Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 2

This is the second in a series that will explore the Gospel of Thomas through a dialog between two old friends.  The author of this blog, Doug, and his friend, Noa, were friends in high school.  We reconnected a few years ago and have been supporting each other along our spiritual journey.  Noa is currently enrolled in an online course connected with the Center for Action and Contemplation (www.cac.org) and they are studying the Gospel of Thomas.  Noa invited me to process this ancient wisdom writing. Our reflections come from our own experiences and filters. My filter is mystical Christianity and the Law of One.

If anyone finds these interesting or helpful, then it’s worth posting.


Logion 2 – Yeshua says…  If you are searching, you must not stop until you find.  When you find, however, you will become troubled. Your confusion will give way to wonder.  In wonder (marvel/astonishment) you will reign over all things. Your sovereignty will be your rest.

Noa – words that stick with me after a reading:

  • Searching, Seems this will have different meaning to everyone on their own path but in general maybe looking for the deeper meaning in things.  Or maybe searching because they feel something is missing that is not tangible, they feel the veil and are searching for what is behind.  
  • Troubled, I sense the feeling of overwhelmed by spirit and the largess of what oneness really means.  It’s jaw dropping at first, it can be troubling to know our place here once we find the connection to all.  Once we really accept, feel, live in the oneness it it pretty easy to carry around a sense of wonder/astonishment.
  • Sovereignty, I struggle with this.  I don’t think it means, bam, your better than everyone but sovereignty bring that feeling to mind.  Maybe its more like there is no real power struggle with anyone after that, there is a true knowing that we are all equal so it can lead to a sense of togetherness?


Doug – First of all, if you are searching, or that you are searching, means that there is an impulse to search versus those who are not searching (and there are many in this category).  The impulse to search is the divine in us wanting to connect with the divine Source. This yearning between God and us is illustrated in the Law of One, Session 39.6:


 “[There is a] simple principle of the constant or Creator and the transient or the incarnate being and the yearning existing between the two, one for the other, in love and light amidst the distortions of free will acting upon the illusion-bound entity.”


All searching WILL lead to finding at some level–dependent upon the level and purity of the seeking, and the will to seek.  And what is found, disturbs because it bumps us against the ceiling of our current belief systems (not just religious belief systems but also emotional/psychological). The edges of levels of awareness always are hard to blast through because the experience is befuddlement, anxiety, fear, curiosity, no-turning-back attitude, etc.  However, the next level that we pierce into is like discovering a whole new unexplored land. We have to find new co-seekers willing to explore these lands because people in the previous level won’t be ready for what we see and experience. This doesn’t mean that we let those people go out of our lives, but we can ask them to tolerate our exploring.  Love will dictate what happens then in the relationships. The words of royalty like, “reign” and “sovereignty” in mystical language often have multiple meanings. The highest meaning (at least to me) is, “wholeness.” A King or Queen reign over a kingdom; they are the physical symbols of the whole, the micro icons representing and embodying the macro wholeness. 

To be a king or queen of myself is to be a whole person, one who incorporates the dualism into nondual thinking in a way that holds both together. Paradoxes are resolved and this leads to rest. Example: I don’t have strive anymore to be good or perfect. I’m a little shit… and THAT is good and perfect as it is; or my Floating Self and my Anchored Self both co-exist and help me navigate my incarnation.

Floating Self: False Self, Image Self, Egoic Self, Needy Self, Insecure Self, Overly-secure Self. Anchored Self: True Self, Whole Self, Christ Self, Soul, Secure Self, Who you really are below the layers of different identities.

They do not cancel each other out. Even if I embody my Anchored Self more and more, I still will use my Floating Self to do good in the world. I’ll hold titles without being attached to them. When I can be a whole man, which is what Jesus called himself when he said that he was the “Son of Man,” then I can reign over all of the dualisms in my life without getting caught up in them. I can hold them altogether.  And it won’t be ME holding them together but the the ONE who holds me (ex my Higher Self, or God, or insert word of divinity here). Using Christian terms, In Christ, I can hold all things together inside me and in my experience and life situations. The Wholeness of Christ (the Logos) is my wholeness and to the degree that I can access unitive consciousness, and enjoy it, is the degree that “no longer I but Christ who lives within me” (Gal 2:20) emerges. This oneing brings rest, indeed… but it can be disturbing at the same time, esp for others. Ahh… 3rd density living 🙂

The other thing about the royal language is that the 6th chakra or 3rd eye, was often seen by visionaries as a halo or aura around people.  People who were whole in themselves had a strong aura. That has been speculated as being where the idea of a crown came from.  

2 thoughts on “Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 2

  1. Excellent! For me, the idea of searching nonstop evokes the concept of compound interest, where the “line upon line” and “here a little there a little” compounds and builds up to the point that one begins to see Christ in all things.


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