Christ’s Passion: What RA couldn’t see

Any student of the Law of One who is also a follower of Jesus might find some of the things said about him hard to understand.  I’m not an expert on the Law of One nor in Christianity, but I do have an opinion about an important topic regarding the mission of Jesus and his passion on the cross.  Ra states that there was a soul which was at the end of 4D and decided to become a wanderer to Earth.  When incarnated here, he was named Jesus.  Ra then states that Jesus showed his 4D status, if you will, by choosing martyrdom at the end of his life instead of avoiding going to Jerusalem where he was sure that he would be put to death.  From Ra’s perspective (and from any outside perspective, actually), this makes sense.  A 4D wanderer, especially one at the end of the 4D experience, would be fully polarized towards love but would lack the wisdom that is gained in a 5D experience. From Ra’s point of view, Jesus’ trek towards his death shows this kind of decision making as a 4D wanderer, and while it was loving gesture, it wasn’t wise.

But something else was a play that Ra (6D) couldn’t see because the Logos (Cosmic Christ)  itself was directing Jesus’ path to reveal a new, accelerated course of soul evolution. Moreover, this new path promised bigger net gains of followers who would might become harvestable. This was a communal path, a corporate path, a heart path, and the energy released from the completion of Jesus journey, culminating with Pentecost, was like a new big bang.  It made way for the Logo’s own intelligent energy to be brought down in much more of an intense application while at the same time energizing the chakras, particularly the green chakras, of anyone who followed this same kind of path.  The path, in short, is that of service, forgiveness, and surrender.  This energizing of the chakras of individual people made their energetic pathways stronger in order to handle the new influx of energy released by the Galactic Logos. So, to sum up this point, the release of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost did two things.  It opened the floodgates of energy from “above” while at the same time opening the receptors to receive the energy from “below.”  In this way, the pyramids and other healing sites across the planet were no longer needed because the individual could now become a crystalline healer without needing props to become charged enough to affect healing in others.  The body became a temple, as it were.

When Jesus said, “Yes,” to the Creator’s (the “Father”) invitation to die in Jerusalem, he was indeed playing the central part of the play that would usher in a new covenant.  In the person of Jesus, the Cosmic Christ, took form and then revealed to the rest of the world just exactly how the flow of the  creation works and also the flow within the Creator’s own being. As Richard Rohr and others state, Jesus is the “micro” whereas Christ is the “macro.” Or if you like, “Jesus” is code word for “the particular” while “Christ” is code word for “universal.”  Any person, thing, or event that acts as a portal for you to enter into the universal flow would be a type of “Jesus” dynamic; it would be a gate that leads to the “Father” [the Infinite Creator]. This puts new light onto Jesus’ message that “No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Rather than an exclusive dictum where a person needs to convert to Christianity in order to avoid hell, Jesus was stating a simple reality.  The Infinite Creator, the “Father,” is accessed from our position on Earth through engagement with a singular “something” that breaks down defenses and breaks open our hearts.  Metaphysically speaking, when this happens, the lower chakras become more balanced and harmonious allowing for greater activation of the higher chakras.  The payoff for this kind of activation means that the person becomes what Ra calls an “adept,” which is kind of like saying that someone realizes their own Christhood while on Earth.  As Jesus did, so can we.

Find and follow the pattern in Jesus’ life and death and you’ll find and be able to follow the pattern of existence itself.  That’s the point.  We needed an icon in which to follow, and one that everyone would have access to, not just a small set of people who were adepts of one esoteric way or another.  I would argue that the path of Jesus, from beginning to end, is a most efficient path (a real shortcut!!) up and out of the octave and in union with the Logos.  It doesn’t really require right thinking as much as right relationship.  And it is through the relationship that heart chakras get up and running and then the Holy Spirit starts to transfer from person to person like electricity running on wires that turns on lights from house to house.  What is this relationship?  It’s a falling in love with the person of Jesus and then, by consequence, falling in love with the Creator, who sent Jesus on his mission.  Isn’t being in relationship with the Creator an incomplete view since it requires an I-Thou duality?  Yes, this is true.  Making God into a Person is not necessary at the non-dual levels ( 6, 7 and 8 density) because one sees oneself as an aspect of the Creator that took a plunge into manifestation.  How can one have a relationship with oneself?  Yet, I would argue that life in 3D necessitates a seeing of relationship as the primary key to begin the process of dropping the illusion of separation (at least on the Service to Other Path).  Personifying God is a very good way to activate the 4th ray (green ray, heart chakra) in one’s energetic body because God as “Father” can beget “sons and daughters.” At the beginning of the Christian journey (and where most people are still at!), there’s the perception of a separation between God and the person.  God is there and we are here.  At the mature levels of Christianity, one begins to see that one is indeed a child of God, but more than that, one is the part of God in the second person of the Trinity, to be precise.  In the Trinity, the Father is the Unmanifest and the Son is the manifest.  That’s you and that’s me.  Also, in this 3D ray of existence, there’s real dance between moving from a feeling of oneness with the Logos (Father) and a feeling of twoness (Son), while still knowing that total union is preserved (by the Holy Spirit).  One then knows that they share two natures, both divine and human (read material), just as Jesus showed us.  Again, find it in him and then find it in yourself.  We also have the same dual nature, which in actuality, is still an illusion since even the material is divine.  Ultimately, at the very non-dual level, there is no separation between the Creator and the created and the only difference lays between those who know it at the experiential level and those who don’t.

