Bridge Building in the Age of Disclosure: An Appeal to the Awakening Community

Article by Doug Esse, MA, MSW, LCSW.

If you are reading this article, then you likely made a pre-incarnational choice before this lifetime to be a part of Earth’s humanity’s transition into 4th Density.  Though the number of awakening people is growing like never before, we are still a small minority when compared to the whole.  The question we can ask ourselves is, “What is my role, my mission as a subset of humanity who is awakening early?”

disclosure support pic

I would like to posit that the reason is to build bridges.  We incarnated here to be bridge builders from the old paradigm to a new one.  This is one of the hardest jobs that any human has undertaken because it requires us to learn to live with tension in so many areas of our lives! And we humans don’t like tension!

All humans strive to find equilibrium, and this is especially so in the psychological and spiritual realms.  We desire and long to enjoy psychological and spiritual peace within and stability, without.  But for us, Bridge Builders, that is often not our common Thomas-Creek-Bridge-Into-the-Unknown-by-Bill-Ratcliffeexperience, at least at the surface level. We learn, often through great struggle, that our lot incarnated to experience and hold the tension between worlds that most others do not know even exist.

We often come from the conventional world as children but no longer find that home base because we know and see too much.  At the same time, we don’t know what the future world will look like since it is in the process of becoming. Many of us feel drawn to hold the place of light-bearers in a spiritual sense.  Their focus is more spiritually based that endeavors to bring planetary enlightenment to our collective consciousness.  To all of you who find yourselves on thatSunsetNamaste spectrum of awakening before the sleeping giant of humanity awakens, we honor you and we know your struggles. For we are you, too.

This article is a brief invitation to all of us to bring into focus what Bridge Builders are and why we incarnated here at this time of the Great Shifting.  My hope is that you are inspired to keep doing what you feel called to do while holding in the forefront of your mind the idea that our community must hold ourselves to a high standard wherein we attempt with all our might to do what we do from the seat of Love, our heart center.  We are called to embody the notion of unity, which is distinctly not uniformity.  Uniformity entails a controlling ethos that demands sameness of thought, viewpoint, and practice.  Unity, on the other hand, is diversity overcome by love! Yes, we Bridge Builders are a diverse lot with differing backgrounds, opinions, narratives, and pathways that got us here in our awakening states.

But what we all have in common is that we have started the awakening process earlier than the rest so that we can help all of our other-selves bridge the gap from the old paradigm to a new one; a new world that will unfold in yet unknown ways except that it will blossom to the degree that our collective spirit manages the tension between the unveiling of great Shadow and meeting that with acceptance and ultimately forgiveness.

Our job as Bridge Builders is really hard because it requires us to first make the internal journey into our individual shadowlands and reconcile them with our own light.  We must learn to stop projecting our shadow elsewhere, especially onto other Bridge Builders, who like us, are mixed bags of complexity.  How often do we see ourselves throwing shade onto others which in reality is our own shadow which we haven’t fully accepted and forgiven?  It is a psychological truism that what I find most frustrating and irritating in others is in part what I don’t like about myself but won’t admit it.  How often do we need to label and judge others as ego-driven, money-makers, cult-leaders, disinfo trolls?  While it is true that some of those opportunists exist and have infiltrated the community, we need to be very careful at the pointing of fingers.  Why? Because if we don’t learn how to love those “enemies” now, then how are we going to help the rest of humanity move towards transformation once they learn of the great negativities that have gone on in the shadow recesses of our collective?  We have to learn and practice our ascension now as if it has already happening to us so that we can exemplify what transformed people look like.  We need people who haven’t thrown away conventional models and religions with the bathwater because the great mass of people will be coming from that world and will slowly assimilate new paradigms that in some cases enhance previous knowledge and in other cases replaces it.  We must be conversant withconstruction_bridge the conventional world so that we can meet our other-selves with normalization, which assuages anxiety, and then guidance across the bridges that honors their journey.  But who has built those bridges that people will cross? We did!

For this reason, I have listed below some invitations for all of us that can help us be the most effective and transformative Bridge Builders. This is imperative to do because we have chosen this moment, this small segment of time to incarnate and help manifest humanity’s optimal timeline.  The Logos has no body now but ours.  Look at your hands, your feet, your image in the mirror.  We are it, so we must shine.  But we will only shine with our truth if and only if we have brought our light of acceptance and forgiveness inside our own shadows first.

1)      Develop a meditative practice that silences the mind long enough to know for yourselves what the spaces between thoughts feels like.  Those spaces of no-thought are actually the felt-experiences of very spirit of the Infinite Creator, Itself.  It is our spirit since we are the Infinite Creator bearing the responsibility (honor/duty, as the Law of centeringprayerOne says it) of creating new life and self-expression into creation.  A meditation practice is the primary starting point because without the experience of inner spaciousness and silence, we will not transform negativity but instead be agents of its transmission.  As Bridge Builders, that is not why we chose now to incarnate and awaken.  Remember the sage advice written by Paul of Tarsus in a letter he wrote to the rambunctious community in Corinth: “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal” (1Cor 13:1). We could modernize this statement to something like this: If I can say all the right things, learn all the hidden truths, uncover new technology, speak to the world about what is going on behind the scenes, and even the channel disincarnate beings, but do not have love, then I am only a resounding gong and a clanging symbol.

