A Christmas Message for the Seeker Community: Allowing Logoic Love to Enter and Transform

Article by Doug Esse (Brief Bio: I have always been interested in the nexus of spirituality and psychology. Born of a mystical nature, I have enjoyed exploring spirituality in both the exoteric and esoteric levels.  I discovered the Law of One in 2013 and have found it congruent with mystical Christianity.  My vocation is be a builder of bridges between different communities, some of which are very oppositional at the surface levels. I hold a masters in clinical social work and a masters in pastoral ministry and have worked as a psychotherapist since September 11, 2001, my first day at my internship.  I currently own a private counseling practice and work part time at a local university in Dallas, Texas.)
star, 2
“It is like the heavens themselves have opened up and all of the light is just shining down upon us. It is like the sun of the day! It is so bright! They (4 stars) are… they come together. They have not met so that it is larger than it will be… And it is said that when they come together as one, in that moment he will take his first breath.  –Sadi from Dolores Cannon’s, “Jesus and the Essenes”
The sheer beauty of the archetypal message of Christmas cannot be overestimated. Yes, it is no secret that the “Christmas Season” has been tinkered with especially by the hand of consumerist culture. Yet, we sure don’t have to throw out the annual collective celebration of the Logos breaking into third density in a new way through the Jesus Event and through the daily catalysts that are given to you and me. Indeed, our own transformation to be more loving, more honest, living with more integrity, happens when we “give our allowing” [1] of the Love and the Light of the Infinite One to dwell within us. We, like Mary, can welcome Light and Love to indwell inside us. This fire inside then begins to grow and spread throughout us and through us, to the whole world. Light and Love, Christ, Christ Consciousness, the Logos, the Holy Spirit…labels don’t matter but our “yes” to the Logoic desire to enter our hearts does. Transformed people transform people. The idea described in many ways in the Law of One and in Christianity is that the One Infinite Creator transcends and includes us. We are not different in essence from the One because we are God’s expression here as you and me. Yet, there is always that which in a created universe holds the centerpoint and from which Self emanates outwardly in eternal divine self-expression. big bang When we as the Infinite Creator in third density begin to awaken to our sense of self, then we by our deepest nature begin to call upon the transcendent to come to us and assuage our anxiety caused by deep confusion. We somehow know instinctively that we belong to a larger whole, a different dimension of belonging, but “out here” in third density with the veil of forgetting in place, it sure feels like an exile of some sort.  It sure seems like we are lost or forsaken.  Of course, this is not true at all from a larger metaphysical perspective, but at the point of our emergence into the third density bandwidth of conscious awareness, we simultaneously awaken to both self-awareness and our loneliness and vulnerability.  That is why we have created archetypal stories such as the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, or the sojourn of the Prodigal Son. You can hear the urgent longing in the Hail, Holy Queen prayer popular among certain Catholics: Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, hail, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve: to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears
shadow of death
“Vale of tears” where we morn and weep
For some readers who have knee-jerk reactions to all things Catholic, such a prayer may be triggering, but I invite you to gently replace “Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy,” with something like, “Hail, holy Divine Feminine who is so, so needed right now. Come to us!” Is not Divine Feminine energy the energetics of fourth density that is washing upon our third-density shore? In any case, this prayer is an example of how our third-density souls feel cut off, separated from the whole. Our intense yearning is to be reconnected, realigned, recollected, and re-membered into the divine Wholeness (“holiness”). This connecting and collecting does indeed belong to the divine feminine principal.  But the breaking into our third density experience in order to gather us up; the reaching out to us is the divine masculine principal. Both masculine and feminine principals are present in the Logos and both work together in dynamic tension in the Infinite Creator’s eternal unfolding. yin yang In fact, one way to describe the Christian notion of the Trinity is the triad of the Masculine Principal, the Feminine Principal, and the Relationship (dynamic tension) between the two.  That Relationship would be the Holy Spirit. Taken all together, the Holy Trinity, or put differently, the divine wholeness which is triune in nature, is brimming full with the kinetic and the potential, the almightiness and all vulnerability, the causing and the effecting, the vertical as depth and the horizontal as breadth, the life-giver and the life-destroyer, light and darkness, the unconscious and the conscious, water and fire, air and earth.  