The Creator is Triune: Mind/Significator, Body/Matrix, and Spirit/Potentiator

The Creator is Triune: Mind/Significator, Body/Matrix, and Spirit/Potentiator

Article by Doug Esse

Having explored the Law of One’s Archetypes for a little bit, it seems that the Matrix, Potentiator, and Significator are “primal” and foundational since they existed before the veil (78.10). Reflecting about how the creation is fractal (holographic, 13.8), I wondered how in an even more fundamental sense those three archetypes might be related to the body (Matrix), mind (Significator), and spirit (Potentiator). Ra doesn’t say any of this directly, but it’s not a far-off speculation.

Here are so more speculations:

Something I’ll explore at a later point is how within each of the twenty-two Archetypes contains a Matrix, Potentiator, and Significator.

Now, let’s look at the fractal nature of Creator/Creation.

Zooming out, we could say that our third-density self is a Matrix (body), the higher self is a Significator (mind), and the seventh-density complex totality is a Potentiator (Spirit).

Zooming out still more, the sub-sub logos (third-density self, higher self, and seventh-density self) is a body (Matrix), the sub-logos (sun) is a mind (Significator), and the galactic-logos is a spirit (Potentiator).

Still further, a galactic-logos is a body-Matrix, the universe is mind-Significator, and the Logos of past logoic harvest is the spirit-Potentiator.

And then, if we return to the center of infinity (82.7), we have the Third Primal Distortion [Light] as the Original Body-Matrix, the Second Primal Distortion [Love] as the Original Mind-Significator, and First Primal Distortion [Free-Will] as the Original Spirit-Potentiator.

It all is a seamless garment with the through-thread as being the Original Thought and Original Desire.

And since we’re on a roll, let me just suggest that this is the metaphysics behind the Christian notion of the Trinity. That is, in order for there to be manifestation at all or any distortion coming from the second side of Intelligent Infinity, there must be a three. Beingness is triune.

2 thoughts on “The Creator is Triune: Mind/Significator, Body/Matrix, and Spirit/Potentiator

  1. beautiful! I’ve heard people using the term “triality” in place of duality when talking about humanity’s ascension and I think it’s so perfect.. to me, it sounds like a good description of what a social memory complex must evolve into at some point – the all encompassing three – the two sides of polarity having sought and found an equilibrium 🙂 I really love this concept of the holy trinity and the template it represents – the original/natural creator essence “father/son/holy ghost” or mother/father/child, sun/earth/human or mind/body/spirit – all these triads come together so magically ❤ thank you for sharing this added layering to the spectrum!


  2. We’ll articulated , insightful, and illuminating. Thanks for bringing up this triune concept.

    Maybe with duality things do not evolve only revolve around each other. It seems that until the third component of any dualistic idea is manifest it remains static. (Just my thoughts)


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