There and Back Again: The Cosmic Tale

Love has a structuring. Ra states that “the origin of all energy is the action of free will upon love. The nature of all energy is light” (54.27). As the Infinite Creator’s White Light passed through the prism/concept of “Finity,” the Seven Densities were created. Densities are akin to Divine Chakras on the macro scale.  They are particular frequencies or vibratory conditions of being that will provide the structure, like a ladder, where the Infinite Creator can experience the full spectrum of the Created World, a gradual awakening that will take billions years to return back to full gnosis (lived and experiential knowing) of oneness. Densities are “bandwidths” of conscious awareness.

In the first Density, the elements begin to coalesce, learn from each other, and form the dense material of the universe.  This is Red Ray activation. Though fully the Infinite Creator, dense matter begins with a just primordial awareness but in no way knows itself as the Infinite Creator.  This is true “kenosis,” or the self-emptying of the Infinite Creator as It pours Itself into Creation by passing through the great concept of “Finity,” and then falls asleep to Itself.  The giant boulder, the hunk of lead, ARE the White Light–the Infinite Creator’s Love-made-manifest–gone through Finity’s Prism and come out the other side in packets of light. This light congeals over time through the urgent longing of Love that brings together and bonds elements into symbiotic communities. These communities are physical things–matter.

With the Second Density, the Orange Ray energetics become activated and awaken from within the First Density vibrations.  Some “parts” of the Creation begin to “move about within and upon its [environment]. This movement is the characteristic of second density, the striving towards light and growth” Law of One, Session 13.18. The duration of Second Density lasts a few billion years as Creation slowly awakens to awareness.  Late Second Density entities have awakened to self-awareness and move on, “harvest,” to the Third Density when their individuation from their Second Density group soul is completed.

Third Density is a pivotal plane of being in that Creation, now endowed with self-awareness, makes a choice of polarity that will thrust them through the next couple billion years of evolution.  Most Third Density entities choose the positive path which is the most efficient since they increasingly intuit how Love is the uniting force and essence of all things.  The positive path intentionally lives within seamlessness of oneness.  The negative path, on the other hand, chooses the path of separation and falsity.  The negative entity learns how to hack the system through cleverness, high craft, and single-pointed will which focuses on love of self above all else.  In effect, they learn how to spiritually bypass the heart and wisdom centers that living in-and-with oneness activates, and jump into the loft of the adept–or one who knows itself to be a co-creator.  A difference between the positive adept and the negative one is that the former has accessed and enjoys Love to greater and greater extents.  The negative adept sees itself as a creator and desires to order creation into its own image and likeness for the sake of lordship.  Eventually the negative sees its own power limitations due to entropy since falsity–or that which is not–can only hold out for so long.  Since Love is the essence of all things, the arc of the service to self path inevitably curves back to the one true path, that which sees and embraces all as one in and through Love’s gravitic tug towards union.  As Ra states in 20.27, “The original desire is that entities seek and become one.”

The Fourth Density positive vibrational condition is a long lived experiment of the nuances of Love and understanding.  In my opinion, the Fourth Density offers Creation the lessons of Love, Itself.  Entities who have activated their heart centers enough to inhabit the Green Ray energy on a permanent basis, spend many millions of years gradually awakening to the fullness of Love’s presence in all things as the essence of all things.  They do this awakening through exploring first through the formation of a social memory complex where the individuals open themselves to a collective union.  In this Green Ray, entities directly learn in a smaller societal level what is true in the cosmic level: All of Creation exists in a holarchy where everything is simultaneously its own sub-whole linked together to form a collective whole.  Nothing is fully known (gnosis) until it is truly lived as an experience.  Fourth Density vibratory conditions gives precisely this lived-lesson to Creation as It moves through evolution back towards total union with the Infinite Creator.  These Fourth Density inhabitants live with vivid intensity what St. Paul intuited in his letter to the Corinthians: “As a body is one though it has many parts, and all the parts of the body, though many, are one body, so also Christ” (1Cor 12:22).  Paul’s teaching of the Body of Christ is the first time in the West where the lived reality of the 4th density, and the nature of Love, is explicitly revealed using the terms and belief systems of his own historicity.

The Fifth Density, in my opinion, offers Creation the opportunity to explore fully the nuance of the Infinite Creator’s First Distortion according to the Law of One: Free Will.  Note that the Fourth Density is a lived experience of the Second Distortion, or Love.  In this way, we can see that the unrolling of Manifestation against the backdrop of Infinity follows three sequential ordering. The first two, you already know, Free Will and Love.  The third “distortion” is Light.  I’ve not seen any writing upon the following observation but I believe that just as Creation pours out of Infinity following the order of the Primal Distortions (Free Will, Love, and then, Light), it follows the reverse order in Its return back to Source.  In other words, the evolution of conscious awareness moves through the first, second, and third densities gradually awakening to self-awareness.  This is Creation learning about itself, intuiting a Creator, and dancing the dance. This is the Third Primal Distortion, or Light, being explored as the different gradients and hues giving the Infinite Creator a robust experience of Itself.  But the Light is being drawn back to source to once again coalesce into It’s White Oneness.  It’s return trip then follows in earnest with the choosing of the polarity in Third Density, and graduating into the Fourth Density.  Here, as mentioned above, Creation spends eons exploring the nuance and unifying power of Love.  In Fifth Density, called the Wisdom Density, Creation spends eons exploring the full nuance and power of the First Primal Distortion, Free Will. This, I believe, is how Wisdom is learned. Through the consequences of individual and collective karma, entities gain lived knowledge about karmic play.  They can see how actions done in Love but without much Wisdom can cause unforeseen consequences in karmic entanglements. Ra suggests this in 41.26, “We spent much time/space, if you will, in fifth density balancing the intense compassion we had gained in fourth density.”

In Sixth Density, Creation spends eons learning the infinite subtleties of the balance of Love and Wisdom.  This balancing comes into its fullness as late-Sixth Density entities turn their backs upon the tasks of the lower Densities and prepare to fully surrender identity back into Source, the White Light.  This surrendering is Seventh Density.

As we can see above, there is an Alpha and Omega quality to the Infinite Creator.  The Alpha unrolls Creation. When Creation hits the nadir, First Density, it becomes Omega and begins Its sweeping return back to Alpha.  At the completion of the Seventh Density, there is an Alpha-Omegic full melding.  All the while the Infinite Creator transcends both Alpha and Omega and holds the whole process within Its Oneness, which is always and everywhere anchored in the Eternal Now.





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