These are all ways to describe the eternal dynamic between the divine forces of Yin and Yang. The Ra group says that “the original [primordial] desire is that entities seek and become one” (session 20.27). This might be a good way to describe the yearning within us to “one” with all others and with God. But it is also a way to say that the Infinite Creator yearns to “one” with us through the use of our own conscious free will. Therefore, from our side—because of the sacred first primal law of free will—God needs our “yes” to come in and enlighten us more and more. “He Comes” and “He Saves/Rescues” is the English rendering of metaphysically powerful pronunciations of “Yahweh” and “Jehoshua,” respectively. The Ra group shared that Hebrew, along with Sanskrit, are “sound vibration complexes [which] have power before time and space and represent configurations of light which built all that there is (session 74.17). Please don’t get hung up on the masculine pronouns! I’m not saying at all that God is male! But within the Logos, there is that which is giving and outward moving and that which is receiving and holding (nurturing). As we mentioned above, the traditional terms would be masculine and feminine principles but maybe those aren’t the best to use given that toxic masculinity here in Earth’s third density experience has tarnished the divine balance. All of this is to say that humans use our masculine principle of will to “muscle” our energetic receptor cites to align with the incoming Cosmic Light and Love. In other words, we will our allowing. As the created creature, we all lead with our feminine principle, that receptive energetic pole, when we engage with the Logos. The Logos, in turn, leads with the divine masculine principal in “coming to us” and “rescuing us” from the what Dr. Scott Mandelker refers to as “Earth’s third-density-repeater psychology.” We are the flowers in full bloom which move towards the sun’s life giving rays. yin yang, 3 Yes, we will our hearts open to the Divine One which ever stands ready at the door of our hearts to enter.  And this Christ-Love  will not enter without our yes, our permission, our reception, and our hospitality. This is our “Mary” moment when we say, with Mary, “yes!” to the logoic invitation to house Christ Consciousness in the womb of our hearts. Like the poverty clearly displayed in the Christmas story of Jesus’ birth in the manger, we embrace our own poverty–our own vulnerability–when we humbly ask the Universal Christ (Logos) to enter and indwell. And friends, this is a game changer. Christ Consciousness nestled inside makes us feel really humble, very grateful, grounded, and opens our hearts so that we begin really seeing and knowing that everyone around us is our other-self. It changes our politics, it changes our oppositional stances, it melts divisions we’ve harbored, and it invites us to work with the poor and marginalized—economically, societally, and emotionally. In wholehearted living, there is no more us and them, but a “we.”  We critique the bad by the practice of the better.
mary and gabe
And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant. For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed; for he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name.
This is very difficult for many people, even those who consider themselves spiritual.  Many of us would sooner have the “correct” spiritual esoteric beliefs, feel anger towards others, especially those we label as enemies, and debate about who is winning and who is losing. How might our need to be correct get in the way of our ability to connect? And, finally, how much do we define ourselves around what we are against rather than leaning into what we are for? But, if we approach the whole Mystery of Oneness with the humility and reverence it deserves, then we are better prepared to put on the mantle of light worker–the adept–which, as the Ra group clearly shows in session 74.11, is enabled by doing good inner work: ____________ “The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold. One, know yourself. Two, accept yourself. Three, become the Creator. The third step is that step which, when accomplished, renders one the most humble servant of all, transparent in personality and completely able to know and accept other-selves. In relation to the pursuit of the magical working the continuing discipline of the personality involves the adept in knowing itself, accepting itself, and thus clearing the path towards the great indigo gateway to the Creator. To become the Creator is to become all that there is ______________ Pray with me this wonderful Christian prayer to the Holy Spirit and see how we can all participate in a renewing of ourselves and the world, “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.” fire_heart_stock_by_rhabwar_troll_stock-d9qfh76 Who shall be created? More of the Logo’s faithful. Who are the Logo’s faithful? Those who feel the warmth and love of the indwelling Christ. Those who vibrate at fourth-density conscious awareness. How is the face of the earth renewed? Through heart-to-heart transmission of the holy fire which first brings sweet joy and then often burns up, sometimes painfully, our own unhealthy distortions and limited seeing. Thus our lenses of perception are cleansed. God as “Personal” For all its huge problems, Christianity as a world religion uniquely contributes to third-density humanity’s experience of the Infinite Creator by insisting that the great Spirit is not aloof but comes to us, dwells with us, dwells in us, and saves us from our great existential anxiety–our wailing and gnashing of teeth–that we are separate or cut off from It.  Instead, through what I am calling the Jesus Event, earth humanity was given a pathway up and out of third density that does not require any theology, philosophy, or stuff of the “head.”  