2)      With the mental and spiritual spaciousness that ongoing practices of meditation gives us, then we must learn the art of walking in liminal space.  Liminal space is that place of knowing and not-knowing, simultaneously.  It is the place of both-and, rather than either-or.  It is the energetic nexus between the old room that we have forever left old room, new roomand the new room that has yet to reveal itself fully. It is often not a comfortable place and most people either run back to the old room (conventional paradigms) and redecorate, thus prolonging growth and transformation, or run too quickly into addictions and distractions that promise to assuage the anxiety that the tension of liminal-space dwelling produces. But Bridge-Builders are liminal-space dwellers and we build our bridges in that valley. That’s our gift to humanity.

3)      When we have made a home in liminal space, able to hold paradoxes together, able to allow other people to be both blind and clear seeing at the same time because we know how blind, foolish, and wise we, too, are, then we start to enter into the higher energetics of forgiveness.  Until and unless we can accept and forgive our own Forgivebrokenness, we will not be able to do this with the collective, and we will not fully live our vocations as Bridge Builders. Friends, this is the hardest part of our job because it requires great courage and honesty.  Yet, the fruit of honesty and self-examination is to become bearers of the light of forgiveness; crystalized instruments of the Logos, Itself, so that we can become the leaven that catalyzes the ascension of our entire collective.  That is how important it is that we learn how to live in liminal space, and not need to project our shadow, not need to judge or name call or approach other’s belief systems with quick dismissal.  Liminal-space living allows for your own belief system (which is a necessary foundation) that is open to the experience and truth of other systems which on the surface may contradict your own.  We can do this because one of the hallmarks of someone who lives in liminal space is depth.  And when we go deep in one place, we find the river below that sources truth to all belief systems.  Forgiveness entails seeing and granting the reality of unity to all of creation, which as we discussed above, is defined as diversity overcome by love.

4)      Finally, and most simply, if whatever meditation practice that you are doing and whatever role you are playing— Truther, teacher, alliance member, bearer of light andopen heart love— and it is bringing you to a place of more love, then trust it and continue.  If, on the other hand, you find yourself more judgmental, angry, fearful, and dry, then ask the Divine Creator with sincerity for a new practice or lens to view life that allows for greater heart-energy activation in your own life.  You may need to put the pause button on for a moment to allow for inner rebalancing and equilibrium. In these moments, trust that the pause is life-giving and surrender into the process by giving yourself permission to rest.  When you dip back into the Bridge-Making world, you’ll be able to set aside that which hindered you and adopt that which enriches and leads you to love more.  Let love be your metric in discernment.


We, my fellow Bridge Builders, are on the cusp of a new world and we are mid-wives to its birth.  Our community is quite diverse as evident in our roles, backgrounds, ethnicities, “reality-bubbles,” and stories.  We have a whole lot in common, though, and that commonality is much more evident on the other side of the veil of our current 3rd Density planetary situation.  On the other side of the veil, it is really apparent that we are a team and chose this time to incarnate in order to build bridges from the conventional world to the new world.  If you are reading this, then you are a part of the awakening community and have likely felt your heart stirred as preincarnational memories begin to rise to the surface from the deep mind.  Where to start?  Start right where you are and watch yourself as you engage with others in our community who see things differently than you.  What are your reactions? We will know when we are building bridges well when we can allow others to be just as much complex as we know ourselves to be; paradoxical and sometimes contradictory.  When faced with the bad, we will know that the best critique of the bad is the practice of the better. We will honor our fellow Bridge-Builder’s vocations even if we don’t understand them fully or completely agree with their expressions.

This honor and duty to be Bridge Builders is heavy, I admit.  But it is also very joyful not only because you and I have a front row seat at the cosmic show, but we are also the actors on the stage!! And lastly, the payoff to being a Bridge Builder is second to none since the catalyst of living and loving in liminal space can most efficiently blast us through into the enjoyment of experiencing radiant intimacy with all things. That’s enlightenment which radiates a kind of joy and love that the sleeping masses will gravitate towards in their blurry-eyed stumble across the bridges that we built.


4 thoughts on “Bridge Building in the Age of Disclosure: An Appeal to the Awakening Community

    1. I know that feeling. But when I feel that way, I realize that I’ve lost perspective and am not living from my place of connectedness to source that is way more powerful than the cabal Matrix. Unplug from that info for a bit and find a meditation practice that allows you to enjoy beauty again in the simple things.


  1. I agree with the importance of daily meditation practice. This is something the Confederation emphasizes heavily. It seems to me that people want to focus on all kinds of external things, especially the worldly drama, but they don’t want to go within. Ra says that meditation helps to strengthen our will and faith. And those two things will be very important for graduation from third density. Ra says that strong will and faith are required to cross the boundary between third and fourth. If you think you can do that without cultivating a daily meditation practice, best of luck to you.


  2. Oh my goodness…thank you for this blog post. My life is now finally making sense. My worldview was poked through again this week and I have been led here. My heart and story say I am a bridge builder but beyond that, I have much to learn. I have been learning about collective consciousness for the past few years as well as energy and healing. Just these past few days, I was introduced to Corey Goode and David Wilcocks. I have been trying to reconcile all of that with my Christian roots. I am a Spiritual Director and healer and am in the midst of healing myself from chronic illness. I am also a mother and wife. I have felt called to help heal “my people: – Christians in a more evolved community where we go to church. I would say we are progressive and we hold the tension pretty well between liberal and conservative Christianity but would not be comfortable at all with the Disclosure worldview or whatever to call it. I have been holding so much tension with all that I am learning and seeing and have felt so alone, only sharing parts of what I know with various people. My husband is no where close to any of this but knowing I chose this makes me feel better. I feel like I am home here just after reading this article. I am going to gobble up this information and then see what happens. I am grateful, relieved, sad and at peace. I guess my next steps are to read through this website. I look forward to connecting with other bridge builders…thank you!!


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