A Radical Intimacy: How the Law of One and Mystical Christianity Are the Same

I dedicate this article to Leon Isaac Kennedy, a Christ for others.
The word “radical” means “roots” in Latin.  This is important because the Christian message is saying that at the root of it all, the experience of union with the Infinite Creator is felt as a rooted intimacy with everything and everyone.
The word “Christ” is what the Law of One refers to as the Logos, or a kind of Personhood of Love. Ra calls this Love, “Intelligent Energy.”
Activated Heart
When one opens their heart enough to become activated, it comes “online” and can house Intelligent Energy in a new way. This indwelling Spirit is called by Christians, the “Holy Spirit,” and by many today, “Christ Consciousness.”  Christians call this “being born again,” or “being saved.” A Law of One student could refer to this as “Logoic Consciousness” and it is the beginning of adepthood.  But the labels aren’t important.
To activate the heart enough to receive and hold a threshold level of Christ Consciousness is enough to become harvestable to fourth density but that is only one lesson of the Christian message. That is only part of what the Jesus Christ Event illuminated.
The Name, “Jesus Christ”
The name, “Jesus,” or Ra’s preference, “Jehoshua,” was not just a name for an entity who volunteered to embody the Jesus Christ Event, but the cosmic meaning is something like:
“The Logos-Love is not impartial but reaches towards you, as one of you, and draws you back into Itself through awakening in you that fact that your essence is divine. The Logos in  all Its Grandeur is in radical solidarity with your suffering, your plight, because you are the Logos, the Christ, in 3rd Density. The Logos is both Almighty and All Vulnerable, simultaneously.”
Another way to look at the statement, “Jesus Christ” is to see that “Christ” is a code word for “universal love” and “Jesus” is a code word for “particular embodiment of the universal love.” In other words, putting together the words, “Jesus” and “Christ,” we are saying two different statements: 1) Jesus is the particular icon or face of… 2) the Logos, or Intelligent Energy as Universal Love.  The name/word, “Jesus,” means “gateway” to the universal “Christ,” or Logos. Recall that in the New Testament, John has Jesus saying, “I am the way, the truth, the life. No one comes to the Father [Christ/Logos/Universal Love] except through me” (John 14.6). “Jesus” is any singularity through which we enter into universal love. That particular development to have such a divine embodiment of a “Jesus Christ” dynamic required a person willing to volunteer to incarnate as this dynamic.
The human who incarnated to fulfill this Logoic invitation had to grow into his Christhood (Adepthood).  His commitment to his path was total which required him to learn from different mystery schools throughout his youth. This prepared him to channel the Logos so perfectly that at some point, he ceased to channel the Logos and became the Logos. This was a full embodiment of Logoic Love in one human body.
McKenzie, Stations#15
In Earth’s version of the “Jesus-Christ” Event, the Creator and the Creature came face to face in the body of the human who incarnated to play this unique role.