No mystery schools or esoteric knowledge and practices are needed, only an open heart that is ready to receive Love’s fire through the modality of relationship. Not only relationship with other people but to cultivate a relationship with the Logos, Itself. God's chakras, v2 Yes, metaphysically it is true that we ARE the Logos in third density, but just admitting that fact very seldom brings people to metanoia, or an expansion of heartfield living. This is why some Christian mystics insist that our relationship with the Logos is a Subject-to-Subject connection, which very neatly coincides with what an idea the Ra group repeats throughout the Law of One material: the experience engendered from the relationship of the Creator to the Creator is how the Creator knows Itself. There is indeed, only “One of us here,” but the beauty of a created universe is that different “parts” of the One Infinite Creator relate with other “parts.”  And what the Christian lens suggests, we as the Creator in third density can have a personal relationship to the Creator of which we are a part.  That’s a new concept that the Jesus Event revealed.  And having this direct Heart-to-Heart connection provides a new cosmic intensity to really get things fired up in love.  Both the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Thomas have Jesus saying that he came to bring fire to the earth and how much he wishes it were already ignited! fire of love To get to this new concept of a loving Creator with whom we can have a relationship across to such a mixed group of mostly third-density repeaters, the Universal Christ (Logos) needed to break into the earth’s third density in one particular historical moment through a human face and heart so that through this singularity, a kind of new “big bang” of spirit could then explode upon the scene.  See here Q’uo’s amazing reference to the Jesus Event, __________ The concept of the Christ was this—that intelligent infinity [“Father”] as experienced by the Logos [“Son”] and with the bias of the Logos would enter a third-density experience, not erasing the one known as Jesus’ personality or being, but coming into the closest possible harmony with that being.”There needed to be one who wished to sacrifice an incarnation to the ever- increasing pleasure and agony of the Creator, experiencing…the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, for it is the nature of the [Logos] and the nature of third density that the two, perceiving each other, should react—the third density with a lack of understanding, and the [Logos] with wonder, joy and sacrifice. Such is the sorrow of your illusion and the joy of sensation and communion.” In the end, Jesus the man became so able to bear both joy and agony that this entity stopped experiencing the Creator and for long periods of time became the Creator experiencing third density. Such is the perfect channeling of love. The achievement of the perfect channeling was
The Ultimate Bonding of Jesus and the Logos. In Jesus, the Logos came face to face with 3rd density humanity.
the mystery of union between Creator and illusion. After this bonding, the burden of channeling rather rapidly began to tire the master teacher, Jesus. At the time of the crucifixion… there were almost no tears left, there were no bones unbroken, there was no companionship that had not been betrayed in one form or another. Nevertheless, Jesus the Christ lived well and did not stop the channeling until the breath left the physical vehicle. We witness to this Christ with thanksgiving and joy, not suggesting that any worship or not worship, but celebrating the Creator poured into a channel who could share in full the nature of the Logos, the nature of love, the Creator’s powerful, terrible love.” __________ Through the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus, that great crescendo of the Jesus Event, the Logos fully reveals that divine nature unfolds eternally through the interplay of free will and love which always leads to radical vulnerability. And vulnerability is the gateway to a new arising: light!  Jesus’ resurrection is a great archetype of this new arising; all things die and through the death, all things are transformed! The Ra group echoed this cosmic creative principle in several places.  They describe that through the first three cosmic “templates” of Free Will, Love, and Light, all things are configured.  And how they are configured, or manifested, follows the pattern of dying and rising, symbolized by the ankh. cross-and-ankh Can you see now just how awesome the Jesus Event was?  All of the Egyptian secret knowledge, all of the Tarot esoterics, all of the work of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator who have engaged with earth’s humanity for thousands of years…all previous teaching was personalized and displayed in “plain view” in a “language” that the earth humans could finally understand. And this message is universal and meant for all people of all backgrounds, cosmic or otherwise.  That message is this: the pattern of Jesus’ life becomes an icon of Universal Truth. What is true in his life and how it flowed is true for all of reality and how it flows.  After you get this big picture, which is quite exoteric–fully available and open for all to see–then any esoteric knowledge, beliefs, and practices can fit neatly inside the big frame and find proper perspective.  What are some of the main themes of this big picture fully revealed through the Jesus Event and corroborated by the Law of One material ?
