Third Density and the Sacrament of Solidarity

Third Density and the Sacrament of Solidarity

–Doug Esse

The Law of One is clear that the many people are here now to help midwife Earth’s fourth density vibratory conditions.  The presentation pulls together Ra’s descriptions of the Earth’s third density. Ra’s balancing technique helps us learn how to become the Creator by balancing our inner lives as we become more aware of what arises given the catalysts of the day.  Doug offers another type of technique that is based upon the Law of One and the techniques of self-compassion.  He calls this the Sacrament of Solidarity. Participating in the Sacrament of Solidarity is a kind of tapping into Intelligent Infinity and the result can be an explosion of love, joy, perspective, and integrity. Inner balancing naturally ensues. 



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2 thoughts on “Third Density and the Sacrament of Solidarity

  1. Hi I just wanted to let you know that, I personally ( although I don’t read / listen as often as I would like) increase my understanding of the law of one through the posts that create. Thank-you for your continued service in breaking down and extrapolating The Law Of One material. Long may you continue to do this. Thank-you!


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