(Audio) The Archetype of Catalyst: Infographic

By Doug Esse

This presentation is a deep(ish) dive into the Law of One’s Catalyst of the Mind Archetype. For those interested in Ra’s Archetypes, a study of the Catalyst of Mind can be important to learning how to process our catalysts with greater love.


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Brief Reflection of Consciously Using Catalyst to Tap Intelligent Infinity: Jesus and Fear

Often in New Age circles, it is expressed that emotions such as anger, fear, disgust, sadness, are “low vibe” and are to be avoided or overcome somehow. The only thing that I would add, but this could be just me, is this: we can’t “avoid” fear in third density. Perhaps very few can, but most of us will have the experience of fear.

Fear is not bad nor negative. Fear is a part of the third-density experience and can be a wonderful catalyst for us to do some internal work. I am aware that the Bible supposedly states some form of “Be Not Afraid,” at least 365 times between the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures. However, I understand from some scriptural scholars that the sentiment of that oft-repeated phrase could better be understand by our contemporary mindset as, “Do not be afraid of being afraid.” This makes more sense to me.

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

It seems more integrated in some way. Even Jesus was clearly feeling a lot of emotion in the Garden of Gethsemane before his murder upon the cross. What emotion was he feeling? Just like the rest of us would feel in that situation, I bet it was fear… and lots of it. Does this mean that his vibes were substantially lowered and that this evidences lack of enlightenment? I don’t think so.

For me, the question isn’t if Jesus felt fear but rather modeled for us his perseverance and fidelity to the call he felt despite the fear. In a way, he offered up his fear as a holy “sacrifice” as a path to surrender himself more into his understanding of the Creator’s will for him.

Offering up our sacrifice completes the circle of Alpha and Omega

Sacrifice means “to make holy.” Something, whether an object or an emotion, cannot be “made” to be holy because it already is ontologically supremely holy given that all things are the Creator experiencing itself.

Yet, as third-density self-aware entities, when we name something as holy, when we proclaim something’s inherent holiness, when we recognize the holiness of some thing, we penetrate in some way the violet-ray center (Ref. 48.7). Our act of proclaiming a thing’s holiness gives glory to God because it complete’s a circle of the Alpha and Omega.

Alpha is the Creator as Creator and Omega is the Creator as you or I; and when you or I awaken in a moment enough to offer something up to the Creator as a sacrifice, we crystalize that energy loop which begins “up there” with the Creator (Alpha), flows “down to” us, (Omega) and through us, back to the Creator.

Thus, we *actualize* Omega’s return to Alpha through our conscious offering of our sacrifice. Forgive the tangent here, but all of that is to say that fear–or any catalyst that with which we struggle–can be transmuted into “gold” by the spiritual alchemical process of offering it as a sacrifice; by intentionally uniting it to the Source of all things.

Law of One References:

93.8 Questioner: There seems to be no large hint of polarity in this drawing except for the possible coloration of the many cups in the wheel. Part of them are colored black, and part of the cup is white. Would this indicate that each experience has within it a possible negative or positive use of that experience that is randomly generated by this seeming wheel of fortune?

Ra: I am Ra. Your supposition is thoughtful. However, it is based upon an addition to the concept complex which is astrological in origin. Therefore, we request that you retain the concept of polarity, but release the cups from their strictured form. The element you deal with is not in motion in its original form, but is, indeed, the abiding sun which, from the spirit, shines in protection over all catalyst available from the beginning of complexity to the discerning mind/body/spirit complex.

Indeed you may, rather, find polarity expressed, firstly, by the many opportunities offered in the material illusion which is imaged by the not-white and not-dark square upon which the entity of the image is seated; secondly, upon the position of that seated entity. It does not meet opportunity straight on but glances off to one side or another.

In the image you will note a suggestion that the offering of the illusion will often seem to suggest the opportunities lying upon the left-hand path or, as you might refer to it more simply, the service-to-self path. This is a portion of the nature of the Catalyst of the Mind.

Category: TarotCatalyst of the Mind

93.18 Questioner: The third card also shows the wand (I am assuming it is) in the right hand; the ball at the top being the round magical shape. Am I in any way correct in guessing that Catalyst of the Mind suggests possible eventual use of the magic depicted by this wand?

Ra: I am Ra. The wand is astrological in its origin and as an image may be released from its stricture. The sphere of spiritual power is an indication, indeed, that each opportunity is pregnant with the most extravagant magical possibilities for the far-seeing adept.

94.26 Questioner: I’ll have to work on that.

Then I am guessing that the crossed legs of the entity in Card Four have a meaning similar to the cross of the crux ansata. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The cross formed by the living limbs of the image signifies that which is the nature of mind/body/spirit complexes in manifestation within your illusion. There is no experience which is not purchased by effort of some kind—no act of service to self or others which does not bear a price to the entity manifesting, commensurate with its purity.

All things in manifestation may be seen in one way or another to be offering themselves in order that transformations may take place upon the level appropriate to the action.

