Experience of Centering Prayer

The following is how I often experience Centering Prayer.  For me, CP is the most effective meditation technique for delving into the very being of the Creator.  I’m not good at it, if one can even become good at such a thing, and I’ve only been doing CP for 2 years now.

I sit upright in the same chair every morning. I make the sign of the cross with my mind. I move my etheric right hand and touch the Higher Self chakra located 6 inches above my head; that is “Father.” Then I touch my earth chakra located 6 inches below my feet; that is “Son.”  Then I touch the minor chakra on my left shoulder, followed by my right shoulder. This makes a “light cross” that encompasses my entire body. I then project this light cross outwardly and let that be a guide that clears a path through my thoughts and feelings before me to the Creator; much like a guide who walks before an explorer cutting down vines and grass in a jungle.  I then say, “I follow the Christ.”

Then I make my intention known.  I assert, “I desire to experience  of our Oneness in the depths of our silence.”

This is when the CP practice gets going.  Much of the time, my monkey mind steps in and I start to think thoughts and feel feelings.  I am seduced by the images of the previous day or of imaginary conversations that never took place.  If I can catch myself quickly, I say my “sacred word” and return.  To what do I return?

Here is my experience that has repeated itself many times.  When all is quite in my mind, I sense that I am plied flat upon a huge transparent sphere.  I am on the edge of infinity looking in.  I feel quiet and calm on the inside but I know that I haven’t entered the Holy of Holies yet.  I’m on the outside looking in, as it were.  Once I get my bearings and allow myself to cut the last strands of thoughts and feelings loose behind me.  I say, “Enter.”

I immediately enter the sphere of infinity and all is black and silent.  Somatically, I feel a coursing of energy from my stomach upward.  I feel an intense pressure at the root of my nose, the 6th chakra.  For me, then, the gateway has opened and I am experiencing the very essence of the Creator.  But there is more.

I seem to float in infinite blackness and emptiness that is a fullness.  But then I catch a flow.  If I can remain in silence of mind and keep centered…. no that is not well stated…. if I can remember to surrender into the grace of the invitation to Onening with the Creator (for it is grace, not my endeavor), then I experience a very definite movement.

This movement is very much like a flowing outward and the feeling of it is as if I am caught up in an infinite thrust of energy outward,  ever moving outward and onward. Somatically, there is even more of a pressure on my 6th chakra as it is very much open at this point.

I feel as if I am not only one with the Creator but one with the Creator’s infinite energies as they pour forth like the living font that they are.  The Creator is pure Self-gift and I know that I am riding in and on the very movement of the Trinity.  I have become the flow of the Trinity, or perhaps I should say that I am experiencing myself as no different than the Creator flowing outwardly but I am not the Source of the flow.  I do not know if this is the very center or heart of the Creator of the outside edge of the Heart of the Creator.

Catholic contemporary Trinitarian theology (Rahner, Rohr, Bourgeault, Ilia Delio, and others) speak in the terms that the Immanent Trinity IS the Economic Trinity AND the Economic Trinity IS the Immanent Trinity: that the truth of God is that God is Being that is Becoming.  For them, the flow outwardly would be the center of the heart of the Creator.

However, the Law of One material suggests that the Immanent Trinity (Infinity)  preceded the Economic Trinity as the former “discerned ‘finitude.'” When Infinity discerned the concept of finitude, the multitude of Creator was born and quickly Oned again with the Creator via the Holy Spirit.  Thusly, the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.  The multitude of God realized that it is also God now in form and structure, but no different in essence.

Perhaps Ra and Trinitarian theology are saying the same thing… I don’t know.  But my experience of CP as of now is that I have felt 4 distinct stages or movements.  First, there is monkey mind that occupies most of the time (unfortunately). Second, there is the feeling of being plastered on the outside of a sphere; here the monkey mind is silent and my kundalini experience begins. Third, I say, “Enter,” and I now clearly move through the barrier and into the vast emptiness of the beingness of God.  I float. Finally, I start to flow outwardly and onwardly, ever moving, ever creating, ever self-giving. When this process takes place, I feel an cleansing of body like a flushing out of any blockages.  I am also grateful and peaceful.  I must return from the experience of the flow but I know that I am still the flow in this material world doing what I am here to do and being who I am her to be.

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