Bridging Our Differences: Order, Disorder, and Reorder

An Article by Doug Esse, MA, MSW, LCSW

From the accounts of whistleblowers and for those who attempt to read between the lines of the main stream media, we are in the midst of a world war.  Perhaps not since emeryWWII has our planet been in such flux and chaos. In some ways, we could say that our planet, and our collective humanity, has never been more chaotic and in disorder.  There are obvious differences between our current war and previous world wars. For one, there is a huge cyber component rather than the nuts and bolts of conventional warfare.  Also, most of this war is happening behind the scenes, out of the public eye. But even more telling is the conflict going on to win over and influence our collective consciousness.  As humanity awakens, the battle centers around how to interpret our collective story. Humanity’s future is ground zero for this war.

In our previous article on bridge building in the awakening community [1], we saw thatbridgers our gift to humanity is in learning how to walk in many liminal spaces in our lives between the conventional and the cosmic and between knowing and not knowing. That article was a call for us to look at each other with a spirit of comradeship since living in liminal space isn’t easy!  We are a diverse group; but, what unites us is deeper than our divisions of belief systems, temperaments, roles, and ideologies.  We find ourselves awakening before the sleeping giant of humanity and dealing with our stuff now so that we can help our other-selves walk through their liminal spaces of confusion and growth as their journey unrolls.

In this article, I want to offer a context to understand our bridge building as the Awakening Community in light of the human and spiritual development. I am borrowing ideas from the psychological and theological worlds and bringing them into the Awakening Community’s awareness.  Some modern thinkers describe three stages as simple consciousness, complex consciousness (“fight, flight, and freeze”) and non-dual consciousness [2]. These three levels follow the pattern of order, disorder, and reorder.

  1. Order: We begin with almost entirely tribal thinking, mirroring the individual journey, which starts with an egocentric need for “order” and “self.” Only gradually do we move toward inclusive love.”
  2. Disorder: We slowly recognize that invitation to a “face to face” love affair with the Divine through the falling and getting back up in a renewed sense over and over, which matures the soul. This is where we need wisdom teachers to walk with us through our “disorder.”
  3. Reorder: Among a symbolic few, there is a breakthrough to unitive consciousness
    Anadamayi Ma

    [for example, figures like Jesus, Mary Magdalen, Siddhartha, Anadamayi Ma, just to name four among many]. This is also what some call enlightenment, salvation, and ascension.


Order is not a bad thing.  We need it, in fact, on a soul level to have something that gives us identity and later, something to push against.  The individual person throughout their lifespan needs order to some degree, especially as children.  However, those of us in the Awakening Community are becoming aware that much of the collective ordering that we have used to make sense of reality has been crafted for us by a power elite which includes ETs and humans [3]that have endeavored to lead humanity to fulfill their agenda which lies along the negative polarity [4].  We see examples of this elitism in the Law of One evenA business man wearing blinders --- Image by © ImageZoo/Corbis before Orion’s influence began to be felt in earnest.  Some of those souls from Mars (50% of the root stock of the human population) who were genetically tinkered with by a positive, albeit naïve, group [5] began to believe themselves superior than others and thus the collective thoughtform of a negative, elite nature, emerged.  The Orion Empire has been working hard ever since to empower that macro thoughtform and much of what we consider the Orion-made matrix [6] that we live in is precisely this.

One of the great tricks that the negative polarity does is attempt to coopt positive ideas, symbols, and movements when they emerge. They never completely squelch the positive vein because the purity of the seeker in his or her polarity determines in great part how the belief system gets rolled out in a practical level. [7]

Nevertheless, some level of order is necessary and it is a great place to start out in any path, be it educational, spiritual, emotional, etc.  One has to build a foundation (order) and then move forward.  Order, as a stage in the process, is simple, straight-forward, black and white.  It doesn’t tolerate ambiguity very well, nor internal tension. It is dense, and necessarily so, because you must build a strong foundation with sturdy stuff.

However, order can become dangerous when people begin to mistake it for absolute truth.  It is especially dangerous when there is a collective ordering that restricts people from seeing its inherent shadows. Authoritarian ordering hates and kills healthy critique.  Prophets, those whose social role it is to point out the shadows, are often maligned and taken out. What is the great threat to order? What is necessary for any evolution to take place, be it on the personal level or the collective level? Disorder.


Disorder does not feel very good, usually.  It can often be mistaken for the negative by people who are awakening from their ordered world.  Indeed, frequently for healthy evolution to occur, the distorted parts of the ordering process need to be burned and purged.  This process is not easy and requires first and foremost, honesty and the intention to seek truth, grounded in and undergirded by love.

