Second Chakra Blockage and Sexuality in the Media

I am in favor of sexual health.  For some this means learning more about their sexuality and sluffing off a more prudish attitude. For others it may mean looking deeper within and learning how to say “no” to every temptation.  I do believe that negatives have infiltrated the sexual revolution that started in the 60s and have led it to being something grotesque today.

It got me thinking about how the degradation of videos, song, and the promiscuity of sex in our current culture has been planned since the 50’s.  Anton La Vey, the founder of the Satanic Church said that TV will bring Satan to the living room of everyone.  He was/is right.  Here’s my current theory.  The covert and insidious exposure of more and more sexual images to the masses was planned by Draco and Illuminati to block the first and second chakras of humans.  This means that they get stuck in psycho and spiritual development and become more individualistic in the long run: divide and conquer.  When the heart chakra is blocked during sexual activity, the person remains unsatisfied and the thirst to obtain the object of desire grows.  And the way things are now, that even in marriages, individual sexual satisfaction is prized more than satisfying the other.  Remember that Ra stated that even though we are at the end of 3rd Density here on Earth, most people are presenting with orange ray focus (second chakra).  This means that they are not even vibrating primarily at the yellow ray or 3rd chakra.  Keeping people stuck and blocked is an ingenious way by the negatives to keep people separated, restless, always wanting more, and desirous of building their own kingdoms.

We must be the agents of change.  We are the lights shining through and enlightening and inviting others to resonate at the heart chakra, green ray level.  We are here for this moment, in this time. And we are many.

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