54.17 Questioner: I would like then to trace the evolution of catalyst upon the mind/body/spirit complexes and how it comes into use and is fully used to create this tuning. I assume that the sub-Logos that formed our tiny part of the creation, using the intelligence of the Logos of which it is a part, provides, shall I say, the base catalyst that will act upon mind/body complexes and mind/body/spirit complexes before they reach the state of development where they can begin to program their own catalyst. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. The sub-Logos offers the catalyst at the lower levels of energy, the first triad; these have to do with the survival of the physical complex. The higher centers gain catalyst from the biases of the mind/body/spirit complex itself in response to all random and directed experiences.

Thus the less developed entity will perceive the catalyst about it in terms of survival of the physical complex, with the distortions which are preferred. The more conscious entity, being conscious of the catalytic process, will begin to transform the catalyst offered by the sub-Logos into catalyst which may act upon the higher energy nexi.

Thus the sub-Logos can offer only a basic skeleton, shall we say, of catalyst. The muscles and flesh—having to do with the, shall we say, survival of wisdom, love, compassion, and service—are brought about by the action of the mind/body/spirit complex on basic catalyst so as to create a more complex catalyst which may, in turn, be used to form distortions within these higher energy centers.

The more advanced the entity, the more tenuous the connection between the sub-Logos and the perceived catalyst until, finally, all catalyst is chosen, generated, and manufactured by the self, for the self.

50.2 Questioner: In the last session you made the statement that experiences are attracted to the entity through the south pole. Could you expand on that and give us a definition of what you mean?

Ra: I am Ra. It takes some consideration to accomplish the proper perspective for grasping the sense of the above information. The south, or negative, pole is one which attracts. It pulls unto itself those things magnetized to it. So with the mind/body/spirit complex the in-flow of experience is of the south pole influx. You may consider this a simplistic statement.

The only specific part of this correctness is that the red-ray, or foundation energy center, being the lowest, or root, energy center of the physical vehicle, will have the first opportunity to react to any experience. In this way only you may see a physical locus of the south pole being identified with the root energy center. In every facet of mind and body the root, or foundation, will be given the opportunity to function first.

What is this opportunity but survival? This is the root possibility of response and may be found to be characteristic of the basic functions of both mind and body. You will find this instinct the strongest, and once this is balanced much is open to the seeker. The south pole then ceases blocking the experiential data, and higher energy centers of mind and body become availed of the opportunity to use the experience drawn to it.

Categories: BalancingEnergy Centers

50.3 Questioner: Why do you say the experience is drawn to, or attracted to, the entity?

Ra: I am Ra. We say this due to our understanding that this is the nature of the phenomenon of experiential catalyst and its entry into the mind/body/spirit complex’s awareness.

48.7 Questioner: Thank you. I would like to take as an example an entity, at birth, who is roughly high on the seniority list for positive polarization and possible harvestability at the end of this cycle, and follow a full cycle of his experience starting before his incarnation—which body is activated, process of becoming incarnate, the activation of the third-density physical body process as the body moves through this density and is acted upon by catalyst, and then the process of death, and the activation of the various bodies—so that we make a full circuit from a point prior to incarnation back around through incarnation and death and back to that position, you might say, in one cycle of incarnation in this density. Could you do that for me?

Ra: I am Ra. Your query is most distorted, for it assumes that creations are alike. Each mind/body/spirit complex has its own patterns of activation and its own rhythms of awakening. The important thing for harvest is the harmonious balance between the various energy centers of the mind/body/spirit complex. This is to be noted as of relative import. We grasp the thrust of your query and will make a most general answer stressing the unimportance of such arbitrary generalizations.

The entity, before incarnation, dwells in the appropriate, shall we say, place in time/space. The true-color type of this location will be dependent upon the entity’s needs. Those entities, for instance, which, being wanderers, have the green, blue, or indigo true-color core of mind/body/spirit complex will have rested therein.

Entrance into incarnation requires the investment, or activation, of the indigo-ray, or etheric body, for this is the form maker. The young, or small, physical mind/body/spirit complex has the seven energy centers potentiated before the birthing process. There are also analogs in time/space of these energy centers corresponding to the seven energy centers in each of the seven true-color densities. Thus in the microcosm exists all the experience that is prepared. It is as though the infant contains the universe.

The patterns of activation of an entity of high seniority will undoubtedly move with some rapidity to the green-ray level which is the springboard to primary blue. There is always some difficulty in penetrating blue primary energy, for it requires that which your people have in great paucity; that is, honesty. Blue ray is the ray of free communication with self and with other-self.

Having accepted that an harvestable or nearly harvestable entity will be working from this green-ray springboard, one may then posit that the experiences in the remainder of the incarnation will be focused upon activation of the primary blue ray of freely given communication; of indigo ray, that of freely shared intelligent energy; and, if possible, moving through this gateway, the penetration of violet-ray intelligent infinity. This may be seen to be manifested by a sense of the consecrate, or hallowed, nature of everyday creations and activities.

Upon the bodily complex death, as you call this transition, the entity will immediately, upon realization of its state, return to the indigo form-maker body and rest therein until the proper future placement is made.

Here we have the anomaly of harvest. In harvest the entity will then transfer its indigo body into violet-ray manifestation as seen in true-color yellow. This is for the purpose of gauging the harvestability of the entity. After this anomalous activity has been carefully completed, the entity will move into indigo body again and be placed in the correct true-color locus in space/time and time/space, at which time the healings and learn/teachings necessary shall be completed and further incarnation needs determined.

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