The Heart of God… Love

I find myself in a weird and sometimes uncomfortable position of trying to sort out truth from esoteric sources while making sense of transcendent truth whose roots, for me, began with a religious lens.  I don’t deny that some aspects of the institution that is the Catholic Church, for example, has been complicit in oppression, disinformation, and black magic. But I also don’t paint the whole institution with a black brush and disregard it.  Two other similar examples are my experiences with the Jesuits and the Bible.  I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the Jesuits and esteem this religious order in many ways.  I will not condemn them wholesale as many in the “Truther Community” do.  That there are certain negatives who have infiltrated the Jesuit order and have done very negative things, I can believe.  But those who are inside the Catholic tradition and have had workings with the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius (founder of the Jesuits) or have seen how the Jesuits have been on the front lines with the oppressed against the oppressors (particularly via healthy notions of liberation theology) would stand firm in their solidarity with the Jesuit order as a whole.  Also many “Truthers” see the Judeo-Christian Bible as completly compromised and the product of a thoroughly negatively infiltrated institution.  Yes, there seems to be much negative in the Bible, but for those with the eyes to see it, there is so much that is life-giving in it as well.  In fact, I’d even say that the editors of the Bible, whoever they were, and with whatever intentions they had, still were guided by the Logos regardless.  Taken as a whole, the Bible is the very pattern of the human spiritual journey complete with three steps forward and then two steps back.  The notion of a wrathful God moves to an image of God that is completely self-giving; indeed Love, itself.  Ra said that they cannot begin to penetrate the depths of distortions that exist in our collect mind. Therefore, I’d say that Ra would not be able to penetrate the subtly of the light that exists in the cracks of those distortions. Nor might Ra be able to completely discern how one can most effectively remedy these distortions. You really have to incarnate here to get it and I believe there are many Wanderers here from Ra’s group (and others) who are “learning” for their home group.  For example, it is said that an outsider would never be able to fully learn the Inuit language.  It’s just too complicated.  There are so many tonalities and subtleties that you have to be born into the language to fully grasp its depth.  If you’re not born into it, you’ll always look at it from the outside and never fully see what can been seen from the inside.  How do you think groups like Ra’s in the Confederation move from the late 6th density to the 7th?  It’s in great part through service as Wanderers that then pick up subtle truths about the Creator that come from living through catalysts that are much more complex than anything they saw during their own 3D experience.    Unplummable depths of distortion also means an inexhaustible supply of new opportunities or catalysts for growth towards Oneness with Infinity.

I would contend that 3D planets that have a mixed harvest and an almost fully negative elite ruling class on top like ours cannot progress to 4D in the same way, using the same techniques than a much more harmonious 3D planet would use.  Ra hurts for humanity of Earth, as do all the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, but just look at the attempts they have tried in the past and each time they were thwarted by negatives.  Pyramids, crystals, and a form of Tarot were enough to pull forth much of Ra’s native 3D population into 4D as they were a much more harmonious bunch to begin with.  Knowledge of how to do things wasn’t enough and knowledge itself became too easy of a target for the negatives to corrupt. Mixed 3D planets like ours, especially Earth, needed a new technique that would ignite the 4th chakra, the heart center, of humanity.  It needed to be super simple to grasp and one that would be imitable via actions rather than an emphasis on teaching knowledge.  It would also need to reveal through this simple, yet profound, manner of living, what the very heart of the Logos was like.  In short, 3D mixed planets like Earth, and especially here, needed to learn how relationship is itself salvific.  There is no individual “self” but only “self-in-relationship.”  The I-Thou relationship model becomes a new paradigm to move forward in soul evolution.  Then, with the Christ-man, the I-Thou relationship comes to full fruition and a living icon of what it means to be in relationship with others and with the Creator. Through the life of the man, Jesus, it was revealed that one can relate to God from an I-Thou point of view while still retaining total union with God.  Both are true because indeed one is the Creator and the Creator is one.  There is no one else here.  And yet, to realize this from a heart-felt experiential way, it is easiest to begin with the I-Thou relationship.  That is why it is easy to fall in love with Jesus. And once we fall in love with Jesus and begin to imitate him (I didn’t say worship him) then we ignite our heart chakras and we can enter the Kingdom of God (4D…we become harvestable with 51% STO polarity and move into 4D after the Shift).

If Jesus, who became the Christ after his death, is the icon of the I-Thou relationship, then one wonders what kind of God was Jesus in relationship with?  You see, even if the Bible is a censored product of a comprised institution, the very essence and wisdom of the overall message still comes through!  The negatives couldn’t see it because their own consciousness was/is so blinded to the whole of reality. If the Bible is indeed inspired writing, then it is in great part because that meta-narrative comes through despite the length of time that it was coalesced, the different political agendas each writer had, and despite a possible last ditch effort at editing as a tool for oppression (when the final cannon was issued). Despite all of the negative obstacles, the Logos’ message of Love and pathway to the Logos still emerges! What emerges from the texts is a relational God who is revealed to be Love itself! Despite all of the negative, two-step back, storylines, the Creator is not only love but we learn through the life of Jesus, how God actually operates in and with creation, the manifested universe.    The operation is a flow, a self-emptying surrender, and constant “Yes” to self-gift.  This revelation of the God as relationship may not be the highest teaching because there is a kind of dualism inherent in it, but it is a real shortcut to arriving at the threshold of seeing oneself and all of creation as the Body of the Creator.  No other way, other than a relational model, activates the heart chakra so effectively.  And the 4th chakra is the first gateway to the Father, to the higher energetic centers.

So to some up my belabored point… My intuition is that in 3D planets of heavily mixed harvest like ours, the most efficient way to move forward towards 4D is experience love through relationship. They all may have some sort of Christ figure that comes to them “in the fullness of time” when the consciousness of that planet is ready.  Therefore, the very 4th chakra of God, the green ray center of the Galactic Logos, incarnated through the vehicle of the man, Jesus (who was an extremely positive harvestable to 5D Wanderer who “became aware that [he] was not an entity of itself but operated as a messenger of the One Creator whom this entity saw as love. Law of One 17.22).  Jesus, who embodied both himself as an individuated sub-sub logos AND the 4th Chakra of God or the wholeness of Love, moved through his life relating to God as loving, forgiving, and merciful. Upon his death, Love, the gateway to the Father (Intelligent Infinity) expanded into Christ Consciousness and was thus linked with the life pattern of the man, Jesus.  This was not unique to Jesus but distilled in Jesus so that we could all get it.  If we follow Jesus’ example to love others as Self, then we gain entrance into the Kingdom of God because our own hearts will be aflame with the same Love that burns brightly in the very heart of the Galactic Logos, the Creator.

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