We, in the Awakening Community, are one of the first ones in the human collective to begin, and I stress, begin, to perceive the amount of disorder that is going on.  Many in the world are sensing the global disorder and have questions such as: Why are more people than ever before seeking counselor for anxiety and depression?  Why are their more mass shootings now?  Why are there so many pedophiles and sexual abuse cases?  What is going on?

The Awakening Community, thanks to whistleblowers, and more and more people willing to have open minds to exploring the depths of spirituality and breadth of the hidden knowledge out there, see that the Orion’s matrix is getting systemic glitches and failures.  We know what we know which is not even on the radar of the conventional mindset.  They don’t even know what they don’t know!

As Bridge Builders, we are the first ones tasked with connecting dots, clearing swamps, and building structures for our other-selves as a part of the process of our collective ascension. We must learn to live in the disorder and through will, power, and love, help forge the reordering process through our faith, our good works, our solidarity, and most of all (and hardest of all) our own inner work.


It seems to me that the great trick to good reordering is to learn for ourselves that this stage is never an end of itself.  Reorder is a process that unfolds, and the unfolding takes place by people who have accessed their heart centers.  In this way, personal and collective egocentrism is assuaged and smoothed into harmony once people’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met in light of the good of the whole.  This is fourth density living and in my mind, this is where the stage of reorder, for which we have been yearning, finally comes to a fullness.

Reorder, as a stage, is complex in nature and can handle paradox, some degree of tension, and gives space for ideas and people to be complex, too.  Reordering is accomplished by transformed people who have undergone and are continually undergoing their own journey of reordering.

We are not there as a collective. I say this strongly because we need to realize that evenhumility when we, the Awakening Community, believe that we have discovered a pearl of great price, some facet of truth, we would do well to be humble and admit right off the bat that we don’t know what we don’t know, too.

Why is this so important?


One visible reason why this is pertinent is how people who have not done their inner work, individually and collectively, deal with power once they have it.  For example, look at the revolution in Cuba.  Castro, Che Guevara, and other leaders rightly saw the evil in the oppression they desired to overthrow.  But once they took power, they became just as oppressive and internally insecure, evidenced in the regime’s quick silencing of healthy critique.  The great temptation when engaged in the process of disorder is to regress to the former order and disguise it as reorder.  I’m just going to name two examples for us to ponder.

Look at how quickly and easily some people in the Awakening social media circles come to conclusions that they take as absolute truth without realizing the complexity in other people, ideas, or belief systems.  We cannot see or accept that there is light and goodness in the other, whatever or whomever the other is. How often are groups like Democrats, liberals, or Christians demonized?  There are plenty of shadows there, but some of the comments are downright dualistic and caustic.

Another example is patriotic passion.  Please don’t mistake me for saying that I dislike the notion of feeling a love for a country, a culture, a people, an idea. These are the things that motivate and carry people through death’s valleys. I have seen Q’s reports q-anonthat many patriots are dying behind the curtains for our freedom. There are heroes and they remain unsung since this war is largely out of the public eye.  Yet patriotism can also be used to manipulate and control, too, as we have seen in countless wars into which the elites have puppeteered us. During our current stage of collective disorder, where freedom’s light breaks through in what has been kept dark and dank, we can name patriots who fight on, but we should take care in labeling others as unpatriotic.  Do we want to fall back into a “whose team are you on” dualistic mentality?

Bridge building requires us, the Awakening Community, to desire and seek truth while holding open our hearts and activating these higher energy centers. The higher seeing and living that results from upper-chakra activation is more unitive in nature where people and ideas are not pitted against each other but rather held in tension so that something new can break through. I don’t think that this has ever been done before on a large scale in human history, so please know that you’re awakening now for a most important role! The reordering of humanity begins with us.

Trust Your Journey So Far

If you are reading this article, then you have already gone through quite a bit of order, disorder, and reorder in your life.  I said that we as a collective are not anywhere near reorder, but as individuals, many of you have found a home in trusting your own journey as it has unfolded, often in surprising ways.  Don’t you see?  Your reordering is found right in the disorder and you have made a home in liminal space.  As dusts settles, you see more clearly and find that you are on higher ground.  This is precisely what Bridge Builders do!

Many of us have traditionally identified with the Republican party and consider ourselves “conservative.”  It takes all of 20 seconds on the Awakening Community’s social media to see many posts that could be considered, “right wing.”  Yet, in order to find yourself in the Awakening Community, you’ve had to be able to see and deal with the strong presence of the negative elite (Cabal/Illuminati) in the midst of the conservative movement.  In a way, Awakening members have not found a place to rest their head comfortably within that wing of the false dichotomy in a long while.  You are ostracized by the conventional GOP.

