Norse Gods and the Law of One

Presentation by Rob Kornmeyer of the Building 4th Community

Rob Kornmeyer was raised Catholic and later found meaning in Norse religion. He offers his understanding of the Norse religion and ties it together with some aspects of the Law of One material.


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One thought on “Norse Gods and the Law of One

  1. Looking forward to listening to this. I’m a deep-respecter of the Law of One material, and also study/practice in a Thelemic order that is a lineal descendant of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. In my experience within the initiated Thelemic community, there is an underlying affirmation that All is One (IHVH AChD) — or even “None”, which sometimes seems to get a bit closer, in the sense of the Tao, Ain Soph, etc. — and yet different deity-forms are worked with in practice to perhaps engage with a particular angle or point-of-view.

    For example, Nuit as the Infinite Without, Hadit as the Infinite Within, Ra-Hoor-Khuit as the Higher Self in active manifestation. There’s also a sense of the deity forms as representing the highest conceivable mode of a particular bandwidth of energy (with a descending chain of being, from deity to archangel/deva to angelic all the way down to the energies we can directly perceive).

    It’s also interesting to cross-reference all of this with the Tantric Buddhist tradition, who also use deity forms (much to the puzzlement of non-Tantric Buddhists, I think), but assert that they are “empty” (but then again, so is the self).

    I also find it interesting that although the Hebrews were monotheistic, they manage to find an awful lot of names for “God” to ostensibly describe different manifestations and functions: IHVH, Adonai, Elohim, etc.

    Okay, enough said until I give this a listen. Thanks for your work!


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