Christ Returns and Judges? Nondual Christianity and the Law of One

Christ Consciousness Personified as Jesus

Mainline Christianity holds that Christ will return some time in the future and will act as a divine judge sifting the wheat from the chaff. For the righteous, “He” rewards eternal life in heaven. For the wicked, He casts out into the fiery furnace to burn for all of eternity. Many christian parents think that their only job is to “get their kids to heaven,” and with that mandate, they will do whatever it takes to make sure the child follows the straight and narrow. Their anguish is real when the child no longer believes in Christianity or commits some serious “sin” that threatens their soul to eternal damnation. There are softer versions of this eschatology, but most of you reading this now are very familiar with this message…. and have likely rejected it because you know, deep down inside, that it can’t be true in the way that it is wholeheartedly believed and taught.

However, there is a strain of orthodoxy, an alternative orthodoxy, that is gaining lots of attention in the last fifty years. I’d like to briefly outline an alternative way to understand some controversial terms of mainline Christianity that are congruent with the Law of One’s metaphysics, which as I have argued elsewhere, is the clearest presentation of what has been called the Perennial Tradition that humans have today. Please take the time to take in the following graphics I created that help illustrate the Perennial Tradition and how the very center of it is the Law of One.








The Great Shifting Is Happening NOW

(Most) conservative Christians would affirm that we need to be saved by faith in Jesus in order to go heaven. When Christ comes again, there will be a reckoning. (Most) liberal Christians are very uncomfortable with the latter idea and they believe that it is a metaphor meant to build the kingdom of God here and now. Their idea is that Christ returns in the hearts of the people who want to make the world a better place. They would either deny that any harvest would take place because a God who would throw people in hell for all eternity is NOT a God of love, which they believe God to be; or they would just ignore the whole notion altogether and chalk it up to early Church beliefs that hoped for Christ’s return within their lifetimes. Good Scripture scholarship supports this idea, in fact, and shows that even Paul’s writing indicate a fervent belief in the imminent return of Christ with his lifetime. By the time Paul is an old man, he begins to doubt the imminent return of Christ and wonders if there is a different interpretation of eschatology than how he understood it in his youth.

The Law of One sheds great light on both positions and finds them both true on one hand and clearly distorted on the other. The following would likely not satisfy either camp but such tension of “both-and” is often difficult although often more accurate. To put it succinctly: There is a harvest but there is no eternal hell. As fourteenth century Christian mystic, Julian of Norwich, exclaimed, “All will be well and all will be well, and all manner of thing will be well!”

As we will see, Christ does return during harvesting time and judges, but Christ is not separate from ourselves. We, in fact, awaken to Christ consciousness (the Return) and judge ourselves, both individually and collectively. We are Christ returning and judging.

We are Christ and Christ is in us…

The Harvest

Ra states in the Law of One material that our planet is a third density planet as far as our human consciousness is concerned. But the planet, itself, has shifted into the 4th density energy. This means that there is an incongruence between our levels of consciousness and the cosmic environment into which we have traveled. This incongruence is causing several phenomenon including increase of global warming (which is also exacerbated by human, 3rd density trash and pollution), and an increase in the intensity of emotional reactions among humans who have not learned through successive incarnations to balance their karma through forgiveness and more harmoniously regulate their reactions to everyday catalysts. (See Sessions 13.22, 13.23).

Ra says in 13.23, “The fourth density is, as we have said, as regularized in its approach as the striking of a clock upon the hour.”

When is the hour? What might happen when that hour is struck? Even the Ra group, from the vantage point of sixth density, says they do not know the hour for sure but they do have an idea what might happen when it does strike.


Fourth Density Activated

Earth will become a fully fourth-density planet and the inhabitants will be able to thrive within that light of love with heart activation. They will be poised to begin creating the fourth density phenomenon that Ra calls a “social memory complex.”