Many of us come to the Awakening Community from the political progressive and liberal spectrum.  The author of this article would be one of these people and I can tell you that it has been very difficult to assimilate a clearer picture of what has been going on while learning of the great shadow in that wing of the false dichotomy.  Blasting through the MSM’s crafted narrative creates great emotional and psychological disorder no matter in which belief systems you previously found a home.  I honor Jordan Sather’s attempt address this issue in his video, “I Can’t Stand Conservatives Who Hate Liberals” [8]. Yet, even in the comment section there, you have people who say they are going to move on from him because he has somehow been compromised in calling for civility.

David Wilcock also tries to address the Awakening Community’s political ambivalence, most recently in his article, “Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now” [9].   by reminding us that:



As is always expected in any instance of discussing the current President of the US, we davidget a raft of incredibly upset people writing in about it.

Look. I get it. This is not the guy you wanted. He has made many mistakes and upset great numbers of people. His personality is not like mine.

Let’s also be clear that the Republicans are dirty as hell, just like the Democrats.

There are just as many NAMBLA members in Congress from either party. [North American Man-Boy Love Association.]

Even if Trump were completely not in the picture, the Alliance would still be doing what they are doing. Please remember that.

What the Alliance is doing is breaking down the walls of secrecy against a murderous, Satanic force.

This plan has been in place since the 1950s just within the American components. Foreign components have been working on it since the 1700s.”


Not only that, but Corey Goode has mentioned in interviews over the years that membersCorey of the Alliance are also broken people, like all of us, who are trying to do the right things in the name of freedom.  We definitely do need to honor this push for freedom while making sure that we do not elevate any one person to the status of social sainthood.  Trump is likely a better man than liberals deem him but he has a lot areas of growth on a personal level that is evident with those who can see more complexly.

We need to ask ourselves why there are so few minorities in the Awakening Community. Maybe they are largely still victims of main stream narrative?  Or perhaps many of them, and many awakening people on the Left can see social ills that we can’t see yet? When the hard work of  removing the Cabal from power is over, we, as a collective, will need years to heal and learn how we have been divided; and how we, unbeknownst to ourselves, have contributed to the divisions [10].


How can we, the Awakening Community, learn to live with tension between knowing and not-knowing?  Maybe this could be a question to hold in the background of our minds when we see the latest Q post, read the next Truther article, or watch the next whistleblower come out to the light?  We are in for some awesome times ahead as evidenced by the great amount of disorder now swirling in the physical and astral realms.  The old is cracking to let the new in.  We are the boots on the ground and this is a fight to the death.  But what or who has to die?  Ultimately it is the great False Self, a collective egoic thoughtform that was born long ago and fed, nurtured, and raised by those who have made the path of separation (the metaphysical journey of the False Self) their chosen polarity back to the Creator.  That is what needs to die– not by a counterpoint hatred that desires eradication but death in terms of taking away the great False Self’s food: scapegoating, projection, anger, resentment, and desire for revenge.  Through acceptance, restorative justice [11], forgiveness, our false selves, and the great False Self, will all be transformed leading to the stoppage of our collective Third Density karma [12].

We all have our own false selves and feel the temptations to be to be right and play on the right team. This is natural tendency but we play our roles best as Bridge Builders when we can allow for other people, ideas, belief systems to be as complex and filled with contradictions as we, ourselves, are.

In the near future, we will want those from the [now] political liberal end as they begin to awaken.  Many good progressive movements have helped our society see things we were blind to before and have made attempts, albeit distortedly, to address real social bias, discrimination, and unwarranted privileges.  They will bring to the table already well-developed models of community organizing and programs to help empower marginalized groups.  Yes, many of their programs have been financed by Cabal members in an attempt to coopt an original positive initiative and then craft the narrative, but why do we need to demonize the many, many millions of people who have good hearts and want to help see social justice prevail?  Rather than being on the opposite sides, we in the Awakening Community could see them as allies, and once full disclosure hits, many from the Left will be great models of higher chakra living. I know this personally because I worked for 20 years with different nonprofits who sought to help the poor and marginalized.  Many of the people I met then are still my heroes.

So, my dear family in the Awakening Community, let us begin today by asking the positive etheric beingsInfinite Creator to help us see how we can build bridges to our other-selves.  When we call for aid, it is answered and our higher selves [13], positive ET’s [14], and the angelics [15] galvanize the Infinite Creator’s own Intelligent Energy [16] to bring forth a transformation.  As below, so above… so let’s work on our “below,” and trust that Love, the essence of unity, filters from the personal to the collective.  So be it.























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