Back to Jesus.  I read three areas (I’m sure that there are more) in Scripture where Jesus hints at his mission as a non-dual master teacher who will show that separation is an illusion.  First, Jesus is confronted by Satan in the desert.  Satan is the archetype (and I would argue “living archetype”) of the world of separation, of the material, of, quite frankly, the sum total of first, second, and third rays (chakras) of the Logos.  Material domination is offered Jesus if only he would worship that “spirit” of separation.  From an esoteric viewpoint, Satan here would be (whether figuratively or literally) the personification of the corrupted demiurge of the Logos whose purpose originally was the materialization of the blueprints of the Logos (before it was corrupted).  After untold time materiality began to worship it’s own status of separation and thus the negative path towards the Logos began.  After billions of years of being strengthened by energy and thoughtforms created by those on the negative path who feed it ramped up first, second, and third ray energy through fear, domination, and a Darwinian way of life, a black sun formed like a black hole with an insatiable appetite.  This black sun, incidentally, may be what those on the  negative path worship as their god in one way or another. When Jesus rejects the invitation to worship this spirit of separation, it disappears.  He held on to his own integrity and self identity as God’s son.  He also didn’t fight it, he didn’t give it any energy, he didn’t take any bait.

A second area where Jesus takes on separation is right after 72 people come back from a mission trip. In Luke 10:17-18 “The seventy returned with joy, saying, ‘Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.’ And He said to them, ‘I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning.'” This might be another way of saying that the illusion of separation (Satan) is falling and a new understanding of unity with God is revealed.  That this statement came at the return of his disciples from doing good work puts a highlight on what Jesus’ mission was all about: revealing God (Creator, Logos) as Love wherein no separation or division exists between the heart of God and the heart of the human. When it is said that Christ reconciled the world unto himself, I think that it means that Jesus, as the micro icon of Christ Consciousness, reveals on Earth that there is no separation, and never has been, contrary to what billions of years of thoughtform projection have tried to impart.  He also reveals “under the Earth” or in the most shadowy astral planes when he “descended” into Hell during the three days after his death, this self-same truth.  Unity itself (the putting together of spiritual and material) using the form of Jesus met face to face with disunity itself and did not judge it.  Absolute Beingness at the highest level calls forth Relative Beingness at it’s lowest level to stand and follow. Thus, all things, from the lowest of “hells” to the highest of “heavens” find their unity again in Christ Consciousness, represented on Earth as Jesus.  And (!)  it is important to note that no where did Jesus ever condemn the spirit of separation for existing.  Why?  Because it’s necessary in the self-becoming of the Logos, in it’s experience of self, that it’s own portions of itself (sub-sub logos) also go through their mini inner-reconciliations.  Sub-sub logoi could not become whole and “reconciled” with the Logos if it were not for separation (veil).  Evil belongs. In Law of One terms, it serves as catalyst for further polarization should we, through our own free will, accept it as such instead of becoming bitter, angry, etc (overcharging the first three chakras while blocking the heart chakra). 

Finally, the third area of Jesus’ revelation that all separation is illusion is when the veil in the Temple itself is torn in two after his death.  Symbolically, this means that there is no separation between the profane and sacred. All is sacred.  All is holy because all is the manifestation of the Creator.

When Jesus goes to Jerusalem, he was on a mission.  His mission was to complete the Logo’s full revelation or teaching on the nature of It’s own inner flow and how that flow includes all of creation.  It’s the highest of teachings, but he didn’t do it in a “teaching” manner, transmitting info in a cerebral sort of way. He taught through his very life and actions; his teaching was one of praxis.  It’s not only the highest of teachings but it’s the broadest of teachings aimed at casting the widest of nets and bringing people along with him.  The Logos, through Jesus’ passion, death, resurrection, and ascension, put on display for the whole world the clearest and undistorted manner in which to experience unity with the Creator.  What happened in those last days of Jesus’ life?  In an admittedly overly simplified summary, we could say five things: 1) he refused to meet negativity with negativity when they accused him, tortured him, and killed him; 2) he trusted his relationship with God to the very end, even as he showed anguish at having felt abandoned. He trusted that his own inner vocation was totally aligned with the will of the “Father” and thus his surrender was complete and undistorted in any way. 3) He forgave his reality for being the way it was.  In this gesture, he showed that in God, there is only acceptance and forgiveness; not wrath or vengeance. This brings the power of the 4th, 5th, 6th chakras of the Logos to bear upon the overstimulated 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras that were corrupted in part by the negative path after the veil was put into place. Forgiveness from the cross realigned creation with the Creator as higher energetics realigned the lower rays.  Ra states that forgiveness is the eradicator of karma. 4) Jesus’ resurrection reveals a new kind of beinghood  that transcends and includes the material world.  This transcending yet including the 3D world is what happens in the higher densities of 4, 5, 6, 7, and right through the octave. Finally, 5) Jesus’ ascension reveals that resurrection is not the end of the journey of the octave, ascension is.  Ascension here is an archetype of the final movement into total unity where all divisions cease.  Ra states that in the 7th density, the journey of looking back is complete, “The seventh density is a density of completion and the turning towards timelessness or foreverness.” I would understand this as the same message of Jesus when he said that the Son of Man will sit at the right hand of the Father.  This is symbolic language that could be understood to mean that creature becomes one with Creator and the journey towards complete theosis is finished.  At that level, then, one knows that there never was a separation to begin with but because of the perception of separation, experience ensued and now the portion of the Creator returns replete and pregnant with robust knowledge of what it’s like to be finite, if even for just a short few billion years.

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  1. Hello – I am enjoying your posts and really appreciate your insight. Is there an email address for this site so that I can ask questions?


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