Social Memory Complex

A social memory complex is not so hard to imagine since we third-density humans have been yearning for this throughout the eons. It is an emotional, psychological, and spiritual joining of hearts and minds of a society so that no disharmony is possible anymore within the group (Session 16.50). Each individual is clearly understood and accepted as a member of the larger Body and there will be no hunger, physical sickness, or need because people’s thoughts and feelings will be readable and shareable through energetic levels. Abilities such as reading auras and telepathy will be commonplace as the group coheres into one Heart. The rigid edges of individuality soften, and while the process of individuation still occurs, the activated heart’s capacity to see the self in the other binds people together into true communities. Fourth density, is indeed, the density of Love and Understanding. It may be the New Jerusalem as intuited by the author of Ezekiel, and the Heavenly Jerusalem as intuited by the author of Revelation.

Our third density natural impulse to collect together in ecclesias (gatherings of hearts and minds) is laying the foundation work for the eventual emerging of the merging of all humans upon Earth. This will not be accomplished via artificial intelligence but rather it is a completely natural phenomenon. In fact, Ra states what is known as the Akashic Records is actually our budding social memory complex that still remains largely in the collective unconscious, though many more people are able to access it whether they know it or not as the Earth passes into fourth density cosmic energy. When the Earth and its humanity become fully green-ray activated, the Akashic Records will be realized and enjoyed at the collective conscious level.

Less than a century ago, a Catholic priest named Teilhard de Chardin intuited Earth’s future social memory complex and called it the “noosphere.” See here how a theologian inspired by Teilhard describes his ideas:

Teilhard de Chardin

The evolving noosphere [sphere of human thought] . . . calls for . . . people, individually and collectively, [to] create and contribute to its evolution. The purpose of such a relational spirituality is to bring the noosphere to its highest level of convergence, eventually operating as a single consciousness. This convergent oneness of humanity and the planet will be a knowledge-based and love-inspired union and communion.

Who will be the inhabitants of fourth density Earth?

Ra states that, unfortunately, most humans on Earth are not yet heart-activated enough to withstand the intensity of the light of love, transparency, and understanding for fourth density habitation and they will need to incarnate on another third-density planet elsewhere to continue the lessons of the density of self-awareness and choice (3rd). It is important to note here that God, as it were, is not going to be “one” making that selection. There is no “Man Upstairs (with a beard)” ready to throw people in the eternal fire. WE, ourselves, will be the ones to judge our readiness for the baseline requirements of love and understanding inherent in fourth density living. Below, we will discuss some of the content of these judgements in order to help us look at ourselves both individually and collectively.

Instead, many humans who are ready for fourth density lessons from other planets will be brought in to mingle with Earth humans. Like our third density experience, Earth’s fourth density human population will be heterogeneous and diverse. This is good because unity is not uniformity, that all things must be the same. True unity is diversity emerged from and held together by love and understanding. The motley crew of Earth’s fourth density seed population will provide good fermentation for robust growth and exciting things await!

Christ Consciousness Arising

Divine Matrix

There are various interpretations of the phrase, “Christ consciousness.” For me, the most basic definition is this: Christ consciousness is that bandwidth of gnosis (experiential knowing) that enjoys and delights in the divine presence within, and as, all material things, most especially including humans.

Never before in human history have the ideas of unity, union, belonging, oneness, and shared divinity been so widely taught throughout the world, and not just in spiritual circles but also through the scientific community. Never before in human history have we engaged in fruitful interreligious, interdenominational, intercultural, and interracial dialog which has raised awareness of our common dignity and humanity. What is driving the arising of unitive awareness? One term for this is “Christ consciousness.” As human hearts open more through the natural progress of collective psycho-spiritual evolution and in tandem with the Earth’s advance into fourth density galactic energy, Christ is returning in and through OUR minds and hearts! We are Christ Returned.

With Christ returning in us, as us, we are also fulfilling a longtime held Christian belief that when Christ returns, “He” will judge. How is Christ in us judging? I think that answer is self-evident for those with the eyes to see. “Judging” may be the wrong word, but it made sense at the time and place of the scripture writers. “Discerning” might be more relevant today, and what is being discerned is the degree to which we are operating from our heart centers rather than the lower centers. The fourth density energy strongly beckons our response with the same level of openness and love. But there is so much unhealed hurt and so much blockage that remains in the unconscious that we are not able to respond to the call. This incongruency is experienced by an intensity of our inner critics who tell us, if we are listening, what needs to be accepted, forgiven, and to the degree possible, reconciled through restitution. However, mostly, these inner voices nitpick us about our shortcomings and make us feel pretty inferior.

