Starting Place

I begin this blog with  disclosing my own beliefs and assumptions.  This will not be an apologetics of my beliefs, for I do not desire to convince anyone.  I only desire to continue my growth in union with God.  I hold that much of what is now becoming public knowledge in the realm of esoteric teachings (gnostic) as well as some New Age ideas are true.  I also am trying to approach this angle while holding as true much of my Catholic Christian background.  The latter, however, can only be accessed through the mystical mind, the non-dual mind, rather than from dogma.  I hold that this universe is alive and in fact it is made up of beings within beings within beings. My main sources of inspiration today are: they mystical writings of religious thinkers, Cynthia Bourgeault, The Law of One, Richard Rohr, Scott Mandelker, the Bible, and many more.

1) Who was Jesus of Nazareth?

2) How did the Christ-man metaphysically change Earth with his life, death, resurrection, and ascension?

3) How do we synthesis Christian understanding with the Law of One as brought to us by a 6th Density being named Ra?

4) How can we surrender our dualistic viewpoints to embrace the world with a more non-dual perspective that starts with this premise: All is One, for there nothing outside of the One exists?


Update: I wrote this first post almost four years ago.  These four questions above really helped me to search well.  For those interested, please read this post, for a message that is result of hundreds of thousands of words of discernment in growth.  The post is not long and I hope, clear.

Radical Intimacy: How the Law of One and Mystical Christianity Are the Same

The word “radical” means “roots” in Latin.  This is important because the Christian message is saying that at the root of it all, the experience of union with the Infinite Creator is felt as a rooted intimacy with everything and everyone.
The word “Christ” is what the Law of One refers to as the Logos, or a kind of Personhood of Love. Ra calls this Love, “Intelligent Energy.”
Activated Heart
When one opens their heart enough to become activated, it comes “online” and can house Intelligent Energy in a new way. This indwelling Spirit is called by Christians, the “Holy Spirit,” and by many today, “Christ Consciousness.”  Christians call this “being born again,” or “being saved.” A Law of One student could refer to this as “Logoic Consciousness” and it is the beginning of adepthood.  But the labels aren’t important.
To activate the heart enough to receive and hold a threshold level of Christ Consciousness is enough to become harvestable to fourth density but that is only one lesson of the Christian message. That is only part of what the Jesus Christ Event illuminated.
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