Christianity After Disclosure, Part 4: Jesus, the Logos, and the Path of the Heart

It very well may be that amongst the 30% mixed polarity planets like Earth in the galaxy (Ra said that 60% are totally positive, 10% go negative, and 30% are mixed), the Logos creates a pathway that is based upon relationship so that 3rd Density natives can move towards harvestability in a more straight-lined fashion that cuts through heavily distorted philosophies and religions. In the 60% positive polarity planets, like the one Ra enjoyed, the pathway to the Creator could be more philosophical (60.16). This pathway, unlike other paths, does not put the emphasis on knowledge (esoteric or exoteric) and doing the right rituals (ie white magic) and practices (all of which are totally fine), but rather on a direct relationship with a person and right praxis (heartful living).  When we fall in love with the person of Jesus–and our hearts burn with a kind of joy and abundance–we naturally want to imitate him (like knows like).  If we imitate him in earnest, then we discover a most powerful and interesting central teaching of what later was called, “Christianity.”  We find that the path “up” (higher vibrations, higher gnosis of union with the Logos, etc) is really the path “down” through surrendering our will into Love, Itself.  [see Ra’s comment here: 94.26 “All things in manifestation may be seen in one way or another to be offering themselves in order that transformations may take place upon the level appropriate to the action.” and 93.24 “Thus the crux ansata (crucifixion or ankh) is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation and beyond manifestation through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.”]
Then, without even needing to follow esoteric traditions, we become healers and adepts in the sense that Ra speaks: “The healer has no will of its own…for it is aware that all is one and that the Creator is knowing Itself” (66.15). Finally, when we awaken, as St. Paul did, to the reality of the Body of Christ which is all of creation, our minds are expanded enough to see that all is one and contained in the One; and that to serve and love others is to serve and love the One.
It’s a heart-based pathway based in relationship that gets people started.  The Logos, Itself, set up this straight pathway through communion with the man, Jesus, who we see from Ra, Q’uo, and other sources, so radically (radius=roots) surrendered himself to the will of the Logos, stopped channeling the Logos and became the Logos for the latter part of his incarnation.  That was what the 4th density graduated Confederation member, later known as Jesus, preincarnationally decided to do as his service to the Earth– to be a pure channel for Love, Itself (17.11).   We know from Ra that Love is the 2nd primal distortion; is called Intelligent Energy; and is called the Logos.  Love, as Logos, has a sentience and since the “original desire of the Infinite Creator is that all things seek and become one” (20.27), the Logos, Itself, self-emptied (kenosis) and revealed Itself plainly through Jesus so that Creator interfaced directly with Creature (which, in actuality is a part of Itself in fractal forms) and invited us right into the very heart of Itself.  [note: I agree with traditional Christianity’s notion that Jesus was both human and divine–but I add the nuance that this “oneing” happened through Jesus’ own free-will and surrender]. What is required this path, then, is to use our freewill (1st primal distortion) to learn how to surrender to the will of the “Father,” the Logos, as Jesus did (following his example) and thus become channels–even crystalized channels–of the very essence of the Logos: which is love.  When we do this, as Ra says, we become more and more of what we seek: one with the One–>the Infinite Creator seeking Itself (73.10).
The brilliant thing about all of that is that no special schooling, no special secret mysteries or rituals, etc, are really necessary in any way to follow this path.  All this is required is to see with our heart that the Creator is everywhere, including in the mirror. By doing this, it rearranges our behavior, thoughts, and feelings to conform with this fiery surrender to reality. We thus live the Law of One without having to read the Law of One and that’s the point of the Christian pathway.  It’s less a belief system and more of a statement of reality, especially for natives to 3rd density on Earth, whose root stock, as we know from Ra, comes from places all over the galaxy of souls repeating and repeating the lessons of 3rd density.  And because of the extreme distortions carried in by the root stock of Earth’s humanity–helped along and intensified by those crafty negatives–made the pathway into a belonging system based upon right beliefs, etc. This thwarted the Christian path and served to block the heart by intensifying a closed circuit of the lower chakra triad.
It is my belief that even though it’s been 2000 years since the time of Jesus Event, we have really not yet begun to unpackage its impact.  We are kindergartners except for those few who have moved into the mystical levels and found the immortal diamond of truth–the Perennial Truth–that undergirds all of the major religious movements and then revealed much more plainly through the Law of One material.

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