Armageddon and the Confluence of Cosmic Energies: A Law of One reflection

by Doug Esse


I woke up with a song about “Worthy is the Lamb” in my mind. It got me thinking about the book of Revelation. 

I gather from the following quote from Ra that they view our current era as a kind of battleground—i.e. the time since Orion became more active. We are thus living Armageddon. Either that, or warfare in the heavenlies is occurring at a dimension we cannot see. 

Any thoughts on the use of that word and why Ra chose it?

An entity of the Confederation, many, many thousands of your years in the past, the one you may call “Yahweh,” had, by genetic cloning, set up these particular biases among these peoples who had come gradually to dwell in the vicinity of Egypt, as well as in many, many other places, by dispersion after the down-sinking of the land mass Mu. Here the Orion group found fertile soil in which to plant the seeds of negativity, these seeds, as always, being those of the elite, the different, those who manipulate or enslave others.

The one known as Yahweh felt a great responsibility to these entities. However, the Orion group had been able to impress upon the peoples the name Yahweh as the one responsible for this elitism. Yahweh then was able to take what you would call stock of its vibratory patterns and became, in effect, a more eloquently effective sound vibration complex.In this complex the old Yahweh, now unnamed, but meaning “He comes,” began to send positively oriented philosophy. This was approximately, in your past, of two— we correct this instrument— three three zero zero [3,300] years. Thus, the intense portion of what has become known as Armageddon was joined.

-Law of One 24.6 


Maybe Ra used that word because it was in the mind of Carla.  Ra used lots of words that Carla and gang would know.  It does seem that we 3rd-density beings certaining see “Armageddon” as a “battle between good and evil,” or “…between the forces of light and dark.” I think that’s because our collective Experience Archetype of the Mind has sifted the way we have collectively understood catalysts so as to create biases from which we view reality. 

Thus, we have the battle, warfare, etc.  And because of various variables (1), we engage with the thoughtform we have created for the phenomenon of Armageddon through bellicosity…which keeps us entrapped in a kind of perpetual Armageddon.

This is a key phrase, “Thus, the intense portion of what has become known as Armageddon was joined.” 

It seems from Ra’s point of view, Armageddon, may be the term that describes the phenomenon of our mixed-polarity 3rd density experience.  It’s the necessary dynamic tension of two polarities at work which create mutual catalyst for each polarity, both at the 3rd density level and the 4th density level.  Each of these two densities, in turn, offers each other a service. 

Our third density experience offers the opportunity for the fourth density beings to be of service, which according to Ra, is an overwhelming drive in 4th density once the social memory complex is activated and online.  They are compelled to serve by the 4th-density-stage-of-evolution’s urgent longing to share the understanding of love.  Thus, most importantly for fourth density, our third density experience offers 4th-density beings the means by which they progress through the lessons inherent in 4th density in order to harvest into 5th density.  

The fourth density experience offers our third density beings many things. These include: 

1) metaphysical support by lending and/or supplementing inspiration to 3rd density beings to:

a) choose a polarity,

b) polarize along that polarity, and

c) to harvest into 4th

2) to sop up the excess of the (unused) energy of unprocessed catalysts that 3rd density beings unawaringly create.

As Ra says about anger, when 3rd density beings don’t process catalysts and use them efficiently, there is a great deal of random energy that builds (40.9)… and it has to go somewhere.  There may be a point where this type of random energy hits a diminishment-of-returns level of excess and has the potential to create a complete logjam, much like what we saw in Maldek. 

These 4th density beings, without knowing it, do their thing in the heavens, as it were, which takes the random energy and orders it into the structures of polarity, kind of like how a transformer on a telephone wire orders the frenzied electrical energy that comes via the wire between the telephone poles.  

3) And this ordering of the energy that we create in excess is then offered back into our 3rd density experience like a energy feedback loop which acts as an intensifier for our 3rd density experience with the hopes of catalyzing people into choosing a polarity and polarizing along it so that they can make harvest, which is nigh.  

But…. 4th density beings cannot open our hearts (or completely close them if one is on the STS path), because that would indeed be an infringement of free will.  They can’t do the work for us.  That’s why, in my opinion, Wanderers and esp the Jesus Event, happen so that higher beings, or the Logos, Itself, in the case of the JE, incarnate within our 3rd density experience to show us how to open our hearts within our particular illusion, which is as Ra says, unique in its vibratory conditions, even amongst mixed-planets (30% of 3rd density planets are mixed). And since we humans haven’t yet developed beyond the collective adolescent stage, we still work within bellicose duality, scapegoating, and battling onwards through means which unfortunately seem to largely result in spiritual bypassing.  Thus we don’t learn and there are few to harvest.



1) Due to our collective bellicose attitudes, the cosmic Law of Responsibility activated specific and subtle catalysts (22.5) as a way to help humans get unstuck. These included:

–shortening lifespans (20.16)  so as not to overwhelm souls with too much catalytic burden (22.6),

–increasing time between incarnations for reviewing missed opportunities to use catalysts more efficiently (21.9),

–and increasing the probability for people through their free will to call the Confederation—the cosmic stewards in the service of the Creator—for aid (22.18, 22.19). 

•Like two sides of the coin, bellicosity in Earth’s mass consciousness has a counterpoint which is a certain type of fear. Ra infers in 32.14 that the fear of being violently infringed upon (attacked, manipulated, dominated, or enslaved) comes from the same vibrational conditions as bellicosity. Both are yellow or orange-ray blockages and feed off of each other (18.5).

•Ra says that our mass consciousness experiences a “quiet horror” (17.23) caused by our mass bellicosity and its counterpoint of fearing infringement. Together, they are primary catalysts offered to us individually and collectively to be observed, experienced, balanced, accepted, integrated (49.6) within us at the green-ray center (34.17). 

•But since we individually and collective do not recognize, process, nor balance this yellow and orange-ray blockage (desire to violently infringe and fear of being violently infringed upon), many of us live our third-density, yellow-ray experience behind an orange-ray overlay (40.11, 41.14) rather than a green-ray overlay.

Finally, since the planetary harvest to fourth density’s green-ray vibratory conditions is nigh (14.14), but the average vibratory conditions of our mass consciousness remains ensconced in yellow-ray blockage (32.2)—characterized by a strong orange-ray overlay (40.11)—there are few to harvest (13.23).

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