Transmuting Painful Feelings Into Blessings: A Practice of the Law of One

By Doug Esse

Are you feeling some intensely painful feeling? Anxiety? Depression? Confusion? Anger? Grief? Shame?

The world will not get calmer, so it is up to those of us who want to take on the honor/responsibility to process our catalysts with efficiency, intention, and love. The following brief exercise is very beneficial and is informed by the Law of One metaphysics.

One way to do this is what I call the “Sacrament of Solidarity.” It utilizes some of Dr. Kristin Neff’s work on self-compassion and Ra’s description of the different energy centers (See below for graphs and links to more chakra material from Law of One). As a mental health professional, I developed this ten-step process to help some of my clients. I also use it daily. Try it out for yourself?


First, try to name the feeling you have as accurately as possible. Differentiating feelings we feel is helpful is helpful in detaching from them because we must use our left brain to order them and make them objective. Otherwise, they just stay inside a kind of cloud of pure emotions within our psyche which can feel kind of like they posses us.


Second, visualize the feeling(s) as a kind of amorphous mass which has color or colors. Locate this mass down around the belly button, inside your guts, as it were.


Third, bring the feeling(s) up to your solar plexus. The goal is to bring it up to the heart area. The heart, says new brain science, has the capacity to view our reality from a more holistic perspective. Hold the image just below the heart area.


Fourth, state out loud or in your mind some form of surrendering prayer or statement. Something like, “I acknowledge that my [intense feeling] has become unmanageable and I cannot control it. I surrender my desire to change how I feel about reality. I only desire to be an instrument of peace in my life-situation.”


Fifth, you will then visualize the feelings-mass move into the heart. See it being transformed by emerald green light, which is the archetypal color of renewal, healing, refreshment, Spring, rebirth. Notice if the mass takes on another shape. Sometimes it can become a sphere.


Sixth bring the feelings-mass up to your forehead. You might start feeling a pressure between your eyes. That’s good. It’s okay if you don’t feeling anything, either. From here, begin to visualize all of the people in the world right now–all your brothers and sisters in this one human family–who may be suffering the same kind of [intense feeling]. Allow for a few seconds for your visualization to make this global sweep.


Seventh, say to those brothers and sisters, “I see you. I am with you in this. I love you. I am one with you. You are not alone.”


Eighth, while holding the visualization in place, breathe in and wish yourself wellbeing and peace. Breathe out and wish your brothers and sisters wellbeing and peace. “May I be well and connected.” “May you be well and connected.” Do this for a few times.


Ninth, bring your attention back into your body by noticing how your feet feel as they are touching the ground. Then notice the feeling of the palms of your hands.


Tenth, release the exercise by a gesture or acknowledgment of gratefulness for this moment and for your life.

3 thoughts on “Transmuting Painful Feelings Into Blessings: A Practice of the Law of One

  1. As soon as I read this I felt the power in the process. Infinite gratitude to you, dear brother, for sharing these steps with everyone. I have been struggling deeply with intense emotions and I know this practice is going to alchemize these energies. Thank you. ❤


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