Evolution Begins in Crisis: The Law of Three and the Law of One

With the disclosure of many hidden things on the horizon, it is imperative that we as a collective begin to develop the ability to handle emotional tension.  We don’t have to wait until disclosure hits in order to do this.  We can start right now in our daily lives and see where we are challenged and perplexed into a new spaciousness of thought and relatedness with ourselves, other-selves, and creation around us.  

Begin with any place in your life where you feel powerless to move beyond or control.  Just a cursory glance on some social media sites that feature awakened and truther communities, it is easy to spot people’s reactions of the new energies that are instreaming from our sun as we move into higher galactic energetics.  Some are blissful, some are confused, some are feeling anger, anxiety, and depression.  Most are probably feeling combinations of these.

I am mental health counselor at a university in Texas and we have never had as many clients coming in for issues of apathetic depression and high anxiety.  Other universities report increases in anxiety and depression.   I’ve never heard so many people “just not wanting to be here” right now, wishing that they wouldn’t wake up in the morning to face yet another day of confusion and feelings of purposelessness.  

Please allow me to briefly offer a context to understand how all of this crisis and internal turmoil is actually part of our overall collective and individual evolution.  

The Law of One:

In the Law of One material, Ra speaks about how the Earth is spiraling into the higher energetics of Green Ray, Fourth Density, which affects the entire planet and our collective humanity (40.11).  They report that many people are not able to internalize and make efficient use of the new energy and therefore withdraw into themselves more orange chakraand more and thus get stuck in orange-ray, second chakra, energetics (41.14).  This, in turn, creates a “heavily over-woven orange ray [layer] of planetary consciousness” (40.11). 

Many people are withdrawing into themselves (orange ray blockage) and this can lead to depression and self-isolation.  In fact, I might say that the increase in anxiety that so many feel could be the conflict and meshing of different energy frequencies bombarding our systems simultaneously.  Green Ray energy opens us up to universal love and understanding (the stuff of Fourth Density).  There is a joyful drive to self-transcend and connect with others, with Gaia, and with the Universe.  But couple this with the heaviness of collective Orange Ray, then we are left with confusion that lies just beyond our conscious awareness leaving our unconscious, collective and individual, in turmoil.  Since we have little context to understand this heavy swirling of energies, and since it feels so immediate and intense, we can fall victim to overwhelming anxiety and even panic.  

The Law of Three, which is a cosmic law that undergirds all physical, emotional, and spiritual evolution, was introduced in the West by Gurdjieff in the mid-1900s.  More Trinity and Law of Threerecently, the Law of Three has been expressed eloquently by mystic and spiritual teacher, Cynthia Bourgeault in her book, The Trinity and the Law of Three.  In that book, she attempts to explain how this metaphysical law is the very motor behind the Infinite Creator’s constant unfolding self-becoming.  Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, introduces his friend’s metaphysics in this way (Source: https://cac.org/law-three-changes-everything-2017-03-12/):

If three-ness captures the essence of the cosmos more than two-ness, it means that we can hold our perspective with earnestness while fully awaiting an uncontrived third force to arrive and surprise us all out of our neat little boxes. Note that this isn’t some mere synthesis of opposition, but something genuinely novel arriving on the scene, a Position C.

The exact form that third force takes is beside the point, nor is it that first and second force suddenly find themselves invalidated in the face of some newer, shinier debut. Instead, the third force redeems each position and gives everyone a valuable role to play in the creation of something genuinely new—a fourth possibility that becomes the new field of our collective arising.

Cynthia Bourgeault writes: (Source: https://cac.org/the-metaphysical-lens-2017-03-15/)

The vast majority of the world’s metaphysical systems are binary. They work on the principle of paired, equal opposites. We see great archetypal polarities that are somehow held in balance: male/female, dark/light, conscious/unconscious, good/evil, action/being. Our dualistic minds feel comfortable in that kind of binary swing. Binary systems prefer symmetry and come to resolution in stasis or stillness.

Ternary systems have three independent forces coming together to form something new, a fourth thing. Perhaps the simplest example is a braid. You need at least three sections of hair for a braid to hold; the braid is then a new creation. The interweaving of threeness results in something that didn’t exist before. It is not just a swinging back and forth between two old things that were already there, but a drive into a brand new dimension.

While a binary system is by nature stable and symmetrical, a ternary system is asymmetrical and innovative. Unlike a pendulum, it cannot come to equilibrium within its own orbit; it seeks stability in a new plane, through a resolution that is at the same time a new arising. It corkscrews its way through time, matter, form—whatever plane is at hand—in a riot of uncertainty and new combinations, the whole of which is the fullness of divine reality.

