A Christian Spiritual Director reflects on Reincarnation

The follow is from my friend, AC.  He is a psychiatrist and experienced Spiritual Director.  His knowledge of Jungian analysis and Depth Psychology is very extensive.  An email that he sent me was inspired and I wanted to post it.

AC: Both reincarnation and non-reincarnation are true. It just depends upon where one says “the soul” begins and ends. If you say it ends at the end of the conscious, individual personality, then there is no reincarnation. Yet there is a continuum of all things from the individual wavelet of personality that extends through the larger wave of oversoul to the ocean of infinite identity in God. In mystical states, we perceive the oversoul as within us and on a continuum.  Yet we insist upon saying that is not ourself, then there is no reincarnation– only some kind of etheric higher consciousness that contains more than one soul within it’s conjoined consciousness. Are you a lumper or a splitter? (Biological taxonomic terms referring to various scientist’s proclivities in taxonomy.)

Always good to talk. I value more and more such conversation at this time in my life. Thank you for participating with me.

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