Why the Holy Name Is So Effective
Therefore, if “Jesus Christ” is naming the reality that we have Universal Love interfacing through the Particular, then no wonder this name is so powerful.  To say, “Jesus Christ,” is to invoke the wholeness of the Logos and then to shine this divine light onto other particular aspects of creation, like a flashlight shines upon an object at night. Imagine, then, what happens when a spirit such as a demon who chooses to follow the path of separation (aka the negative path) is suddenly flooded with the luminosity of wholeness? It would be way too much love and light, thus immediately causing it to fleejesus and demons from such an open invitation to come into union. When the pastor exorcises demons in the name of Jesus Christ, what is happening metaphysically is that he or she is an instrument of this love and light. By uttering through vocalization and firm faith the great name, he or she opens up a vortex of Intelligent Energy that beckons anything thus challenged to come home, to come within, to follow its deepest urgent longing to become united with God.  The Law of One clearly states early on in its transmission that, “The original desire is that entities seek and become one.”
However, those on the negative path resist this primordial desire and recoil from surrender and internal integrity.  Their entire path is an intentional choice of separation and they run with this until they simply cannot continue on the path without risking total internal entropy in mid-sixth density vibratory conditions. Wholeness always wins in the end, but in third density, the negative person or demon is quite committed to avoiding wholeness and light and would flee from the encounter of love that the name Jesus Christ would bring.
The Three Stages
I firmly believe that the Jesus Christ Event enlightens us at various levels and we enter into the Jesus Christ mystery depending upon our own spiritual development.  There are three main stages at play within the Christian tradition:
Stage 1, The Purgative:
praying in a church
Probably 80% of humans will spend their whole life within the Purgative level.  Here, the goal is learn how to purge ourselves of the egoic desires of the false self.  Most of Christianity, as well as other mainline religions, find their gravity right in the Purgative. At the beginning stages, religions help people navigate the Purgative Stage by creating dogmas and rituals that understand God as outside and separate from us. This way, we can have a relationship with the divine which gives us a starting place to streamline our behavior towards service to others. This can be quite  appropriate at the beginning stages of psychological and spiritual development.
Religions give us containers to begin to understand spirituality. Unfortunately, most people mistake the container for the contents and instead of Christianity, you get “churchianity.” At the worst, religions keep us trapped in the Purgative and people just keep repeating the same lessons without fuller activation of the heart center. They never move on.
From a Law of One perspective, the Purgative belongs properly to the first three chakras by learning from life’s catalysts how to allow Logoic Love to move upwards towards the heart with less distortion.  Christianity at this level looks conventional and holds that people need to believe in Jesus Christ in order to be saved.  They don’t understand that believing that Jesus saves and worshiping him as the savior was never the ultimate point, but a theological distortion.
However, the good news is that if in believing in him and worshiping him leads people to have a relationship with him and then to imitate him, their hearts can start to be activated.  Imitating Jesus Christ through service to others eventually leads people to start seeing that in serving others, they in actuality are serving the Christ in others. This finally leads them to understand that Christ is in themselves, too, and the veil of separation between people begins to fall away. When this happens, people move into the Illuminative Stage.
Stage 2, The Illuminative:
Perhaps 15% of humans enter into the Illuminative Stage at some point in their life where they enjoy harvestable activation of the heart center, which Ra says is 51%.  Here, people operate from Christ Consciousness to some degree and are starting to feel illuminated by the fact that Christ is in everything.  They spend their lives creating the Kingdom of God on Earth, which is nothing other than beginning fourth density living of love and understanding. When Christ Consciousness resonates at a certain threshold within the collective, then you have the return of Christ.
Stage 3: The Unitive:
raising vibes of planet
Everything is a gateway to the divine. Profoundly intimate, this is the transpersonal.
Finally, about 5% or less of humans enter unitive consciousness with the divine.  The Logos-Love’s (“Christian”) final message to the world for those with the 3rd Eye to see it is that complete union with the divine is not only possible  but is our birthright.  This kind of living and seeing is well beyond fourth density and would find its resonance with late sixth density and even beyond the octave itself.
