(Audio) Stillness In the Storm or Swept Into the Maelstrom? Assessing the most popular disclosure movement

by Doug Esse

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Terms to remember: Law of Responsibility, bellicosity, lack of sense-making in postmodernity, macro green-ray’s affect on micro-orange ray, scapegoating, and the example of George Patton

I recently attended “Homecoming” which is an annual event hosted in the home of Jim McCarty by the L/L Research team (Gary, Austin, Jim, Trisha, and Joanna) and gave this talk on how the most popular form of disclosure (of aliens, etc) may be doing more harm than good.  This is a provocative approach and I try to weave in psychology, sociology, theology, and a perspective from one who was involved in the disclosure movement for a time.  

 I didn’t outright define what I meant by “disclosure” at the beginning of the hour-long presentation. I had assumed that most people in the audience were familiar… and they weren’t. My bad…. Therefore, let me say that what I mean by disclosure is this:

Broadly speaking, Disclosure or the disclosure movement, relates to disclosing the existence of aliens, alien technology, alien influence upon human history, and finally, how and why this phenomenon has been kept secret.

I’ve written a long article on this topic and much of the following presentation pulls from that article. If you’d like to explore that article, a link is https://cosmicchrist.net/2022/02/26/swept-into-the-maelstrom-a-law-of-one-reflection-on-how-the-most-popular-form-of-disclosure-advocacy-contributes-to-our-current-collective-situation/

I also intended to speak about the George Patton phenomenon which is covered by the Law of One Material.  I didn’t get a chance to share my perspective on what Ra says about General Patton.  However, here is an article that treats this subject in detail: https://cosmicchrist.net/2022/03/12/the-law-of-one-and-the-patton-phenomenon-34-17-polarizing-more-positively-but-decreasing-in-harvestability/

I also want to note that my presentation pulls from the wisdom of different schools of thought that explore developmental stages of consciousness.  I wrote an article on that topic which I also developed in more detail in a podcast interview with Gary, Austin and Jim of L/L Research a few months ago: https://cosmicchrist.net/2021/04/10/l-l-researchs-law-of-one-podcast-on-spiral-dynamics-and-law-of-one/

Back to the popular disclosure movements.  In my article, I acknowledge that there seem to be two often overlapping views on all things ET’s.  Proponents for what I am going to call, “basic disclosureadvocate for disclosing the existence of UFO’s and aliens.  Areas of interest for basic disclosure include:

  • UFO sightings
  • Roswell
  • Close encounter anecdotes
  • MUFON (Mutual UFO Network, https://mufon.com/)
  • Pressing the Pentagon to disclose what they know
  • Reverse-engineered vehicles and technology

It is to be noted that basic disclosure advocates show less interest in larger metaphysics or the spiritual nature of UFOs, etc.  They are not trying to answer the primary question above.

The most popular type of disclosure includes basic disclosure as listed here but locates it within a much wider metaphysics which is presented through a spiritual warfare bias.  Therefore, the title I use for the most common disclosure advocacy is, “warfare disclosure.”

Warfare disclosure advocates have an answer for the primary question as to why there are so few humans who are harvestable to fourth density. For them, getting this right is a matter of great urgency.

Advocates of Warfare Disclosure rely on insiders, or are themselves insiders, who seek to disclose these points:

  • Humanity is approaching a new collective paradigm shift that will culminate into an “ascension” into fourth density (or 5D, as is sometimes used by advocates);
  • Aliens exist and have been involved with humanity;
  • There is advanced technology that has been kept secret;
  • There has been a concerted effort to keep the ET truth covered up from public knowledge in order to deceive humanity and keep them controlled;
  • There is a negative shadowy human elite power structure that functions within a strict hierarchy which controls humanity from behind the scenes;
  • The negative human elites work for, and are controlled by, advanced negative aliens;
  • These negative human elites adhere to a luciferian or satanic religion;
  • These negative human elites have committed heinous crimes against humanity for millennia;
  • In order for long-enslaved humanity to ascend to fourth density, it is of paramount importance to expose the negative elites and their mass manipulation and abuse for all to see.
  • Whatever we know, and however we know what we know, is FALSE because our “reality” is a carefully crafted matrix control system created by the negative elites in order to enslave us; and finally;
  • The negative aliens and their third-density henchmen must be removed from power so that humanity can finally be free and ascend to fourth density. That will be accomplished by our uprising or an “act of God” like a huge solar flash that wipes out the Deep State’s technology.

Finally, I want to highlight that my other basic premise of my presentation is that Warfare Disclosure is adjacent to Fundamentalist Religion if we are locating it on a consciousness spectrum that ranges from how reality is perceived at the lower chakras versus the heart and the upper chakras. 

I have a helpful table (below) which shows the correlation to each other in terms of the main points espoused by both of them. 

Comparing Religious Fundamentalism and Warfare Disclosure Fundamentalism

ThemeCharacteristicReligious fundamentalism worldviewWarfare disclosure fundamentalism
AuthorityRulers of this WorldSatan has been in control of this world.Negative aliens (i.e. reptilians, tall greys) have been in control of the world.
Epistemology (What we know and how we know it)Can’t trust anything from mainstreamSatan has been in charge of all of the main ways we know things and how we know them including science, media, education, religion, government, and economics. Negative aliens and their negative human elite servants have created a “matrix control system” so that nothing we think is true is actually true. The delivery systems of this negative matrix include science, media, education, religion, government, and economics.
TheologySpiritual Warfareà Battles between light and darkThere are good forces that battle the bad forces. The good forces are angels, “good” Christians/Muslims, Hindus, etc., patriots/nationalists, Jesus, and God the Father. The bad forces are demons, non-religious fundamentalists, liberals, the elite, and Satan.The good forces are positive aliens, angels, an alliance of white-hat patriots across different agencies, and warfare disclosure influencers. The bad forces are negative aliens, demons, people ignorant of the warfare going on (“normies,” “sheeple”), liberals, and the elite.
EschatologyApocalypticThe world is ending soon. The battle has never been more important than now.  Choose your side.Third density is ending soon. The battle has never been more important than now. Choose your side.
SalvationRepent of the “gray” in your worldview.Salvation is available to anyone if you accept the tenets of the black-white, fundamentalist worldview.Freedom from the matrix control system AND assurance for ascending to fourth density (or ”5d”) is available to anyone if you accept  the “red pill.” Salvation begins with being “red pilled.”

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