Blue, Violet, White Creative Potential

This is another subjective experience….  Yesterday morning I had awoken and then drifted back into sleep.  But I didn’t let myself go to sleep, instead I took advantage of my trance state and allowed myself to become fully aware and felt like I had access to the astral plan in great detail.  I surrounded myself with light for protection.  I then went to the Temple of the Heart to see what I could see.  I saw a blue entity on the right, as usual.  I went up to it and it started to melt.  The feeling I felt was of surprise and begin on guard.  I wondered quickly if it was a negative presence somehow but I also knew that I had fortified the Temple months ago with strong elementals that would not allow any entity not one with Christ Consciousness to enter.  The puddle, like wax, started to withdraw into the a crack in the floor and I head a voice and felt a nudge that said, “Follow it.”  My consciousness also entered the crack and descended.  It was dark and I was falling fast. I felt fear and tried to stop the process and hold the whole thing up in the name of Jesus, but I couldn’t.  I just heard/felt a voice saying, “It’s okay. Surrender now (as in “let go”) and allow it to happen.”  I descended past what seemed like the crust and into the mantle. I didn’t feel heat but I saw bright orange, yellows, reds, and knew that it was fire or lava.  Then I quickly went out the other side (of the earth?) and into space.  Quickly then I saw  a huge sphere in front of me like the sun but it was not the color of the sun. Instead it was swirling colors of blue, violet, and white and very alive and bright.  Very quickly I approached it and entered it.  It was like entering liquid crystals and I felt a surge of energy.  I began to float in it and didn’t know how I should be feeling.  As a little bit of fear occurred inside me, the crystals started to coalesce around me in a restraining way.  As my fear increased, I began to be choked by the stuff and my whole body became painfully immobile.  I asked for guidance.  I then “knew” that I had the power to change my situation.  I used my mind and made the intention “release” and immediately I was a released.  I then looked around and saw that they really were like little crystals that seemed to respond to thought. They were clear and I could hold one between my thumb and finger.  Each crystal was shaped differently.  I wondered where I was and what came to me was that this was some sort of field of potentiality, like the Planck scale consciousness.  Since I had been thinking about the Demiurge lately, I wondered if this was that.  I didn’t get an answer.  Some view the demiurge as the Creator’s workshop whereby thought from the logos passes to the demiurge for construction like a blueprint to manufacturing.  Who knows.  The feelings were intense throughout the process and I felt empowered, confirmed, and joyful afterwards.

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