Non-dual Christianity: Richard Rohr Intuits the Law of One


For those who are interested in both non-dual Christianity and the Law of One, then I invite you to consider following Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr.  It is clear to me that he and his fellow teachers incarnated here on Earth at this time of the Shifting in order to help Christians move towards a non-dual lens from which we can see reality more clearly.

Here is his daily meditation today [I write a few comments here and there].


Creation Continues
Sunday, February 25, 2018

Karl Rahner said that we are “pressured” from within to evolve. That pressure is what we have always called the Holy Spirit. And the Spirit is creatively at work in this moment, urging us to evolve, to become a new kind of human being such as the world has rarely seen before. But what has been rare must now become commonplace. —Judy Cannato [1]

[Doug: Ra calls this the upward instreaming of Intelligent Energy. 

Ra4.18 Imagine, if you will, the function of the magnet. The magnet has two poles. Torus-for-blog-1024x950One reaches up. The other goes down. The function of the spirit is to integrate the up-reaching yearning of the mind/body energy with the downpouring and streaming of infinite intelligence. This is a brief explication of the third area.]

Science today—particularly physics, astrophysics, anthropology, and biology—is confirming many of religion’s deep intuitions. [Doug: Religion is not the problem as so many think. Low-level religion is.] The universe is not inert, but is “inspirited matter.” We might call this driving force instinct, evolution, nuclear fusion, DNA, hardwiring, the motherboard, healing, growth, or springtime. Nature clearly renews itself from within. God seems to have created things that continue to create and recreate themselves from the inside out. A fully incarnate God creates through evolution.

The very meaning of the word universe is to “turn around one thing.” There is either some Big Truth in this universe, or it is an incoherent universe. We are hardwired for the Big Picture, for transcendence, for ongoing growth (another name for evolution), for 4d491d805904ab477b95b673e8886fa0union with ourselves and everything else. [2] Either God is for everybody and the divine DNA is somehow in all creatures, or this God is not God. Humans are driven, hopefully even drawn, toward ever higher levels of conscious union and the ability to include (to forgive others for being “other”). “Everything that rises must converge,” as Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) observed. [3].

[Doug:  Ra says that, “the original desire is that entities seek and become one” 20.27. Also, Teilhard de Chardin, clearly a Wanderer, intuited the beginning of what Ra calls the Social Memory Complex that finds it stirrings in late 3rd density but then finds

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

fulfillment in 4th density.  He called this the “noosphere.” From Wikipedia: “The noosphere emerges through and is constituted by the interaction of human minds. The noosphere thus grows in step with the organization of the human mass in relation to itself as it populates the earth. Teilhard argued the noosphere evolves towards ever greater personalisation, individuation and unification of its elements. He saw the Christian notion of love as being the principal driver of noogenesis. Evolution would culminate in the Omega Point—an apex of thought/consciousness—which he identified with the eschatological return of Christ.” {This is Christ Consciousness, or 4th density vibrations.} ]

Rohr continues…Unfortunately, many people view God as a deity who tortures and excludes forever those people who don’t agree with “him” or get “his” name right. How could you possibly trust such a small God or ever feel loved, safe, and free? [Doug: This is the clever work of the negatives who always thwart, ape, and then attempt to take over positive religious epicenters]. Jesus undid the stingy, violent view of God when he said, “You, evil as you are, know how to give good things to your children. . . . If you, then how much more, God!” (Matthew 7:11). The God I have met and been loved by is always an experience of “how much more!” If we are created in the image and likeness of God, then whatever good, true, or beautiful things we can say about humanity or creation we can also say of God—but they’re even more true! God is the beauty of creation and humanity multiplied to the infinite power.

For me, this wondrous universe cannot be an incoherent and accidental cosmos, nor can it be grounded in evil, although I admit that this intellectual leap and bias toward beauty is still an act of faith and trust. I further believe that a free and loving God desires our participation in co-creation. The Great Work is ours too. [Doug: We are God doing God’s work as 3rd density humanity.  We are the Infinite Creator experiencing Itself.  We are enlightenmentco-creators. Ra: 75.23 “As the adept becomes a more and more consciously crystallized entity it gradually manifests more and more of that which it always has been since before time; that is, the One Infinite Creator.”]

[1] Judy Cannato, Field of Compassion: How the New Cosmology Is Transforming Spiritual Life (Sorin Books: 2010), ix-x.

[2] See Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Biology of Transcendence (Park Street Press: 2002); Andrew Newberg, Why God Won’t Go Away (Ballantine Books: 2002).

[3] Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Future of Man (Image Books: 1964), 186.

Adapted from Richard Rohr, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life (Jossey-Bass: 2011), 93-94, 108-110.

If we are created in the image and likeness of God, then whatever good, true, or beautiful things we can say about humanity or creation we can also say of God—but they’re even more true! God is the beauty of creation and humanity multiplied to the infinite power. —Richard Rohr


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