Namely, we enter into a gnosis that reveals we participate in the very flow of the Infinite Creator as God unfolds in an eternal becoming.  We learn that personal encounter with God (3rd-4th density stuff) leads us to union that is transpersonal in nature, but even MORE intimate, not less. In other words, the transpersonal is a condition of enjoying a personal intimacy with everything.
Everything becomes a Creator-to-Creator encounter rather than the ethos of both the Purgative and Illuminate Stages of relationship between Creator to creature. The Unitive is well beyond 4th density thinking and living, which is still quite dualistic by comparison.
However, I want to stress that the Christian notion of unitive consciousness is not a checking out of this world and becoming aloof in private blissed-out states.  It is a seeing of creation from the Creator’s point of view and delighting at Itself while continuing to call all things back unto Itself.  Compassion and forgiveness abound. There’s work to be done and Christian enlightenment holds that because all of creation is one Body and all entities seek to become one again, then there needs to be agents of light or transformation who act as incarnative magnets, helping all of that seeking and “oneing.” Transformed people transform people and systems.  The unitive Christian accepts the honor and duty  of being the Creator-Bearing-the-Burden of the tension of both the joy and the despair happening in parts of same Body, simultaneously.  It is not an evacuation of this world but a more radical (roots, remember?) engagement with it.
The Jesus Christ Event
Radical Intimacy with All
The Jesus Christ Event says this:  The Infinite Creator incarnated as the material world. The material world is the hiding place of God.  The universe is the Body of Christ. And when this knowledge moves from mere ideas to a lived experience (which is another way to say “mystical”), then you will feel a connectivity to everything that delights so deeply with the intimacy of it all. That’s the message of the Law of One and that’s the Christian message at its core.
Ra says in Session 10:14, “The moment contains love” and is an encounter with love. They then say to look in the mirror and see the Creator. Look into the eyes of other people and see the Creator. Look at creation around you and see the Creator.  What I’m saying here, in how Christianity and the Law of One are the same, is that:
  • The “moment” that contains love is a type of “Jesus.” Engaging in the moment with full surrender to it and full encounter with the Presence hidden within it leads you to enter into Christ… the Logos… the Infinite Creator.
  • The “looking” into your own eyes in the mirror, and the “looking” into the eyes of other people and seeing the Creator in both instances is to encounter “Jesus” in the moment in all its particularity which then leads you to enter into Christ. There you have a “Jesus Christ” dynamic.
  • The “looking” at creation around you and seeing the particular manifestation of the Infinite Creator as the grass, the rock, the bird, the car… that is a “Jesus” moment, the singular gateway, that leads you to enter the mystery of unity and union of everything–the Christ.
  • In other words: a “Jesus” is any particular gateway that leads us to “Christ,” which is another word for everything.  The historical Jesus Christ, the man, was the full revelation of this “particular+universal” dynamic so that we could have it in one place, in one time, in one person…and this can lead us to seeing the exact same truth in ourselves.  No theology necessary or needed.  Just a spirit of surrender and participating in the Divine flow.
With this fuller realization, we then work in the world within relationships with others to bring Love and Light–to bring Christ–to people and places that are entrapped by the spirit of separation, elitism, and disunity. We become Jesus Christ for the world in the imitation of, and as channels for, the Jesus Christ dynamic that first blew open upon Earth’s scene 2000 years ago. This  living out our own version of the Jesus Christ dynamic is always done within community, even if a person is a hermit and rarely comes in physical contact with another human being. The Cosmic Community of all things contains everything as the manyness of the One. Though physically separate, the hermit, in Jesus Christ, is radically united to everything because she knows that there is no separation anywhere from the divine. He feels this intimacy so completely that the knowing is a total engagement of his mind, body, and spirit.
Love Incarnated
Christianity is not a religion to join, and “Christian” it is not a label to be worn. It is simply a statement of Reality. And it is an invitation to participate in the divine unfolding. We are “Christian” when we engage, care for, and nurture,  our immediate world around us with the intimacy that occurs between lovers. It is not a subject-object encounter but a subject-to-subject recognition that delights in this: You and I are the same Christ clothed as you and me.  We are love, incarnate. As Ra states in session 53.9, that our universe is of unending unity and all encounters with others is of the nature of self with self.  Amen!
Faces of Jesus
Concluding Words: God’s Ecstasy
I conclude this article with Richard Rohr’s daily mediation featuring Christian theologian, Beatrice Bruteau’s amazing reflection on the Trinity.  Get ready… it’s exactly what I’ve been saying above, but better. Taken from: https://cac.org/gods-ecstasy-2019-05-15/

