Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 9

Logion 9:  Yeshua said:

Once a sower went out and sowed a handful of seeds.

Some fell on the road, and were eaten by birds.

Some fell among the thorns, which smothered their growth, and the worms devoured them.

Some fell among the rocks, and could not take root.

Others fell on fertile ground, and their fruits grew up toward heaven.  They produced sixty and one hundred-twenty units per measure.


Noathe seeds here could be lessons again.  The ones coming to us when our soil is fertile (our inner work is being done) are the ones that stick and grow well.   

  • Maybe the birds, worms, thorns represent floating self stuff.  Things that stop us from seeing the truth or lessons before us.
  • Who is the sower though, prophets, wise people or us?  We do not generally throw out lessons for ourselves, at least not at first and not consciously.
  • “fruits grew up toward heaven”.  Since we know that in this Gospel heaven is inside and all around and not really an up there place…  Made me think that the fruits that grow up are meant to be something that grows inside us and thru us into the rest of the world.


Doug: I think that you are right. The seeds are lessons. Or put differently, the seeds could be seen as the catalysts that come into our lives and the one who learns from them by choosing good, will have them turned into vibrant plants. The sower could be our higher self or even the guardians who monitor reincarnations until a person is far along on their journey to start planning for their own lessons in the next life. The planning happens between the person’s 3rd density self and their own 6th density self, along with other helping guides and companions on “the other side.”  

Of interest, see the Law of One’s statement on incarnations:

48.8  Questioner: Who shall we say supervises the determination of further incarnation needs and sets up the seniority list, shall I say, for incarnation?

Ra: I am Ra. This is a query with two answers.

Firstly, there are those directly under the Guardians who are responsible for the incarnation patterns of those incarnating automatically, that is, without conscious self-awareness of the process of spiritual evolution. You may call these beings angelic if you prefer. They are, shall we say, “local” or of your planetary sphere.

The seniority of vibration is to be likened unto placing various grades of liquids in the same glass. Some will rise to the top; others will sink to the bottom. Layers and layers of entities will ensue. As harvest draws near, those filled with the most light and love will naturally, and without supervision, be in line, shall we say, for the experience of incarnation.

When the entity becomes aware in its mind/body/spirit complex totality of the mechanism for spiritual evolution it, itself, will arrange and place those lessons and entities necessary for maximum growth and expression of polarity in the incarnative experience before the forgetting process occurs. The only disadvantage of this total free will of those senior entities choosing the manner of incarnation experiences is that some entities attempt to learn so much during one incarnative experience that the intensity of catalyst disarranges the polarized entity and the experience thus is not maximally useful as intended.


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