, my services, and my wisdom, because they knew how and where to apply those things into their own life-plan.  In other words, the client becomes something like a CEO of their business and works with a business consultant, the counselor, to build a strong business plan and then execute it.

“Getting off our knees” means to stop projecting our individual and collective power onto an external force, whether that is political or religious.  The best place to start in the getting-off-our-knees process is to do our individual inner work, our shadowboxing.  No one can do this for us, but we CAN get help in doing it.  We must make this decision and believe me when I say that a person can have 3 PhDs, be a CEO of some big money business, be a successful holistic healer, be the most knowledgeable Truther out there, and have successfully run away from doing their own inner work their whole life.  The distance from the head to the heart is sometimes the hardest, most difficult path to take; and it requires lots of courage.  But the payoff for doing this is really worth it because we find ourselves empowered, standing from our own dignity, and able to discern what kind of help we need.

“Praying for help” can really be most effective if we know for ourselves what we need.  Like the first troops on the ground, we scout out the territory, assess the situation, and then ask for help from our “commanders” to assist in the fight.  The fight is ours AND we are not alone in the fight. There is a dignity and empowerment in the giving of our allowing others to help.  Praying, calling, asking—we effectively do these things when we know for a fact that WE are our saviors AND asking positive beings for greater wisdom, love, expansive seeing, spiritual and technological services, does not take away our sovereignty but enhances it.

If we think that this is a new message, let me offer the words of a man who said basically the same thing many centuries ago:



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