As a mental health professional, I’ve been struck at the increase in clients presenting with their loud inner critic. Sure, we all struggle with the inner critic to some degree, but many of us counselors see this phenomenon on the rise. We experience it ourselves. The greatest source of power for the inner critic is shame. But with the work of researchers such as Brene Brown, Kristin Neff, trauma experts, and many other wonderful healing fields, we are being given psychoeducation and tools to deal with our individual and collective shame and to become resilient. For those of you who are familiar with the work of Drs. Brown and Neff, you’ll recognize that they provide clear pathways to heart-activation through self-knowledge, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and vulnerability. Just as we are less able to live in denial about our issues because more is rising to the surface and causing increases of anxiety, depression, etc, we are being met with the tools we need to deal with it all. This is good news.

Christ Judges the Collective

The Truther/Awakening Community surely plays an important role in helping to “drain the swamp,” and reveals the great crimes against humanity in unprecedented ways. Full disclosure of alien life and things that have been kept hidden from humanity for eons will shock many but the revelation of such things is a natural result of the Earth moving into fourth density. Things just become transparent, period. We, as Christ-consciousness collectively personified, judge ourselves as to these crimes against humanity, against spirit, against unity of all. But… there is so much more to “Christ Consciousness Judging” than this. Here’s where things could get hard to swallow for the Truther/Awakening crowd.

This will be cursory and the topic deserves more study, however, in the Truther literature, I’ve rarely if ever the seen the following points brought up.

A Long Time Before

Funny and Revealing

There have been communities of people who have known of the controlling powers of elites for decades, if not centuries, and have been fighting them long before. Indigenous peoples across the globe have been oppressed, enslaved, and marginalized for centuries. People of color from Africa, Latin America, and the Island nations have all been severely victimized and traumatized by elite powers that most surely followed the service-to-self path. These powers carefully crafted cultures that institutionalized racism and sexism so that even good people following the service-to-others path would not even question the status quo.

The Truther/Awakening community often speaks of how the elite powers continually co-opt the UFO disclosure process and narratives. One of the first clever things the powerful did was to create a culture where just mentioning of UFO’s, aliens, and hidden histories would be received by the general population with skepticism and humor. Few take such stories seriously. Whistle-blowers are laughed at and dismissed. If they pose greater threats, then their personal reputation may be attacked. Finally, they could even loose their livelihood or their lives.

However, when marginalized groups such as African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and groups fighting for equal rights including women and LGBTQ people, many of us Truther/Awakening community members can’t see how the culture within which we live is set up to make the dominant power groups, namely white men, defensive and dismissive. We, the dominant culture, often belittle, attack, or ignore those who are trying to get OUR attention–just like others do to us when we try to awaken people about the hidden agendas of the elite. I admit that the issues are complex, but we have to acknowledge that the vast majority of the leaders who have emerged in our community are white men. And the vast majority of the crowd to whom they speak are also white. I am a white man, too, so it is my responsibility to make this clear.

To help me make it clearer, picture a popular disclosure event like the ones we’ve had over recent years. The speakers are excited to present new news about how disclosure is underway, how the Cabal/Illuminati’s grip is being exposed and brought down, and how our cosmic neighbors are ready and willing to lend a hand. We learn of ancient aliens, hidden technology, secret space forces, and ascension prophesies that seem to be imminent in their consummation. We get excited about this stuff, and why not?

Then imagine a speaker getting up to this same crowd and presenting on how there has always been an service-to-self agenda at the top that is built upon the backs of many humans who have been characterized as sub-human, as chattle. The speaker teaches that entire cultures are created so that these overt crimes against humanity become hidden in plain sight like the air we breathe. We don’t even see how we, ourselves, right now, continue to participate and perpetuate the self-same STS agendas.