Trinity: Part 2

God’s Ecstasy
Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Beatrice Bruteau (1930–2014) brilliantly integrated learning across fields such as mathematics, religion, science, and philosophy. God’s Ecstasy: The Creation of a Self-Creating World—which she called “a book on science for Christians”—explores Trinity from both a scientific and contemplative point of view.

. . . Trinity [shows] itself as world, especially with the characteristic Trinitarian trait of living-together, symbiosis, mutual indwelling, interacting, sharing. From elementary particles in the atom, through atoms in molecules, molecules in cells, cells in organisms, organisms in societies, to social actions and even ideas—all of them being organized as systems—the Trinitarian image, as a Many-One, as a Community, has been present and growing. “Growing” (from the inside out) is the right word; the Creativity that makes the world is built into the world as its own essence. God is creating a self-creating world.

[Or as I like to say, it just makes sense that God would create a world that continues to create itself! —Richard]

Randomness, the pool of all possibilities, is part of how it’s done. So is spontaneous order, and adaptation by natural selection. What we now call complexity, and recognize as doing its creative work on the very edge of chaos, is at the heart of this miraculous picture. There may not be an external Designer and a micro-managing Providence from the outside, but neither is the world devoid of divinity. The divinity is so intimately present in the world that the world can be regarded as an incarnate expression of the Trinity, as creative, as expansive, as conscious, as self-realizing and self-sharing.

I have called this creative act God’s ecstasy. Ecstasy means standing outside oneself. It is kin to the kenosis of Philippians 2:6—being God is not a thing to be clung to, so God empties Godself, taking the form of limitation in finitude, and is born as a universe. It is the defining divine act: self-giving, being-bestowing. Ecstasy has the connotations of extreme love and supreme joy. . . .

The cosmic complexity has supported the development of consciousness, and now we can know and understand and contemplate this beautiful and marvelous universe. We can appreciate it as the externalization—the ecstasy—of Creativity itself, of the trinitarian God: manyness so symbiotic as to be one whole living being.

The conclusion for the religious person should be that the world is God’s most personal work, therefore something for us to know and admire and revere, to take part in, to contribute to creating—since it is made as a self-creating universe. This is participating in the divine life. . . .

My hope is that others will get a sense of how the universe is radiant and exciting and how we are poised right on the creative edge, right where the new action is happening. God’s action, our action. A Self-creating universe that is God’s ecstasy, God standing—indeed, God dancing!—outside Godself, still doing the Godly things: being One, being Community, sharing being, indwelling, rejoicing, always being more.

Beatrice Bruteau, God’s Ecstasy: The Creation of a Self-Creating World (The Crossroad Publishing Company:1997, 2016), 9-10.

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  1. Thank you!…I have just stumbled across your website and I am truely grateful. I love how information, ideas, thoughts, ours or others show up exactly at the most divine and perfect of timings. When I, at times, find it difficult to put into words what you have done here so beautifully. I look forward to making my way through your writings as to be illuminated more and more. The perfect union that most certainly exists between Mystical Christianity and The Law of One will brings us that much closer to what we all know to be the truth. exciting times!
    Many blessings, love and light.


  2. Wow! This came along at just the right time for me. I can hardly add much to the previous comment – so beautifully rendered! I’m grateful someone did the research and created the path ahead of me. Resolving internal conflicts with interconnecting points of light. Clearing false entities and entering union with the Divine.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You


    1. Thank you, Rick. I’m very pleased that this article met you well. I’ve written two articles that go deeper and more succinctly into this theme, if you’d be interested:
      1. http://cosmic-christ.org/2019/12/11/a-christmas-message-for-the-seeker-community-allowing-logoic-love-to-enter-and-transform/

      2. http://cosmic-christ.org/2019/12/13/celebrating-christmas-as-the-entrance-of-a-new-concept-complex-jehoshua-as-an-upgrade-to-earths-third-density-operating-system/

      Peace and all goodness,

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