Cosmic Confession: Blue-Ray Energy Center, Forgiveness, and Restitution

By Doug Esse

It is often very healing to establish a ritual of forgiveness. Many religions have intuited this and offer ritualized opportunities to tap the plenum of intelligent infinity and channel a very high vibrational stream of intelligent energy (Love) which is used to wash brokenness into wholeness. Consider the following prayer as one type of Queen’s Chamber (*) initiation rite for healing and transformation.

I am wholeheartedly sorry for the times that I willfully chose actions of separation through scapegoating, projecting my shadow upon others, and objectifying others. I recognize that these actions of “othering” other people and attitudes of bellicosity or indifference that preceded them constitute my own contribution towards the human collective karmic inertia of bellicose attitudes and actions.

I therefore declare that I will attempt to live a more abundant life, full of integrity, forbearance, and love. I ask You, Infinite Creator, for the grace to live this wholeness in my daily life by seeing myself, others, and the world through Your eyes and loving heart.



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