Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 30

Logion 30: Jesus said, “Where there are three divine beings they are divine. Where there are two or one, I myself dwell with that person.”


Noa: Okay, I think I get this or parts of it.  Maybe 3 is just a random number here but it is saying something to the effect of gods are man made ideals and not really where Christ flows but when a person realizes the unity of all things, Christ dwells there.


Doug: This is a difficult one.  A quick look at http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/thomas/gospelthomas30.html and we see different translations. One of them even says something that seems the opposite of the first sentence, “Where there are [three], they are without God…” 

I think that you are onto something, though. He somehow is showing the difference between “divine beings” and himself.  My thinking, which very well may be way off the mark here, is that Jesus is speaking about the unmanifested and manifested forms. Notice that “three” is connected with “divine beings” but when there are two or one person(s), Christ is there.  Many students of cosmogenesis (how the “many” comes from the “one”), including myself, believe that three is the sacred number from which creation emerges.  

In Christian theology, this is called the “Immanent Trinity” and it is the triune Godhead prior to manifesting.  From my interpretation of the Law of One, we see that before the One Infinite Creator created manifestation, there was a subtle triune nature to the divine: Intelligent Infinity, Intelligent Energy as Logoic, Intelligent Energy as Spiritual. 

Likewise, Law of One scholar and esoteric teacher, Dr. Scott Mandelker, concurs and says that the proper sequence of cosmogenesis would be: 1 to 3; then from the 3 we get 7 densities; then from that cosmic structure, the phenomenon of polarity emerges (in the 3rd density), thus we have 2; then the 2 polarities eventually merge back to 1 in mid-sixth density.  Altogether, it is 1-3-7-2-1.  

All of that is to say that when the Infinite Creator is poised to create, there are three divine modes or subtle differentiations of Infinity at the ready and full of potentiation.  But there is nothing manifested yet. There is only the “three divine beings.”

Later on down the road, as it were, once the human arises from evolution and has journeyed along the spiritual path to the point where they reach single-heartedness, or the heart bent on the “one thing,” that is to become internally unified as a crystallized adept, then they become another “Jesus” and are thus anointed. “Christ” means the “anointed” one. Jesus was known as the “single one,” or someone who had achieved this high degree of adepthood, and awakened to his total union with all that there is (the One Infinite Creator).  



3 thoughts on “Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 30

  1. This appears to be an early teaching of the Trinity.

    Where there is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they are all three deities. Before someone runs off and claims that Thomas said there were more than one God, they must understand the complete riddle.

    Where there are two… I am with him. The two are treated as though they are one. I am with him.

    Where there… is one, I am with him Whether the one is the Father, or the Holy Ghost, Christ is with him.

    All three are God. They are each individually God. And while Christ was in the flesh, he did not cease to be God.



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