Bourgeault continues: (Source: https://cac.org/a-new-arising-2017-03-16/)

The Law of Three, according to Gurdjieff, comprises what he calls the “Laws of World Creation and World Maintenance.” The basic foundational principles are:

  1. In every new arising there are three forces involved: affirming, denying, and reconciling.
  2. The interweaving of the three produces a fourth in a new dimension.
  3. Affirming, denying, and reconciling are not fixed points or permanent attributes, but can and do shift and must be discerned situationally.
  4. Solutions to impasses or sticking points generally come by learning how to spot and mediate third force, which is present in every situation but generally hidden.

Let’s consider a simple example. A seed, as Jesus said, “unless it falls into the ground and dies, remains a single seed” (John 12:24). If this seed does fall into the ground, it enters a sacred transformative process. Seed, the first or “affirming” force, meets ground, the second or “denying” force (and at that, it has to be moist ground, water being its most critical first component). But even in this encounter, nothing will happen until sunlight, the third or “reconciling” force, enters the equation. Then among the three they generate a sprout, which is the actualization of the possibility in the seed—and a whole new “field” of possibility.

A Personal Example of the Law of Three:

Born a mystic and always intrigued by metaphysics and esoterica, I felt that I had followed the path of my Christian childhood belief system right up to the edges of nonduality.  Without knowing it, I was bouncing off the ceiling of that belief system and ready for more.  I met a spiritual director, AC, who introduced me to dream interpretation (Jungian thought law-of-one-book-i-the-ra-materialand depth psychology), archetypes, and eventually to the Law of One.  I devoured the Law of One in two weeks and found it a source that seemed to draw together all of my many interests and passions.  It seemed very familiar and mind-expanding at the same time.  

However, while I was excitedly exploring these new metaphysics, I began to feel a split inside that opened up into an emotional wound.  I could not share these things with my beloved wife.  She remains to this day one of the most service-to-other oriented people I’ve met and she is a teacher for me in most ways.  She’s a brilliant scientist and medical doctor who is a pioneer in her field of medicine. Her spirituality is simple yet quite profound that reaches to her depths.  She attempts to find God in all people and to love and serve God by loving and serving others. Yet, for reasons I found out later in trance, she and I need to walk different spiritual paths for a time.  

I share this, because after a few months of delving into the Law of One (September to November, 2013) it began to dawn on me as I awakened more that negative polarity, Service-to-Self, power has been in play on Earth for a long time and the fruits of that labor is abundant for those with the eyes to see it.  I felt increasing anxiety and had only AC with whom to speak about my new seeing.  

As outward signs of my anxiety increased, my wife– not knowing the cause– began to all seeing eyeworry.  While out with a friend, she stumbled upon an email I sent to AC (I had left my computer open to an email I had sent, all she had to do was look at the screen) and what she found perturbed her greatly.  I spoke of aliens, Ra, Reptilians, reincarnation, etc.  You can imagine her shock.   

That night’s conversation was one of the hardest in my life.  She felt I was moving into delusion and was very worried for me.  I worried also, and I was too fresh into this new cosmic reality to feel at home there, yet.  I felt I was hurling into painful confusion and torn right through.  

I quit all things esoteric for a few months and dove into some of the great Christian mystics including Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, and Julian of Norwich. I was much julian of norwichmore open to their spiritual descriptions of the mystical journey and found that I could not only understand them deeply but had experienced what they described.  I also found that everything I was reading reminded me of what the Law of One had previously opened up for me.  In other words, I was encountering the Law of One from a Christian lens (a particular “distortion,” for sure) and seeing the mutual resonance there.  

I also read Cynthia Bourgeault’s book on Centering Prayer and began in earnest the deep encounters with the Divine that that contemplative approach affords.  I was being transformed because I was going very deep inside what Ra calls the deep mind and what the Christian path calls unitive consciousness.  

Several months later, I risked re-encountering the Law of One material and things esoterica because I could not resist the magnetic pull of my heart.  I found that I was no longer affected much by anxiety of others and the fear-tactics of the power elites.  I could see some of the handiwork of the Service-to-Self negatives and view it from a more transcendent position, one that sees how the negative and positive polarities work together to create mutual catalysts for spiritual evolution.  This new seeing was not a mind trick or a numbing out but rather a fuller forgiving and accepting of what is.  I found that I was an active agent, an awakening “cell” of a larger Body, who now desired to intentionally work for reconciliation, planetary transformation, and individual and collective healing.  I then befriended others who were on the same journey.