The speaker moves on to how our Truther/Awakening community gets it right that communism turned out to be pretty bad and a tool to oppress. But we are not seeing nor are we researching how capitalism can be just as bad or worse (because it is more disguised) in many cases because when we succeed within that economic and political system we don’t realize that it was probably founded in seed-form by the same service-to-self group at the top. If it was not outright created by the Cabal/Illuminati, then it was certainly co-opted early on. The speaker then affirms that many of the Truther/Awakening Community hold President Trump as a kind of savior that is cooperating with an Alliance to clean up the nasty hidden oppressive Cabal system, but we don’t talk about how Trump’s own statements reveal that he operates from a Win-Lose paradigm: “I’m winning and you are losing.” This scapegoating and blaming in such dualistic ways will not lead to collective transformation. We can’t see because many of us resonate at the same bandwidth level of consciousness that he does, that once his side wins, then what? Freedom? No, I’m afraid not. Freedom to live ensconced in our False Selves where power, prestige, and possessions still provide meaning and purpose (even if subtly), is no freedom at all.


“Make America Great Again” reveals the blindness that will keep us still trapped. America, from our foundation, has mostly been built upon the backs of people we oppress, marginalize, and scapegoat… just like other developed countries. The question is, “To what time period in our history shall we make American great like that again?”

Finally, picture this speaker sharing that many groups that we, as a capitalist culture of the West demonize, have been more awake to the crimes against humanity (because they were the victims) for 50 to 100 years and have been fighting and dying to awaken people…. people, like us!

For example, liberation theology sought to fight the huge injustices seeded by colonizers and their legacy but they were met with severe criticism by so called “respectable” circles. These courageous people who engaged the world with hope and a desire to liberate the captives are not unlike the Truther/Awakening community now. Both communities are made up of imperfect people striving to awaken and unchain the world, but we only can see liberation to degree that we are liberated internally from our own amazing ability to practice what sociologists say is the most common social phenomenon found in every culture throughout the world: scapegoating.

a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others, especially for reasons of expediency.
whipping boy, victim.

(in the Bible) a goat sent into the wilderness after the Jewish chief priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people upon it (Lev. 16).

The Scapegoat Mechanism as it is coined by renown sociologist and philosopher, Rene Girard, is found in every culture through the known history of the world. It became ritualized in many cultures where the “sins” of the people were placed onto the poor goat as it was expelled from its home and into the wilderness where it would die. Sometimes the goat was outright killed in ritual.

We might think that this very primitive but the goat was an improvement from the rituals of making human into scapegoats and then killed. Yet, this was precisely what happened to Jesus. From a perspective of non-dual Christianity, the Infinite Creator, through Jesus, attempted to end all scapegoating by becoming The Scapegoat. Jesus wasn’t killed because he had to appease some wrathful “Man Upstairs” God who demanded a blood sacrifice of His Son in order to allow humans to enter into Heaven. No. (See how Atonement theology is incorrect in my article: The Concept of Original Sin: A Law of One Exploration)




Jesus was killed because he repeatedly showed how God was merciful, loving, inclusive, forgiving, and not in need of strict hierarchies and power structures to mediate God. Jesus not only critiqued the System but he also revealed a pathway to unblock the individual person’s “systems” that keep them bound to a paradigm of seeing reality that belonged properly to third density, but had become rigid over the centuries. The Jesus Event, Ra tells us, happened at the beginning of the last minor cycle of Earth’s third density experience; and this was purposeful. God, through Jesus, revealed a shortcut to heart-chakra activation through 1) serving others, no matter what their station in life (see Jesus’ washing the followers’ feet, John 13:1-17), and 2) stop projecting our collective and individual shadows…our “sins”…onto the Other, whether that “Other” is other people, other religions, other races, etc. Jesus became The Scapegoat because God wanted to show us a giant mirror where we could see ourselves, collectively and individually, and realize that scapegoating is almost entirely what we do. And scapegoating keeps us trapped!

In short, Jesus became The Scapegoat so that we could stop scapegoating (2 Cor. 5:17-21). It’s as if God is proclaiming loudly and clearly for all to understand, “Do you now see what you are doing? Stop projecting the shadow ‘over there’ and accept your own crucifixion; because when you can learn to accept your deaths with grace, you rise with greater capacity to love yourself and others. Learn to trust the pattern of death and rising in your own life!”

