Silence, Belonging, Breathing, Dancing

By Marie Eska

Infinite Creator,

I am tethered to Your voice, to the whispers of an eternal belonging.

Surrounded by third density noise, I search the silence for Your quiet calling.

In the pause between stimulus and response, I seek You.

In this sacred moment of life, I not only encounter, but experience with true presence, the ineffable blessing of Your Divine Love.

Here, You woo my soul weighted with tired child sighs.

Here, You sweetly swathe me in the blanket of remembrance.

Here, I recall that I exist as an expression of Your undying love, forever breathed into being.

You respire; I dance—limbs led by the zephyr.

I wonder at the ease with which this holy exhalation moves me.

I listen for the sound of Your sacred symphony.


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