I read Bougeault’s book on the Trinity and the Law of Three and realized how the Law of Three played out in my own life during what seemed to be an almost insurmountable crisis of faith and identity.  The affirming force was the initial encounter with the Law of One, the slow awakening to the fuller scope of the facticity of the polarities, and the anxiety that ensued. Because I am a highly sensitive person, I do not know if I would have been able to handle much more truth and my anxiety would have just increased– to what end, I shudder to think.  The denying force was my wife’s discovery of my email centering prayerand intervention. I’m thankful that it occurred because I needed a pause button and I was not going to press it on my own. The reconciling force was my exploring the depth of Christian mysticism and most importantly, taking up the practice of Centering Prayer.  The new arising, when taking all of these forces together, was my ability to now see the larger picture which provides context and structure to my current work as a mid-wife to the Earth’s shift into 4th density.  

Though there remains a split in my life wherein I cannot share my current spiritual journey with my beloved, I can even accept this as perfect and part of the plan. For me, this has been real catalyst for learning love and wisdom balance as I’ve learned to walk in the liminal space and not need to be dualistic in my reactions. I can both love her even more deeply while being true to my strange vocation, which for the time being, must be walked with stealthy tread.  

The Law of Three on the Collective Level

The new arising that is forthcoming is the 4th density or as some have called it, the ascension.  The affirming force is the current slumbering state of the masses resting and restless in collective Orange Ray blockage. The denying force (that which denies the continued slumbering) is disclosure.  Right now, the disclosure narrative is the great battle ground and as more people 1) awaken, 2) connect, 3) meditate, and 4) engage, they become harbingers and bearers of the denying force.  Finally, the reconciling force will be the lynch pin that results in the new arising.  What will this reconciling force look like?  Ra, Jesus, and other spiritual masters all speak about the one thing that is needed:restorative justice the ability to accept and forgive.  Forgiveness does not mean letting go of accountability, but it does mean seeing perpetrators as other-selves, as us, as other cells in the same Body, and then bringing to bear a restorative justice that allows for healing on both sides.  It is discouraging to me when I see social media posts that gleefully speak about putting to death others who have done crimes against humanity.  How can knee-jerk reactions like this ever bring us closer to collective ascension?  Quite simply put, it can’t.  

Therefore, I invite all of us to go deeply within and ask, truly ask with sincere honesty, our guides, our Higher Selves, the Infinite Creator, Itself, for guidance on how to unblock our own areas of unhealthy constriction.  We will know we are on the right path when we see others with an overlay of love and honesty without any need to “throw shade” on anyone.  Projection of our shadow onto others is a clear sign that we are still in need of encountering deep truth and reconciliation within the recesses of ourselves.  


The Law of Three is the “driveshaft” of how the Infinite Creator creates and evolves.  We are the Infinite Creator evolving from the Cosmic Third Chakra (Third Density) to the Cosmic Fourth Chakra (the Density of Love and Understanding). The Affirming Force as the slumbering giant of humanity is being met here, in our times, by the Denying Force. But it is not enough to only bear the Denying Force, which is disclosure of massive and profound crimes against humanity, existence and cover-up of aliens, and new technology that will change our world.  The Law of Three will not be complete, will not ensue– no new arising will take place– until and unless we embody the Reconciling Force, as well.  

How can we possibly learn how to forgive and practice restorative justice in the face of such shocks?  It will be impossible for the dualistic mind, which is the mind that finds itself quite at home in the Orange Ray energy field.  Only the contemplative lens of nondual seeing will be transcendent enough to withstand the egoic need for retributive justice.  We must start with ourselves.

How many of our thoughts each day pit ourselves against others?  How often do I see myself as “in the know” versus those who are unawakened and feel superior, even if subtly?  How often do I desire revenge for wrong done against me or humanity?  Desiring revenge is different than desiring restorative justice.  Do I even know the difference?  How married am I to my belief system(s) so that I cannot or will not work with others who hold hard contrary belief systems?  When and why do I ever feel the need to label, judge, or put others down in a way that makes me feel good about myself and my group? 

We ALL have these issues, me, too, and so we all need to work on them.  To the degree that we take on with honesty and courage our individual and collective shadow(s) is to the degree that we will embody the Reconciling Force of the cosmic Law of Three that will result in our collect ascension.  

So let’s not wait.  If you have toyed with starting a meditative practice, please start now.  If you already do one, and it brings you joy, groundedness, and clearer seeing, then please continue and perhaps share your journey with others.  Ra says that other-selves man-in-the-mirrorare the Infinite Creator, all of creation around us is the Infinite Creator, and that person in the mirror is the Infinite Creator.  Let us start with that person first and endeavor to accept ourselves, forgive ourselves, and become the saviors that we are waiting for.

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