Do you realize, dear Truther/Awakening community, that the Cabal’s last and most successful plan to keep us from trapped in third density vibratory conditions is to keep our eyes on them as they move from hidden-in-plain-sight to being exposed-in-plain-sight? The Scapegoating Mechanism is one of the most important and powerful tools within the service-to-self path and it is present in third, fourth, and fifth densities. How do I know this? Ra makes this clear when they say that the path of separation (service-to-self) is first a path of being separated from oneself. They do not strive for inner integrity but just the opposite! Theirs is a path of total incongruity. Ra says in session 36.14, “We remind you that the negative path is one of separation. What is the first separation: the self from the self.”

Therefore, scapegoating is what they do! Naturally, they want us to keep pointing fingers at them, keep our eyes and our attention on them, so that they we don’t do the hard work of seeing which parts of ourselves are unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful, racist (which is a form of scapegoating), etc.

In conclusion, Christ consciousness is even now rising more in the minds and hearts of the people. As the Earth moves more into fourth density energy, we are seeing more love and unity being taught and accepted, both within humans but also between humans and our environment. Also, we are witnessing more areas of “unintentional slavery” and brokenness within our society rising up for all to see, accept, forgive, and address through collective restitution. This seeing and addressing is part of “Christ Judges.”

Ra was asked if our current societal structures encourage and maintain slavery. They responded, “At the present space/time, the condition of well-meant and unintentional slavery are so numerous that it beggars our ability to enumerate them” (Session 83.12).  Social movements such as Black Lives Matter, #Metoo, LGBTQ rights, feminism, womanism, human trafficking awareness, environmental awareness, and many others are examples of people giving voice to those oppressed and marginalized by our social structures. Moreover, the phenomenon of globalization is a natural process inherent in the “onening” of humanity that finds consummation as the fourth density social memory complex. We must understand that these movements are NOT created by the Cabal/Illuminati types but are natural breakthroughs of the Spirit (aka Divine Feminine) that are inherent when the evolution of human consciousness and galactic movements into higher vibrations coincide. All the Cabal can do is to attempt to co-opt it, like they always do. They are NOT creative, but they are clever.

Please watch this nine minute video of what this courageous and brilliant woman is spearheading. Sounds pretty fourth density initiating to me:

Towards Accepting, Forgiving, Healing, and Sharing




Our Earth, our human bodies, yours and mine, are already being saturated–Christ-soaked–with fourth density energy. Ra states clearly what happens when people are not able to accept this cosmic condition. They revert back into their second chakra and try to balance themselves first. Take note that this is a full TWO energetic nodal points down from the heart chakra. See here:

Session 41.14 The appropriate true color for third density is, as you have ascertained, yellow. However, the influences of the true color, green, acting upon yellow-ray entities have caused many entities to revert to the consideration of self rather than the stepping forward into consideration of other-self or green ray. This may not be seen to be of a negatively polarized nature, as the negatively polarized entity is working very intensively with the deepest manifestations of yellow-ray group energies, especially the manipulations of other-self for service to self. Those reverting to orange ray, and we may add these are many upon your plane at this time, are those who feel the vibrations of true color green and, therefore, respond by rejecting governmental and societal activities as such and seek once more the self.


They continue:

However, not having developed the yellow ray properly so that it balances the personal vibratory rates of the entity, the entity then is faced with the task of further activation and balancing of the self in relation to the self, thus the orange-ray manifestations at this space/time nexus.


One of the telltale signs of this “reverting back to the orange ray” is rampant scapegoating because of what is experienced as overwhelming fear and anxiety. How much scapegoating goes on by us? By the Truther/Awakening Community?

