Dream: Feeding from a Redeemed Trash Bin


I was a member of a baseball team and we were  creating a delicious Nicaragua dish called “Bao” for many people.  The only container big enough to cook so much food was a huge, green, trash bin. The cooks, including me (who stirred the pot from time to time), were cooking from a place of deep joy and happiness.  It was a pleasure to cook and give the food away. There was a joy in the air: for those cooking and those anticipating the food. It was a golden day, weatherwise, with the sun overhead and the temp was perfect.


The feelings of adolescent insecurity that come with the time when you played on a baseball team are being released and healed.  This is good because the next phase of your life will include many who will disagree with you on many points.  Bao is relevant because of how it is made.  It is a very simple method of digging into the earth a pit where a fire and huge pot contain a motley of foods which all boil down into a delicious stew. This takes many hours to cook and get just right.  Primitive emotions from your unconscious (the pit dug out in Nica for Bao) are being transformed (transfigured) by the fire of the Holy Spirit.  This is also indicated in the use of a trash bin.  God makes all things new.  Your unhealed parts of a more primitive psyche now are beginning to experience a new kind of resurrection in which death “trash” leads to life “food for others.”  This dream was a kind of initiation in the higher realms.

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