Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 21

Logion 21 – Mary said to Jesus, “Whom (what) are your disciples like?”

He said, “They are like children who have settled in a field which is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say, ‘Let us have back our field’. They (will) undress in their presence in order to let them have back their field and to give it back to them. Therefore I say, if the owner of a house knows that the thief is coming, he will begin his vigil before he comes and will not let him dig through into his house of his domain to carry away his goods. You, then, be on your guard against the world. Arm yourselves with great strength lest the robbers find a way to come to you, for the difficulty which you expect will (surely) materialize. Let there be among you a man of understanding. When the grain ripened, he came quickly with his sickle in his hand and reaped it. Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear”.

a field


Noa –

  • I may be reading too much into this but wasn’t Mary one of his disciples.  She should know what they are like, right?
  • The meaning of getting undressed as a symbol makes sense but it seems unnecessary here.  They could just leave so why take that extra step of getting naked.
  • ‘Owner of a house knows’ – be wise to situations that might bring you down into lower chakras, lower ways of seeing and being in the world.
  • ‘Difficulty which you expect’ – again, dont think on those lower fear based thoughts.  They will bring you down and might bring into your life those things you strive to overcome.


Doug: Your comments are pretty sufficient as they are, I think you got the most important themes from this logion.

This may have been a recounting of one of the first times when Jesus met Mary Magdalen, who was well known in her town, Magdalen. She may have been vetting him to see what kind of spiritual leader he was.  Also, in literature, it has been mentioned that “Mary” (whether Jesus’ mother or Mary Magdalen) is a stand in for all of us, a representative.

“Settling in a field which is not theirs…” could describe the idea that followers of “the way,” as Christianity was called early on, are pilgrims on a journey…sojourners on a pilgrimage…a wandering people on a mission.  What is the mission? To witness to the sacredness of all things and to live in a way that is detached from the ethos of separation (which is properly belongs to third density bandwidth of conscious awareness).

In order to be a witness of the kind Jesus’ invites his followers to be, requires anchored-self living and not getting trapped up in the floating self’s needs for possessions, power, and prestige.  Such a witness works within the realm of vulnerability–nakedness–because anchored-self living needs no defensive posturing nor conflictual energy to feel embodied. In contrast, the floating self does need these things to feel alive.  Anger, resentment, and indignation on one hand, or righteousness, and false self-confidence on the other sure make us feel like we have a sense of self. But it is a false self to which we are attached, all the while thinking that we are living from our true selves.  That is the great entrapment and it is why many may repeat third density again until we learn how to live from our hearts, the seat of the true self/anchored self.

Yet, those of “The Way,” have learned through Jesus that the way “up” is the way “down,” stripping ourselves of egoic needs.  When we do this, we are very much grounded in the present moment, and from there, we can do as the Ra group suggested. We can engage with the moment which is always in some way, a manifestation of love.

The rest of this logion echoes how we are to live in this kind of awakened state.  The present moment, the fullness of God, comes to us now and now and then, now.  

But most of the time, we spend up our energy worrying about the future or fretting about the past. This is the stuff of slumber, not spiritual wakefulness.  Yet, the purpose of our lives, and third density living, is to awaken to heart seeing, which intuits universal love–that mystery of unity. Love WILL break in and awaken us but if we are not ready, have not prepared by doing inner work and efficiently using the catalysts that we, ourselves, often programed before incarnation,  then what may be required is some level of suffering–or as the Ra group put it in Session 83.27, “Such an entity is quite desirous of using the catalyst and has determined to its own satisfaction that what you may call the large board needs to be applied to the forehead in order to obtain the attention of the self.”  

Being on guard against the world is simply to notice the cleverness of the collective floating self (“the world”), especially when it is fashioned in such a way as to affirm people’s correctness of living if they follow the world’s rules all the while entrapping people within their lower chakra triad.  Earth is a planet of third density repeaters and lower-chakra-triad living keeps us right down in the morass. Helping humans “graduate” from third density to fourth is one of the main objectives of the Jesus Event and The Way showed the collective how to live forever by revealing what anchored self living looks like in practical ways.  How can we live from our anchored selves today? When we live into the answer to this open-ended question, then we are like those who are ready for the “thief” who comes disguised as the present moment, we are stripped of the major egoic attachments, and we know that the path to courageous and wholehearted living is vulnerability.

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