Discerning Healthy, Mature Religion that Reconnects to the One Spiritual Path

There is only one path, one way that all beings go through.  The simplicity of the concept is liberating although the path itself is complex.  That spiritual path, the one that must be treaded by all in order to return to Source is this: the basic activation and balancing of the seven energy centers.  That’s it.  The “how” of the activation and the “how” of the balancing, once activated, takes lifetimes that span the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth densities.

What is religion?

“Religion” actually means to “reattach” (re-ligare in Latin).  What is the main goal of healthy religion?  To help one reattach to the one and only spiritual path as mentioned above.  If a religion is helping a person activate their heart chakra by stimulating that person to seek, find, and connect to a higher positive source, then it is doing its job in re-attaching back to the one spiritual path.  The key component in finding reattachment through religion is the continual pure seeking of the adherent. Ra, the source of the Law of One, states, “…each of your orthodox religious systems which have all become somewhat mixed in orientation, yet offer a pure path to the One Creator which is seen by the pure seeker (60.18).

Religion is also very helpful in providing a container and soil to help a person begin to sprout roots while being protected by the winds of uncertainty.  Healthy religion knows that it is a catalyst for people who will later push back against it, struggle with it, and thus grow into their truth by dancing between tradition and their own intuition.  Healthy religion, at the very core, knows that its one job is to help people access and begin balancing the heart/mind energy centers (4th and 5th) so that a person then can discern how best to dance their dance and serve the Creator.  Healthy religion helps people learn how to live in tension, a skill many of us Truthers are not very good at, by interacting with others as brothers and sisters who operate from a very heterogeneous pool of conscious awareness. Finally, and most importantly, healthy religion helps enkindle a deep knowing in a person that they are not separate from the divine transcendent reality but are INCLUDED IN IT.    In other words, if a religion does not teach at its mature levels some form of “you are that which you seek,” then it is being taught or received at early, superficial levels, or it is an unhealthy religion.

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest now for almost 50 years, often says that religion is the worst thing in the world and it’s the best thing in the world.  It is the worst thing in the world because at the early stages of religion, a person is usually operating largely from their small self or false self.  Religion at that superficial level can create stronger false selves and actually solidify a person there.  Doing it right, knowing the right beliefs, belonging to the right group, while condemning others who don’t share your belief system is a great place to hide from a truly cosmic transcendent reality that transcends all and includes all.

Yet, religion, when it actually lives up to its etymology, is an amazing phenomenon that reattaches a person back to their one spiritual path… to activate and balance their chakras, or energy centers.  Though by far this is the less traveled road, mature religion at this level is really prepared to bring a person to their true self, the larger self, which is none other that the Self that is the Infinite Creator.

To illustrate this point much better than I, Ken Wilber in his journal series, One Taste says:


Religion itself has always performed two very important, but very different, functions. One, it acts as a way of creating meaning for the separate self: it offers myths and stories and tales and narratives and rituals and revivals that, taken together, help the separate self make sense of, and endure, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. This function of religion does not usually or necessarily change the level of consciousness in a person; it does not deliver radical transformation. Nor does it deliver a shattering liberation from the separate self altogether. Rather, it consoles the self, fortifies the self, defends the self, promotes the self. As long as the separate self believes the myths, performs the rituals, mouths the prayers or embraces the dogma, then the self, it is fervently believed, will be “saved” – either now in the glory of being God-saved or Goddess-favored, or in an afterlife that ensures eternal wonderment.
But two, religion has also served – in a usually very, very small minority – the function of radical transformation and liberation. This function of religion does not fortify the separate self, but utterly shatters it – not consolation but devastation, not entrenchment but emptiness, not complacency but explosion, not comfort but revolution – in short, not a conventional bolstering of consciousness but a radical
transmutation and transformation at the deepest seat of consciousness itself.
There are several different ways that we can state these two important functions of religion. The first function – that of creating meaning for the self – is a type of horizontal movement; the second function – that of transcending the self – is a type of vertical movement (higher or deeper, depending on your metaphor). The first I have named translation; the second, transformation.


My conjecture is that after disclosure, many will be seeking answers from their religions institutions and belief systems.  Within almost every religion, there indeed DOES exist a path towards transformation.  For those who choose to stay within their belief systems, only those leaders who have themselves gone to the level of non-dual or at least learn to embody their true self some of the time will be prepared to help guide people down and in to where the river flows towards the larger cosmic perspective; the place of the Big Self.

The good news is that the Spirit in almost every major tradition seems to be inspiring people towards the Larger Self.  Wheels won’t have to be reinvented but rather cleaned, oiled, and realigned to clear off centuries of muddy gunk introduced by our negative polarity brothers and sisters.  My main point here is that rather than throw out all religions, a disclosure and collective shock to the masses may well serve to catalyze religions themselves into their own True Selves. Indeed, were that to happen, religion would truly be a force for re-attaching to the one path.  May it be so.

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