5 thoughts on “L/L Research’s Law of One Podcast on Spiral Dynamics and Law of One

  1. I enjoyed Doug’s explanation of spiral dynamics but was looking forward to finding out what the top of the spiral aqua colored represents. Why was that left out?


    1. Good catch. I was unable to speak about the Turquoise level because we didn’t have time. I felt that the biggest thing to get across in the interview was a deeper exploration of the 1st tier because that is were the vast majority of humans operate, including us here in this forum. On the other hand, I finished the article that I published the day before the interview and I’ve included the Turquoise level. See what you think? https://cosmicchrist.net/2021/04/08/spiral-dynamics-introduction-implications-on-living-the-law-of-one/


  2. Thanks very much for your contribution to the L/L podcast. I began my second spiritual journey a few years back when a friend recommended the Daily Evolver podcast that focuses primarily on Ken Wilber’s integral/spiral dynamics system. I learned so much about human development there. I recently discovered the law of one, just last summer and it blew my mind. I have been hoping someone would compare these two systems.


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