  • All created things are in complete union with the One Infinite Creator.
  • All people and creation about us are “singularities,” living icons like Jesus was for the collective humanity, to encounter the fullness of the Logos for those with the heart to see it.
  • The Creator is all things (pantheism) and the Creator is in all things (panentheism), both are true.
  • Loving relationship with each other and with the Logos fires up the heart chakra and leads to a new kind of personhood (etc “born again,” “born from above”).
  • The Logos is in radical solidarity with you, individually, and with us as a people and desires to come to our aid, to answer the cries of third density humanity in our confusion and pain.
  • The Logos breaks into our lives and indwells in our hearts when we make room in our inner stable. Our “yes” to come in and dwell is crucial.
  • Christ consciousness breaks open into our world through transformed people who are “made new ‘in Christ’, or ‘in Logos'” and who then get busy building the “Kingdom of God,” a term that has many good interpretations and one of which is Earth’s fourth density.
  • Fourth density, or the “New Jerusalem,” will begin to manifest when we all work together in freeing ourselves from the trappings of earth’s third-density-repeater psychology. This will not happen until we allow the Christ dwelling within us to be in solidarity with the Christ indwelling in others.
  • Collective karmic alleviation can happen most efficaciously when we work together by helping to carry each other’s burdens.   Freely giving and humbly receiving stimulates heart chakras and can lead to rapid transformation. In fact, this may be a much quicker way to bypass the need for successive incarnations to learn lessons.
  • This Christ-to-Christ engagement which has the potential to lead to universal freedom cannot happen if we engage others with the same energy that caused the problems to begin with. This wisdom is echoed in Romans 21:12, “Do not fight evil with evil.” We can do it better.
I think this notion that I’ve described above is truly what Advent and Christmas is all about. We await in the darkness of third-density with only our faith (faith = trust+hope) to reach forward and receive The One Who Comes To Us. The great act of faith is to give my allowing for this Heart-to-Heart transmission. This leads to individual and collective transformation. Most people inherently intuit all of this, but one good way (not the only way) to describe this aligning our wills to receive the Divine One in our hearts is “Christmas.” We are not alone, we are not separate, rebirth can happen now through our inviting the Christ–the Logos–the fullness of the One Infinite Creator–to indwell within us. In this way, we actively participate in the relationship of Creator with the Creator. And as a result of this divine relationship, we transform more and more into Christ…into the Logos…we “become the Creator” (Law of One, sessions 73.7, 74.11, 75.23). This is certainly something to celebrate! mary holding baby For Part 2, please click here: Celebrating Christmas As the Entrance of a New Concept Complex: “Jehoshua” as an Upgrade to Earth’s Third Density Operating System ___________ [1] I borrowed this phrase from Dr. Scott Mandelker’s marvelous treatment of the Law of One, Session 85.  I encourage any reader to dive into his work, especially if you are interested in high level metaphysics expressed in digestible bites.

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Message for the Seeker Community: Allowing Logoic Love to Enter and Transform

  1. “Transformed people transform people”, and “give our allowing” for the indwelling of logos. Wow! This was pure pleasure to read. I reread many areas, discovering much nourishment for my spirit. Thank you.


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