Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 15

Logion 15:  Jesus said: When you see him who was not born of woman, fall down upon your faces and worship him; that one is your Father.

Noawords that stick with me after a reading:

  • not born of woman:  the person who is in some way enlightened, open heart chakra, a person who fully realized the unity in all things.
  • Father:  not sure, does this father = god here or does it mean teacher/leader?
  • Worship: I have a hard time seeing how the person that said the logion before this one is saying we need to worship in the raising hand and praying to sense.  Maybe it means just to hold that person in reverence and esteem?  



Doug: I think you are right… the first statement here, “when you see him who was not born of woman,” could refer to someone who “has been born from above.”  The Gospels, along with the Law of One, speak of new personhood being possible once the heart chakra is open enough. Perhaps Jesus was referring to this?  As you say, it would be one who is enlightened with energy centers balanced and harmonized.  Ra says that this is quite rare, to have a person with both of those aspects going on. Towards such a person, we can bow in honor and follow them.  Following such a master requires great humility and surrender. This would be likened unto falling on our faces and worshiping. I would not think Jesus’ use of “worship” indicates an admonishment of self-debasement towards a deity that is other than the person.  Rather, the falling and the worshiping, following the inner wisdom tradition, would be the highest ordering of honoring. This kind of honoring is a full chakra–energy center–encounter where one sees rightly the divine light/love in their other-self and then deigns to follow, imitate, learn, and develop under the light of such a whole person.   Their light is not theirs, per se, but from the same Source as all of creation: that of the Infinite Creator. 

light within

3 thoughts on “Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 15

  1. I think this means when we see our “True Self” which is not born of a woman, we see the Creator. Like Ra says: “Look in the mirror and see the Creator, look at the other; see the Creator, look at nature; see the Creator” we need to look deeper at who we are; we are One; honor and worship that. The Infinite Creator is not born of a woman…we are that.


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