How much energy do we put into pointing fingers at things like fluoride, the weaponizing of our food system, chemtrails, vaccines, religions, education, science, Luciferianism, and so many other things without realizing that while all of those things might be highly problematic, they can’t stop you from activating your heart? YOU and I have this power right now! The way we start today is to: 1) Begin to become aware of how much we scapegoat in almost all areas of our lives; 2) Start a meditative or contemplative practice that gets us out of our heads, thoughts, and feelings. This rewires the brain to handle unitive consciousness; 3) Look to do some real act of service to others that is tangible and personal; and 4) Realize in new ways that the “Other” is really us!

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t continue to bring awareness of the crimes against humanity, but there needs to be balance on both the individual and collective levels because if we don’t start seeing and accepting that we participate in the continuance of the “unintentional slavery” aspects of our society, then we will not move on to fourth density. It’s as simple as that, I’d say.

And what will the social structures of that fourth density world look like? This will be shocking to most readers (assuming you’ve made it this far). It will be much closer to socialism than capitalism. No… it won’t be the communism of the 20th century, but it will be a condition of living in which there will be no physical need, things will be shared, and reconciliation happens at all levels, including the social-economic. Yes, there will be social hierarchies but they will be led by servant leaders who think like the rest of collective: holistically and interpersonally.

The third density need for personal and economic incentives, which really originates from the lower chakra triad, is just not the thrust for heart-activated people nor fourth density living. I’m not saying that these things are bad in and of themselves, but the social memory complex of the fourth density–which is what humanity is even now in the process of forming–will become fully operational as more human hearts come online. That’s not going to happen within any stringent capitalist mindset that maligns (scapegoats) so-called socialist impulses that want to help level playing fields that the social structures have intentionally made unequal for thousands of years. Just ask those who have not been beneficiaries of these social systems if they have been aware of injustices. Who? People other than white, straight folks.

And I’m not saying that socialism is the way out, either! Please don’t hear me dualistically. I am trying to point out that the desires for equality from the bottom of society, those truly marginalized and oppressed, deserve all of our attention and action. Why label what they are saying as ” evil socialism” so quickly? That’s as dismissive as the majority of society’s common response to all things “aliens.” Dismiss, deny, and carry on.

A New Earth, the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of God, the Fourth Density Earth, these are titles of what is now emerging. Christ is indeed returning in you and in me–and in unexpected places all over the globe. You may be able awake to certain things to which the collective remains slumbering. These things include hidden technology, hidden civilizations, aliens among us, ancient prophesies, hidden world history, expansive metaphysics, among others. But these things are no more important–and perhaps even less important–than the things to which other groups have not only awakened to decades if not centuries ago, but are way ahead of the Truther/Awakening Community in addressing. These include communities and organizations that study social ills, empower the poor, oppressed, and marginalized, and educate their youth in the grizzly truth that if we want to know peace, we must work for social justice. Does “social justice” trigger us? We need to ask ourselves why.

Christ is Returning and Christ is Judging right now. Pray that our heart-eyes are opened by the divine spirit to see where and how we are blind. Where are our own blockages? Where are the places that need accepting, forgiving, healing, and restitution? All will be revealed in the years to come as we move into fourth density because the vibratory conditions of Love and Understanding causes radical transparency…and that revelation will hurt! Indeed, the incoming private and collective apocalypses will destroy us– or at least, destroy the False Self part of the “us” and that kind of transformation (positive change) will be resisted by most, at all costs… unless we can open our hearts! [Cue music 🙂 play the video below…]

One thought on “Christ Returns and Judges? Nondual Christianity and the Law of One

  1. Thank you for all that you share in this space! And it looks like you’ve been at it for a long time… so much to read and take in here. I love how you non-dually connect so many disparate paths and never throw the baby out with the bath water. I’ve stepped on them all myself, if only for a moment to realize “still not this” to keep moving, seeking then finally daring to sit still in Christ. Came full circle to reconnect with Christ, because no matter where I’ve been, even in atheism, the question has always remained in me, “Where does Christ or Christ-consciousness and mindedness fit with this part of my journey” like it’s some sort of meta template that applies to everything to me. It is all finally starting to make sense. What little Ra material I’ve read, resonates with me but I found it overwhelmingly extensive. So, you are such a blessing to sort through it and make just the right connections I’m needing to think about right now in my journey. In Lak’ech!


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