For Christians, If the Logos Is Love, Then Jesus Is the Human Face of Love: Law of One Adjacent Spirituality

For Christians, If the Logos Is Love, Then Jesus Is the Human Face of Love: Law of One Adjacent Spirituality

Article by Doug Esse

The following is my response to a friend who, like me, seeks to understand the Jesus Event through faithful study of the perennial tradition found in mystical Christianity and the Law of One. She had read my two articles:

The Perennial Tradition, the Law of One, and the Jesus Event

The Law of One, Session 17: Reflection


93.24 We may indicate that the crux ansata is a part of the concept complexes of the archetypical mind: the circle indicating the magic of the spirit; the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. Thus the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation, and beyond manifestation, through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest.


Dear Julie. Thank you for your reply. I’m honored that the articles were inspirational to you. I also share that sense of joy when I attempt to synthesize these things. For me, the bottom line is decently summed up by what Richard Rohr often says about the Jesus Event. He says that nothing changed on cavalry that wasn’t already true before the death and resurrection of Jesus. However, everything was revealed.

The Christian tradition at its healthiest and most expensive levels, is indeed the perennial tradition with a few twists. These twists reveal that the nature of the divine, which is ever present in both form (as all things) and immanence (in all things), is a personal reality. In other words, Reality (God) is deeply relational and personal— and this personal quality can be received and felt affectively by the human heart. Moreover, Reality-As-Personal can be dialogued with. As it has been said by others, just because you are That doesn’t mean you can’t relate to That.” 

“Jesus” as the code word for the particular and “Christ” as the code word for universal is the Law of One. My argument is that the Confederation of Planets In the Service of the One Infinite Creator desired to awaken humans to the cosmic Law of One in a way that could get through the complex thoughtforms of Earth’s humanity. In fact, Ra says that populations on other third-density, positive planets are more philosophical and they may use catalysts more efficiently than we do. Perhaps this is because other positive planets are not mixed in polarity like Earth’s humanity and are more homogeneous in terms of the soul origins. Ra says that Earth is one of the 30% of planets whose third-density population is mixed in polarities, with some souls positively polarized, others negatively, and many which are unpolarized.

Earth’s humanity is heterogeneous in various ways, including: souls come from different places in the galaxy, the vast majority of humans are unpolarized enough to harvest to fourth density, and there are also very advanced souls who are positive and negative present. Therefore, the Confederation’s idea was to package up the Law of One reality in an event—a human “event”— that would NOT come from “on high,” but rather emerge out of third density after centuries of laying the cultural groundwork. The Jewish contribution to the perennial tradition (at least in the West) was to slowly awaken humans to the facticity of there being One Reality (monotheism) that is not impersonal or impartial. Rather, this One Reality “rescues,” “yearns for,” and “cares for,” the individual person and a people.

Of course these words do reflect human perspectives, but from a metaphysical standpoint, the yearning is reflected in the energy that is behind what Ra says in a hugely pithy and wonderful statement: “The original desire [of/within the Infinite Creator] is that all entities seek and become one” (Session 20.27). The Jewish religion reveals a personal Creator, and Jesus reveals that this personal Creator is not “up there,” but rather hidden within, and as, the material world around us; that we are all a part of God’s own self-becoming. No doubt that this reality is also present in Eastern ways of thinking.

However, there is a special emphasis within the Christian mindset that honors the reality that another person is a temple of the divine creator, in God’s fullness. This restores the dignity of each person since each person is an encounter with the Creator. And for healthy Christianity, Jesus is not only the icon of this Perennial tradition, or the Law of One embodied and incarnated, but is equally a living icon who lived out his ministry in service by forgiving, healing, and dignifying his “other-selves,” especially the outcasts.

Jesus as iconic provides a living example of not only how to live (as a servant leader that heals, loves, and empowers the broken), but also reveals the deepest nature of the Infinite Creator, Itself. What is this nature? Love desires consummation through merging; and merging requires dying, surrender, and a willingness to be used by Love as channels for Love’s own eternal creative expression.

This nature as I’ve just written is summed up by what Christians call “The Paschal Mystery.” And this Paschal Mystery was revealed in a living way—in one place, in one time, in one person, to one people, in order to install a new operating system within Earth’s third density experience. The new upgrade is meant to change and charge hearts—activate them, as it were—in an epicenter-kind of way so that humans catch ahold of this love upgrade and pass it on.

Said differently, the Jesus Event was the injection point for Earth through which God reveals Godself to humanity which, because the infrastructure had already been laid via the Jewish arc, could catalyze more quickly, concentrically, to the whole world; not through dogma but through relationality grounded and expressed as agape.

Some say that Jesus came to end all religions and to reveal the universality and incarnational nature of the perennial tradition. I like that.

And all of this was ultimately the mission of the Confederation which were likely inspired in its conception by higher beings, if not the Logos, Itself.

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